Hair Thinned Out Too Much, What Can I Do To Fix it?

woman surprised because her hair looks to thin

  • If your hair lost some volume due to a feathered cut with thinning shears, you’ll need to periodically trim the ends to even out the length. 
  • While you wait for your hair to grow out, blow dry it to fluff the roots.
  • Alternatively, if you lost volume due to a chemical treatment such as botox, keratin, or lifting, you should stop blow-drying.
  • This will help the smoothing effect wear off faster.
  • Also, use neutral shampoo to sweep away the effect of the treatment.
  • While you wait, use the curling iron to create waves or style your hair with the flat iron.


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Do you feel your hair has lost too much volume after your salon visit?


 It’s a problem that has a solution  because your hair will eventually grow back.

Also,   you can apply techniques to regain volume in your hair. 

In this article, we’ll look at why your hair has become less voluminous and the solution for each case.

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My volume was reduced after a haircut

knife, scissors and thinning scissors

There are  different techniques to remove volume.  The solution will be one or another. Let’s see:


I had a haircut with thinning shears, and my hair lost volume

 The thinning scissors remove volume from the hair. They have a sharp edge on one side and a comb-like shape on the other.


If you used the thinning scissors  very close to your roots,  you’ll notice a drastic change.

This will be easy to fix, but  the worst will come later.  Do you know what will happen?


When the hair starts to grow back, it’ll puff up.

If this is your case, don’t despair. It has a solution.


Solution 1:

 If you used thinning scissors,  the solution is quite simple. Take advantage of those short hairs.

  • Apply mousse or a volumizing spray to your roots,, and use those short hairs to your advantage to add volume.
  • Blow dry your hair close to the roots.

That way, your hair will gain volume.     And then?

Solution 2:

When your hair starts to grow,  those short hairs will become a real nightmare  because they’ll give you too much volume.



How long will I have to wait for my hair to normalize?


This period will last about  3 or 4 months until those short hairs reach about eight centimeters long.


I had a razor cut that took too much volume out of my hair

A big mistake we stylists often make is to remove the volume with a razor. This work  takes a lot of volume out of the hair  and the ends are thinned.


Therefore, at the beginning  your hair looks with very little volume  but then it turns into a wild and uncontrolled mane.

In this case, the ends will be thin until you cut them off and get your hair back to its full. It’ll take around six months.


Do the same as I indicated for the thinning scissors cut:  blow dry your hair to regain volume.  Then, when the volume of your hair becomes uncontrollable, braid it to disguise it.


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My feathered cut removed volume from my mane

Feathered cuts are used to add volume to certain areas of your hair. But  if your hair is very straight, as soon as the cut is done, you’ll have very little volume. 


  • Cut the tips that are long so that they lose weight.

This  will help the shorter strands lift up  and give you some volume.

  • Also use mousse and volumizing spray. Try some homemade masks to give volume to your hair.
  • Blow dry your hair with your head downward focusing on the roots. This will help to achieve good volume.
  • If you want volume,  keep cutting your hair frequently  until the top layers level up with the rest.
 Within 6 to 8 months,  your hair will have regained its full volume.


My hair volume decreased after a chemical process (botox, lifting, or keratin)

professional keratin treatment in a woman's hair

Straightening, keratin shocks, hair botox, or hair lifting reduce the volume of the hair.

 All these products contain small doses of formaldehyde,  which is used to control frizz.


Therefore, if you’ve had a permanent straightening,  your hair volume was probably reduced. 

If it wasn’t the result you were hoping for, don’t worry, it can be fixed.




 Alternatively, the effects of straightening processes diminish in approximately 3 months  according to the products used.

Also, try to avoid having this type of treatment again, as it straightens your hair progressively, so  you’ll continue to lose volume. 



If you’ve had too much volume removed from your hair,  you can solve it in the short to medium term. 

With time and patience, this problem will soon be forgotten and you’ll be back to having a radiant mane.


Next time,  try to be as clear as possible with your hairdresser.  Show him/her photos or videos for accuracy.

Everything will be fine, don’t doubt it, GO FOR IT!

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