How long should you boil rosemary water for hair? 1 minute at most!

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  • Once the water comes to a boil, you should let the rosemary leaves boil for 1 MINUTE. After this minute, you should remove it from the heat and let the water stand until it cools down.
  • This way the rosemary water will retain all its properties. You can use it on your hair to stimulate growth and moisturize it daily.


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It’s crucial you stick to this recipe. It’s based on the recommendations of expert botanists.


 You should only boil rosemary water for hair for up to one minute.  Why? Because when you use plants to make lotions or oils, including rosemary oil for thicker hair, it’s vital you respect the steps of the preparation.


Botanists work as they respect harvesting times, the right sections of the plants they use in their natural preparations, and the boiling or stewing times. Each plant has different characteristics and is prepared accordingly.

And in this case, we’re talking about rosemary. Like lavender, if you let it boil too long, it loses its properties.

So, my dear botanist, let’s take a closer look at how to prepare rosemary water and how long to let it boil.


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Only boil rosemary water for one minute

let the water turn green

That minute will start counting from the moment the water starts boiling.

This means that the first thing you will have to do is to put water in a pot, put it on the stove, and wait for it to boil.

And  when the water reaches its boiling point, you should add the rosemary leaves and let them boil for a minute. Then turn off the heat, remove the pot from the stove, and let it stand. 


It’s important you use distilled water in the preparation of rosemary water. Why? Tap water contains chlorine, nitrates, calcium, and scale, which will counteract many of the benefits of rosemary water.

You can get distilled water at any appliance store, hardware store, or drugstore.

Now we’ve discussed that, let’s start with the master recipe for rosemary water:

separate rosemary leaves to boil

  • Place 500 ml of distilled water in a pot on the stove and wait until it comes to a boil.
  • While you’re waiting, separate and clean 100 grams of rosemary leaves.
  •  When the water comes to a boil, add the rosemary leaves and boil for one minute. 
  • Remove the water from the heat, cover the pot, and let the rosemary water stand.


It’s also important to let the rosemary water steep until it cools. The rosemary leaves continue to expel their nutrients during steeping.

Once the rosemary water has cooled, it’s time to store it. And that’s what I’ll tell you about next.


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How to store rosemary water

Once you strain the water,  store it in the refrigerator to keep it good for up to three weeks. 


You should place the rosemary water in an airtight jar, with a lid that doesn’t allow air to enter. This will help prevent bacteria or fungi from forming.

If you want, you can also prepare the mixture and store it in a spray bottle in the refrigerator, to make it easier to use daily as a moisturizing mist for your hair.



Remember, it’s essential you only boil rosemary water for up to one minute. That way it will retain all the benefits if you want to use it on your hair.

You can use it as a mask twice a week and leave it overnight to stimulate hair growth. Or alternatively, use it daily as a moisturizing mist.

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