Should I straighten my hair before I cut it? Two options from a hairdresser

straight-haired girl has doubts

  • You should check the cut you want if you’re considering straightening and cutting your hair.
  • If you have long hair and want to trim it short, you’d better straighten it after the cut.
  • On the other hand, if you want to trim the ends, you can straighten and cut them.

But that’s not all. Check it out:

  • If your question is whether you should straighten your hair with a flat iron before cutting it, you should also check your hair type.
  • In this article, we’ll take a case-by-case look. Don’t miss it!


If you want to know if you should have a straightening treatment before cutting your hair, click here
If you want to know if you should straighten your hair with a flat iron before cutting it, click here


Are you about to cut your hair and wonder if it’s better to straighten it first?

Or maybe you think it would be a good idea to straighten your hair with a flat iron before getting a new haircut?


In this article, I’ll answer both questions in depth.

We’ll also look at what’s best for your hair type.


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How long does it take for straightened hair to go back to normal? Between 2 and 6 months


Should I have a straightening treatment before cutting my hair? A hairdresser answers your questions

in the beauty salon a hairdresser straightens the hair of a blonde woman

Do you want to know if you should get a permanent straightening process before you cut your hair?


The answer to this question is IT DEPENDS:  it depends on what cut you want. 

  • If you’re planning a drastic change, such as  going from a waist length to a   bob cut, or from a straight cut to a layered cut, the best is to cut your hair first.

In this case, you must cut it considering you’ll straighten it afterward.[/su_highlight]

If you cut your hair before straightening it,  you’ll save product and time. 


Alternatively, if you straighten your waist-length hair and cut it short, you’ll have wasted a lot of product and   effort. 

It would just be like throwing it away. It stresses me out just thinking about it!

  • However, if your idea is just to trim your ends, it is best to  trim your hair after straightening it. 

This way,  the ends that are in bad shape will be more clearly visible after straightening  and you’ll know which ones to cut.


As you can see, trimming your hair before or after straightening only depends on what cut you want instead of your hair type. The result will be the same: gorgeous straight hair.


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Should I iron my hair before cutting it? Find out here

a girl straightening her hair with a flat iron

So, the answer to whether you should flat iron your hair before cutting it  is, it depends.

In this case,  it depends on your hair type and the cut you want to get: 


  • If your hair is straight and you only want to cut your ends or get a straight cut,  flat iron and then cut. 

Imperfections are easier to spot in straight hair.   In that case, you’ll likely make fewer mistakes. 


  • If you have waves or curls and only want to cut the ends, you can also flat iron first and then cut./li>

But ONLY do that if you are going to cut the ends. Otherwise,  your hair will look much longer and you might cut too much. 

In that case,  when your hair returns to its natural state, you might regret it.  The curls go up and make the hair look much shorter.

You might want to check out these on-trend haircuts for curly hair.


  • If your hair is straight, wavy, or curly and you want to get a layered cut or a bob, you should always cut your hair before flat ironing it.  It’s even better if your hair is wet.

You’ll find that hair is easier to manipulate when it’s wet.


I must admit that I like dry cutting and ironing much better in any case  . 


Many hairdressers may disagree, but I know   what the cut looks like  this way and whether or not there are any imperfections to fix.

Obviously,   I won’t recommend that you cut it yourself. 

A hairdresser who likes this technique will know how to do it right, and I assure you that the result will look much better!



Straightening or flat ironing your hair before or after cutting it?


As we just saw, the answer isn’t simple. It depends on what you want to achieve with your hair.

Here’s a fact:  you don’t have to be afraid of scissors, but you do have to respect them.  My grandmother used to tell me this when I was a little girl.


While I can give you some answers,  it’s best to make an appointment with your trusted hairdresser for a haircut. 

You don’t want to make the mistake I made as a little girl.  I went from having long hair down to my waist to wearing a bob cut  when I only wanted to layer my hair…

But that’s another story…

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