Is it okay to straighten your hair once a week? Yes, but follow these guidelines

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You can flat iron your hair once a week as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • Get a good flat iron: make sure it’s ceramic and, if possible, choose a tourmaline or titanium one.
  • Use the iron at the right temperature: between 180 and 230 degrees.
  • Never flat iron your hair if it’s wet. Let your hair dry or blow dry it.

That’s not all:

  • Use a heat protectant before ironing.
  • Don’t run the iron more than three times down each hair strand. For best results, divide your hair into sections.
  • Moisturize your hair at least once a week.
  • If your hair is damaged, avoid flat ironing it.

I’ll show you how to straighten your hair once a week without problems. 


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You may have thought, “using a flat iron once a week won’t damage my hair”. It may seem that way at first.

However, even though flat irons have more sophisticated technologies than years ago (when they used to burn your hair),   they could damage your hair.  


So, the more you limit the flat iron, the better your hair will be.

But   if you want or need to straighten your hair once a week,   you can do it as long as you follow a set of instructions.

Let’s check them out!


Do you want to flat iron your hair once a week? Follow the instructions of an expert

Happy girl straightening her hair with hair straightener


Buy a good iron

Buying a good iron is the first thing you need to take care of.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive one. The cheapest, however, are usually made of metal that doesn’t heat evenly, so   you’ll have to run it more times, which could burn your hair.  


  A ceramic flat iron is a good option if you want to straighten your hair once a week   You can find them at a good price.

They distribute the heat evenly and produce negative ions that   help smooth the cuticle for your hair to shine.  

If you can spend a little more, I recommend choosing a tourmaline or titanium flat iron: you won’t believe the results!

Also, take into account the length of your hair: If it’s short, choose a smaller iron to avoid burning your ears.


Use the iron at the right temperature

Now that you’ve chosen your flat iron, it’s super important that you don’t use it at maximum temperature.

Maximum temperatures are only for treatments such as formaldehyde straightening, but not for everyday use.

  Ideally, you should use it between 180   and 230 degrees.


The higher the temperature,   the more you’ll damage the hair cuticle and its structure.  


Don’t flat iron your hair when it’s wet

This should be the most important rule for someone who wants to straighten their hair every week: never flat iron your hair when it’s still wet.

Here’s why.


In my experience, I’ve seen   super burned, broken, mistreated hair,   When I ask what happened, clients reply “I didn’t do anything!”

It’s just that   they didn’t know they should dry their hair before flat ironing.   So, they ended up ruining their hair.


  By using the flat iron on wet hair, what you do is burn the cuticle.  

If you’ve ever done it, you know the sound of hair burning!


While some irons are for wet hair, I don’t recommend them.

It’s best to let your hair air dry before flat ironing.

But if you’re in a hurry, then   blow dry your hair before flat ironing.  


Use a heat protectant before flat ironing your hair

woman using hair protectant

  A heat protectant is a must to straighten your hair once a week.  

You should use it if your hair is colored, bleached, or chemically treated because it usually needs more care.


Buy a good thermal protectant that makes your hair shine and   remember to apply it with a minimum distance of 20 centimeters.   Don’t exaggerate the amount.

Use just a little. Otherwise, your hair may end up looking dirty and dull.


Don’t run the iron more than three times per strand

I’m going to tell you the secret to straight hair that looks like you’ve just left the salon:

It’s all in your hair parting. Yes, even if it’s a bit tedious, dividing your hair into sections and flat ironing thin strands is ideal.

Run the iron slowly (but not too slowly),   instead of doing it a thousand times and fast.  

I assure you that   even if you feel like you never finish straightening your hair, you’ll end up saving time and your hair will look great.  

Did you know you can straighten your hair without using a flat iron or blow dryer?


Don’t forget to moisturize your hair once a week

This is super important because   straightening your hair once a week dehydrates it.  

Even if you don’t do it every day, every time you straighten it your hair gets damaged.

  Heat tends to cause dryness   and loss of the hair’s natural oils, so you need to give your hair more nutrients.


Therefore,   at least once a week use moisturizing creams,   and a nourishing treatment at least once a month.

This way, you’ll compensate for the damage and have shiny and silky hair.


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Is your hair damaged? Forget about flat ironing and heat!

angry girl crosses her hands in denial

  If your hair is colored, bleached, or has gone through many chemical processes,   and you feel it dry and brittle, you shouldn’t straighten it once a week (the best thing isn’t to straighten it for a long time).


On the contrary, you should follow a plan of nourishing and moisturizing treatments and make friends with your natural hair.

Even if you think it will look better straightened, the truth is that   your hair will look worse.  

So, care for your hair to get that healthy and beautiful hair back.


3 extra tips to straighten your hair once a week

blonde straight haired girl about to cut her hair

  • Cut your ends every two months at least

When the ends are very dry and damaged, it’s best to cut them all at once. This way, the hair will be able to continue to grow strong.

  • Eat a healthy diet. Believe it or not, your diet defines the look of your mane.
  • Detangle your hair before straightening it. Tangled strands can stretch and break.



As we have seen in this article, you can straighten your hair once a week.

However, you should be cautious to prevent the heat from the flat iron from burning your hair.

  Get a good flat iron, moderate the temperature, use a heat protectant,   don’t flat iron your hair if it’s wet, and have weekly nourishing treatments.


Finally, although it is possible to straighten your hair once a week with the necessary care,   it’s best to avoid it.  

Find the way that best suits your natural hair and show it off!

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