The Best Leave-in Conditioners for 4c Curly Hair

tangled up

Every time you untangle your tight curls, do you end up with a headache from pulling as you brush?

Are you tired of your hair looking like a helmet more than hair?

I have the solution for you.


It has to do with leave-in conditioners.


I came across them because I felt as desperate as you do.

I was tired of fighting to detangle my hair day after day.


That’s why today I’ll tell you:

  • Why it’s so difficult to detangle type 4c hair
  • Which are the best leave-in conditioners to use for 4c hair
  • Other hair care for curly hair: the LOC method


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Why is it so difficult to detangle type 4c hair

use leave-in conditioner

4c hair is afro hair, or very tight curls or with a curly texture where the curls aren’t even defined.

Due to its type of texture, the hair is more delicate which make it prone to breaking even though it is thick.

That’s what happened to me.


 I couldn’t detangle my hair even though I spent hours in the bathroom trying to get rid of the knots in my hair. 

I had tried all the brushes that I could find in physical stores and online.

So, I discovered that I shouldn’t use a brush, but a wide-toothed comb.

untangle afro hair

I threw out all the brushes that I had bought, and I started with the combs.

But even so, my hair seemed eternally condemned to being knotty and tangled.

The situation was starting to get out of control.


In addition to losing a lot of hair in my attempts to detangle it, it seemed like my hair never grew.

It was always the same.

Small specks stuck to my scalp.

Rough, dry, lifeless, and with a lot frizz.


So, I also discovered that 4c hair grows the same as any other, but due to the form of the curls, it can appear shorter, up to 75%.

When your hair is a mess…

And to detangle it takes two hours during which the bathroom transforms into a small prison.

The situation overcomes you.


But then, after hours of looking for information on the internet, St. Google is a miracle worker, I discovered that I could solve my problem.

Leave-in conditioner.

Do you want to know why?


 Because the secret to keeping our hair detangled is moisture. 


This type of hair absorbs moisture rapidly due to its porosity.

I’m sure that when you wash your hair, the same thing happens to you that happened to me.

Your hair absorbs the water rapidly, as if it were a sponge.

But just as it absorbs it rapidly it loses it rapidly because it’s unable to retain it.


Like the name indicates, you don’t rinse out this type of conditioner.

Because it’s hydration power is much greater.


And after applying it to your hair, the task of detangling your hair is much simpler.

And less painful.

Now, I don’t waste as much time in the bathroom.

Now, there aren’t those knots that made me desperate.


3 leave-in conditioners that will change your life


Giovanni Cosmetics Conditioner

for high porosity hairs

Check Giovanni’s conditioner on Amazon


Comparing to other conditioners that I tried, this could be a bit expensive, but it’s worth it.

Because being a high-quality product means that you pay the price.

But it’s the answer to all my problems.


I simply wash my hair, with a sulfate-free shampoo of course and when I get out of the shower, I apply two or three drops of this conditioner.

I distribute it uniformly over my hair.

And I let it sit for five minutes.


After, I start detangling my hair with my fingers.

And just then do I use the comb.

The difference is incredible.


Before, it took me two hours to detangle my hair.

Now, in a half hour, I’m ready.

And without tears.

Without pulling.

Without hair falling out all over the bathroom floor.

I also noticed that I had less frizz in my hair.


Miss Jessie’s Conditioner

leaves curls soft and hydrated

Check Leave-In Miss Jessie’s on Amazon


This was the first leave-in conditioner that I tried, and it really didn’t disappoint me.

It has a good quality-price ratio.

And it also lasts a while.


You use it the exact same way as the previous product.

I noticed that my curls stayed hydrated for the whole day.

And that there isn’t any oily residue like with other products.

And even though it doesn’t seem important, it smells pretty good.


Creme of Nature Conditioner

4c kinky hair

Check it on Amazon


I don’t know if it’s because it has argan oil, but for everyone that is looking for moisture, this conditioner is also an excellent alternative.


My curls seem to have gained length, although, I’m not going to lie.

It doesn’t make your hair grow.


But since the curls are more hydrated, they seem to stretch a few centimeters.

I also noticed that it can give more shine to the hair.


When I get out of the shower, I apply a few drops of the conditioner to my hands and I distribute it.

After, I slowly slide the wide-toothed comb through the hair and you’re ready.

Hydrated and detangled hair in half an hour.


Other hair care for 4c hair

Have you ever heard of the LOC method to care for 4c hair?

This is absolutely the most effective for highly porous hair, which can be deeply hydrated.


Breaking it down, it means:

  • L for leave-in conditioner
  • O for oil
  • C for cream

The difference between the LOC method and other methods is the layering of products.

 Meaning, using the products in a specific order to maximize moisture retention. 


The moisture layer is effectively sealed by two products that are know to be excellent sealants: oil and cream.

Both the oil and the cream create a layer along the length of the hair that helps keep the water from evaporating and being lost.

Which helps the hair stay hydrated for longer.


By using the oil, which could be argan or coconut, followed by a moisturizer that is thicker and greasier like the cream, you can be sure that the moisture stays in the stalk of the hair.

The method is very easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Here, I’ll show you how to use it.


LOC Method Step by step


Step 1: Leave-in conditioner

Apply any of the conditioners that I previously recommended to you.


Step 2: oil

I use coconut oil.

It’s the one that gives me the best results.

Since it has a solid consistency, I melt it in a double boiler and when it is a liquid, I apply it uniformly over each of my curls.


Step 3: cream

The last step is to apply a hydrating cream to seal in the humidity.

The cream also gives definition to your curls.



Now you know how to care for your 4c hair with this complete beauty routine.

Also, try to wash your hair every three days.

This will help you avoid frizz.


Have you ever used a leave-in conditioner?

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