Why do the ends of my hair dry so fast? For one of these 3 reasons

woman looking at ends of her hair that dry so quickly

If the ends of your hair are drying out so quickly, it’s probably for one of these three reasons:

  • Reason 1: Your ends are too porous. And in a few moments, I’ll tell you what this means and how to fix it.
  • Reason 2: Your ends are damaged and dry.
  • Reason 3: Your ends have completely exposed part of the inner layer of your hair.


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 Do you wash your hair, then after a few minutes, your ends are dry already? Is it hard to comb your hair when wet because the ends have dried? Do you wet them, but they dry right away? 


The ends of your hair dry out so quickly because they’re crying out for help.

 The ends of your hair are a great indicator of your hair’s health. They are the parts of your hair that have endured the most processing, from coloring to hours of sun exposure to bleaching. 


The whole history of your hair is written on the ends. That’s why when you visit your stylist, the first thing they do is look at the ends and check their texture. And they often recommend cutting your ends when they detect they’re ruined or split.

Because that’s the best way to maintain healthy hair, especially if you color or straighten it frequently.

So by now, you’ve probably figured out that if your ends dry quickly, it’s because they’re damaged. Why? Let’s unravel the mystery below.


The ends of your hair dry out so fast because they have high porousness

very porous tips dry very quickly

This is the same as saying that  your ends are highly porous. 


Let’s take a closer look. Hair is permeable, so it absorbs water. That helps it maintain shine and softness.

When you use permanent hair dyes or heat tools like straighteners or curlers, the hair cuticles begin to break, leaving the inner layer of the hair partially exposed. And that makes the hair highly porous.

And since it’s highly porous, it can’t retain moisture.

 Since the ends are the oldest parts of your hair, they’re more porous than the rest. Why? The ends have gone through more rough times, such as heat, dyes, and sunshine. Therefore, they dry out faster. 


My advice is to trim your ends to remove the most damaged part of your hair. And to prevent higher porousness, apply jojoba oil to your ends every time you wash your hair to seal the cuticles and retain moisture.


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Your ends dry out so fast because they’re weak and dry

hair dryer and damaged ends that dry fast

I’m guessing  you often use your straightener, curler, or blow dryer without a heat protectant. 


The high temperatures of these tools break the cuticles and remove a vital part of the hair’s moisture. That’s why your ends dry out so quickly.

Why doesn’t this happen to the rest of your hair?


It’s because your ends get weak from all the processes they go through for months, even years. They get damaged and thin, so they split or break. That means they lose the ability to retain moisture and protein.

 I recommend you apply coconut or argan oil to your ends . These oils contain large amounts of fatty acids that will moisturize your ends.

However, I suggest cutting at least a centimeter off the ends. That way the oil treatment will be more effective.


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Your ends are ruined to the point of exposing the inner layer of the hair. That’s why they dry out so quickly

woman trims the ends that dry so quickly

 This is the worst-case scenario. In this case, your only option is to cut the ends. As bad as it sounds, “your ends are dead.” 


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When the inner layer of the hair is exposed, the hair’s cuticles are completely gone. Therefore, nothing can protect it from external agents, and the hair is ruined.

In this case, you should cut off the “dead” ends to give vitality to the rest of your hair. That way, your hair can take advantage of the vitamins and nutrients from the core.



As a hairdresser, I recommend trimming your ends when they dry out quickly. Because this way, you’ll remove the damaged part of the hair, helping it retain moisture and nutrients.

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