The 7 Best Brands for Hair Botox: Prices and Where to Buy Them (L’Oreal, Prismax, Innovatis)

products to make the treatment

My favorite food is pasta.

My husband’s favorite food is meat.

What is your favorite food?


When we talk about hair botox brands, something similar happens as with food. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different answer.

That’s why, for years, I was putting off answering the question, “Carina, what is the best botox brand?”

“Carina, what botox brand do you recommend to me?”

“Is it best to use L’Oreal botox or Innovatis?”


I receive dozens of questions like this or similar every day.

The problem is that it is impossible to say what is the best botox brand because each professional has a different opinion.


I can say that for me the best brand is Primont.

Another hair stylist can tell you that the best brand is L’Oreal.

Just like that and they all continue being subjective opinions based on the experience of each professional.

At the moment of recommending botox brands, I come across another problem.

 Brands vary a lot between one country and another.  

The brands that you find in Argentina aren’t the same that you find in Spain or the USA. The brands that you find in Mexico aren’t the same as those that are in Chile.


Obviously, some multinational brands like L’Oreal sell their products in all countries, but they are the least. Don’t forget that we are talking about a pretty specific product.

So, what do I do to recommend the best botox brand for the whole world?

How do I recommend the same product to a person that lives in Mexico and to a person that lives in Colombia?


That’s why for many years, I was avoiding responding to the question, “What is the best botox brand?

A better question would be, “What is the best botox brand you can find?” Don’t you think?

Because if I recommend L’Oreal, but you can’t find it, it would be for nothing.


There is a third variable when it comes to talking about products to do botox.

 Each person’s hair responds differently to the treatment.  


Let’s suppose that you and your friend do a hair botox treatment at the same salon and with the same product.

Your hair ends up spectacular, shiny, gleaming, and straight. Your friend’s hair doesn’t end up as beautiful as yours.

Does that mean the product is bad?

Does that meant that they applied it poorly?

Absolutely not.


It means that the effects of botox vary a lot according to the natural characteristics of the hair and according its state at the time of application.

Hair that is damaged at the moment of application is not going to get the same result as hair that is in perfect, healthy conditions.


A lot has happened to me over the years recommending product brands, and a few days after, they come to me and they say, “Carina I used the product that you recommended to me and my hair ended up horrible.”

They blame me as if I was the one who made the product. They don’t realize that there are many variables at play when it comes to evaluating the results of a treatment like botox beyond the product brand that they used.


The results of a treatment depend on many variables. One of them is the quality and brand of the product that you use. You also have to consider the state of your hair when you do the treatment, the experience of the professionals that apply it, the aftercare, etc.

A lot of people pass over these variables. They don’t keep them in mind.


For these reasons, every time they ask, “Carina, what brand of botox do you recommend to me?”, I try to avoid responding.


Have you seen when someone asks you a question and you respond something completely different with what they asked you?

A lot of politicians do it.

You ask them about security and they respond about education.

You ask them about education and they respond about security.

I do the same when they ask me about botox brands.

But today, no.


Today, I’m not going to avoid the answer.

 I’m going to try to recommend a few botox brands. They aren’t the best nor the only ones. They are simply brands that have showed excellent results on many people’s hair and that’s why I recommend them to you.  

Some of these brands, I have used myself. Others were recommended to me by colleagues that deserve my absolute trust.

The brands that I’m going to recommend can be found in almost all countries. And if you can’t find them in stores in your city, you can always find the product online like in Mercado Libre or Amazon.


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The 7 most recommended brands of botox

For the purpose of this article, I’m not going to take the time to describe every product in depth. If you want to know more about these brands, for example, their ingredients, you can visit the product’s website.

With nothing further, let’s move on to talk about botox brands.


1- L’Orealprofessional kit


2- Primontfor professional use


3- Innovatis

comes in blisters


4- Kashmir

recommended brands


5- Tahe


6- Majestic

smoothing treatment


7- Prismax

easy application


Not all the brands are in every country. For example, in Argentina it’s very easy to find Primont botox, but it isn’t easy to find Innovatis. In Spain, it’s the opposite.

My advice is that before you hit the streets looking for the botox, do a Google search to be sure of which brands are available in your city. This way, you won’t waste time looking for a brand that simply isn’t sold in the city where you live.


Prices to do a treatment in a professional salon

The price to do a treatment in a salon, will depend on various factors, in addition to the brand of botox that you use.

It is clear that the price is not going to be the same if you use L’Oreal botox as opposed to a generic brand. That’s one thing.

After, you have to consider the quality and experience of the salon where they are going to apply the treatment.

Or the quality and brand of the other materials, like shampoo to wash your hair after the botox.


Also, the price of the treatment varies from one country to another. And between one city and another.

For example, in a trendy salon in the middle of Manhattan, doing a botox can cost up to 250 dollars. Of course we are talking about salons that use products of the highest quality and also, you may possibly cross paths with a celebrity.

In Buenos Aires or Mexico, you can find salons where they do botox at a third of the price. We are talking about high quality salons with highly trained professionals.


As a general rule, I usually recommend choosing salons that are proven experienced doing botox and that also use well-known products.

If you respect these two rules, you will leave the salon fascinated with your new hair.


What products to avoid so you don’t damage your hair

Up until now, we’ve only talked about recommended botox brands.

But what brands should you avoid?


Actually, I’m not going to tell you what brands to avoid. I’m going to tell you a type of products that are best to avoid.

It has to do with generic brands or those without a brand.


Many salons use these types of products because they are cheaper than the products that we mentioned above.

These generic products are sold in bulk in 5 or 6 liter drums that last for hundreds of applications.

In this way, salons can offer a trendy treatment like botox at a good price for their clients and even so, they continue to have an interesting profit margin.


If they use the botox brands that we mentioned above, they would have to offer the treatment at a higher cost and it would end up being too much for a lot of people.


Let’s be honest. Most people that go to a salon to do a botox treatment don’t ask what brand of product they are going to use on their hair.

They simply offer the treatment with all its benefits and the person does it. They don’t even think of what brand they are going to use in their hair.

Some salons, not all, take advantage of this situation to use brand-less products.


If you ask me, I recommend looking for salons that use product brands along the lines of what we mentioned. You don’t need to use more expensive products, but it is important to count on a product that has years of experience on the market.


 A treatment with brand name products ends up being more expensive.  

But at least, you are sure you will get the best results. After all, it has to do with the health of your hair. If you aren’t willing to invest in a treatment with high quality name brand products, many you shouldn’t do a treatment like this.


Where to buy the products to do a hair botox

The other day, I was looking at hair salon products on Mercado Libre.

It’s something that I always do because I like to be up to date on new products and treatments related to hair and hair styling in general.

At one point, I looked up “Hair Botox” and a ton of options appeared. What caught my attention was that some of the most sold products were brand-less.

On one of the products a woman asked, “I don’t understand. Is this hair botox or keratin?”

Do you want to know who they responded?

Hold onto your seat because you aren’t going to believe it.


You can sell it how you want,” they responded.



 Any of the products that we named above can be found in online stores like MercadoLibre or Amazon. 
  • If you are in a Latin American country, your best option is MercadoLibre.
  • If you are in Spain or the USA, the easiest would be to buy it on Amazon.


Now, if you don’t find any of these products on Amazon or Mercado Libre, you’ll have to visit a beauty products store, the classic, life-long ones.

There are stores that sell all types of beauty products and others that are more specific that only sell salon products.


 Here, just a small piece of advice that’s totally free that you can take or leave however you wish. 


Before going to the store, get in contact with them by phone, facebook chat or however you prefer and ask them if they sell hair botox. This way, you won’t waste your time going to stores that don’t sell botox.

And that is all for today.


I hope I haven’t left anything out.

I’m going to try to keep this article as up to date as possible with new brands that could appear and also get rid of the ones on the list that don’t sell botox anymore.

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