Hair Botox Reviews: before and after treatment of a first-time mother

Do you want to try hair botox?

Are you one of those that’s looking for impeccable hair?

We’ve already talked about the latest trending hair treatment: hair botox.

But what are the results?

Is the treatment worth it?


Since I started writing here, I’ve received various emails every day from people interested in hair botox. Their doubts always seem to get cleared up after reading this blog.

However, their greatest fears are about the of the botox on the hair.


More so for those people that don’t have a bulging wallet, since the treatment is quite expensive. To put to rest all those concerns to rest, I wanted to do something special. The most graphic thing possible.

That’s why I’m going to tell you about the before and after of a young mother that decided to do hair botox. 


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An Unexpected Mail

botox saves a mothers hair

el botox para el pelo le salvo el cabello a una madre primeriza

A few months ago, I received an email from a girl: Conie.

In the email, she told me that she was worried about her hair and she asked my opinion.


I asked Conie if I could share her email on the blog. She said yes.

So, here is the mail that Conie sent me and the photo of her hair.


“Hi Carina.

It’s a pleasure to speak with you. I’m also from Santiago. I know that you’re a busy person. I’ll get straight to the point of why I’m writing you so you don’t waste too much time.

3 months ago, I became the mother of identical twins: Martina and Sofia. I’m in love. However, there’s something that worries me.

My hair.

That’s why I’m coming to you.


My hair is very rough, broken. It’s difficult for me to brush it. When I do brush it, a lot of hair falls out. And as if that weren’t enough, my first gray hairs are coming in. It’s no wonder. I went from not having kids to having two that the same time.

I’ve always taken very good care of my hair. But now, I don’t have much time for treatments or personal care like I did before, as you can imagine. The twins demand most of my time, and the time that I have left over, I sleep.


My maternity leave ends in a few months. I would like my hair to look as presentable as possible. I’m not a model, but my work requires me to look presentable. I’m a lawyer.

 I’m looking for some treatment that doesn’t require too much maintenance, neither in the salon or at home. The minimum.  Imagine, if I have limited time now, when I got back to work, I’ll have even less.


Does something like that exist? An easy treatment without much daily maintenance?

A friend of mine talked about botox for your hair.

Does something like that exist?

Money won’t be an issue.


This ended up being longer than I thought. I’m really sorry. Thanks for reading it all.



Photos that Conie emailed me. Have you ever seen such damaged hair?


How to save Conie’s hair

When I finished Reading the email, my answer was immediate.

What Conie needed was hair botox.

I told her to come to the salon, that her hair would end up impeccable. I was going to make sure of it.


Would you like me to confess something to you?

 The truth is that when Conie got to the salon that Saturday, I discovered that her hair was much worse than how it looked in the pictures. 


What happened to Conie’s hair is no casualty. In fact, the health of her hair had been deteriorating since before she stopped caring for it.

Why had it been deteriorating?


Very simple.

Conie has naturally curly hair and she’s been flat ironing it for who knows how long.

Conie is 33 years old. She’s used the flat iron since she was 17.

That’s more than 15 years of flat ironing.


Although it sounds cruel to say it this way, Conie’s problem was not that she stopped carring for her hair. Her hair was already bad broken, dry, gray. She just covered it up with the iron and other treatments.  The reality came to light when she stopped doing those treatments, when she “stopped maintaining” her hair. 

This is what I told Conie when she came to the salon for the first time. The situation was very different from what she thought. She thought that her hair was bad from not using the flat iron. She was wrong.


But is there a solution?

Can she do something about it? She asked me with tears in her eyes.

The answer was yes. She could do something about it.

She needed hair botox.


Hair Botox – Conie’s Miracle

Of course, Conie had a lot of doubts.

What is hair botox?

Are you going to use a needle?

All those doubts can be cleared up here, where I talk about botox.


For those of us in the salón, it was a great challenge. Very mistreated hair and a goal together with Conie. The goal was to get Conie’s hair looking perfect in less than three months.

Why 3 months?


Because in 3 months, she had to go back to work. We were excited to think about the reaction of her co-workers. “Wow, Conie. You’re beautiful. Maternity did you well, etc.”



Now all that was left was the act.

Do you want to know how much time Conie was in the salon the first time she went?


4 and a half hours. A record.

Do you want to know what the results were after 4 and a half hours?

Here they are.

results after first session

Asi quedo el Cabello luego de la primera sesión de botox para el pelo

That’s how her hair looked after the first hair botox sesión.

To talk about the results, I think it would be best if she told you herself.


The truth is I was in love. The hair botox saved my hair, not just at the aesthetic level, but at the healthy level. When I got to the salon the first time, I thought that there was no solution.


 I walked in with my hair looking like a disaster and I left like another person. I felt at least 10 years younger. 

Now, I brush my hair in a few minutes. Before, I would waste a lot of time and lose a lot of hair.


I can’t thank Carina and her entire team enough for their stupendous attention, and for saving my hair.”


And now, a photo of the results after Conie’s second visit to the salon.

What do you think?

reviews and results


It seems to me that the best way to show the results of the botox are in concrete cases. The email that Conie sent was the perfect excuse. I hope that it has wiped away all the doubts that we talked about at the beginning.


Conie’s hair is silkier, shinier, and more malleable. She doesn’t waste any time brushing it. And the time she saves she can dedicate to her little ones.

We ended up very happy at the salón because we were able to fulfill Conie’s expectations. For us, that was the most important.

Have you done a hair botox? How did it go?

Tell us about your experience.

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