Help!!! My Japanese hair straightening gone wrong! How can I fix it?

treatment gone wrong

  • To fix a Japanese hair straightening, the most important thing is to identify what went wrong.
  • If it didn’t work because you washed your hair the first few hours after the treatment, you’ll need to moisten your hair, dry it and flat-iron it again.
  • If, after straightening your hair, you have frizz, you will need to flat-iron each strand 15 or 20 times.
  • If you notice that the product is out of date, you should remove it completely from your hair and, only after three weeks, repeat the straightening process with a suitable product.


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As you can see, if a Japanese hair straightening goes wrong, there is always a solution.

Now, if the treatment was performed in a salon, I recommend that you visit your stylist and ask her to find the solution.

After all, you’ve paid for a treatment and it’s not worth doing anything on your hair to solve the problem. She knows what kind of product she used and how she carried out the process.


 If your stylist doesn’t inspire you to solve the problem with your Japanese hair straightening, you can always ask for a refund to go to another salon. 

Did you do the hair straightening by yourself?


It is common for errors to occur in that situation. After all, experience in this type of treatment is super important to obtain the best results.

There you are, with all your expectations frustrated, because you wanted completely straight hair.

However, you shouldn’t be discouraged, because there is a solution in most cases.


Before finding that solution, it’s important to understand what went wrong.

 There are three main reasons why a Japanese hair straightening can go wrong.  Let’s see if you can identify any of them.
  • Did you wash your hair within 24 hours of the treatment?
  • Are you sure you flat-ironed each strand more than fifteen times?
  • Did you check the label on the product to make sure it was not expired?


And now tell me, do you identify with some of the options?

Then,  don’t give up yet, because you can still get your hair completely straight, by doing the Japanese hair straightening. 


Stay with me because I will tell you:

  • How to fix the Japanese hair straightening by flat-ironing again
  • In which cases it is necessary to repeat the Japanese hair straightening

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How to fix the Japanese straightening by flat-ironing again

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After having the Japanese straightening done, you must wait between 48 and 72 hours to wash your hair.

During that time, the hair fiber will completely absorb the product. If you wash it before, you will end up eliminating the product. Then, goodbye straightening!

Have you washed your hair before that time?


The chances are that you have frizz now. But you can still fix it – you’ll need to flat-iron it again!


  • If you didn’t wait 72 hours to wash your hair after having the straightening, you will have to flat-iron it again.

This is the easiest solution. When you flat-iron your hair again, the heat from the iron reactivates the chemicals in the Japanese straightening.


 Now, it’s very important that, this time, you are very careful to flat-iron your hair. 

Let’s have a look at it step by step.

  • Wet and dry your hair using the hair dryer at a high temperatura and combing it.
  • Now it is the important part, because you will have to flat-iron 15 or 20 times each of your strands. Be patient and take your time. After all, this is your chance to get your hair completely straight.


If, after re-straightening, there are no traces of frizz, you have solved the problem and can start enjoying your straight hair!

Now, what if you waited for 72 hours to wash your hair, and it still has some waves or marks? Or, what is worse, it’s frizzy?

In that case, chances are you haven’t done the flat-ironing properly.


  • If you didn’t properly flat-ironed, you will have to do it again very carefully.

This is one of the most common causes for a Japanese hair straightening to go wrong. I call it “the illusion of false straightening”.

Do you know when it happens?


It happens just when you finish drying your hair after you’ve straightened it, and you see it is so straight that you think you don´t need to be so careful with the iron.

Then, instead of flat-ironing 15 times per strand, you iron 5 times per strand.


The lack of heat will not finish sealing the product and, the next day, your hair will have frizz or marks. After a few days, you’ll notice the curls again.

Don’t waste any more time and fix it

  • Flat-iron your hair again 15 to 20 times per strand, and with the flat-iron at a temperature of 450 F or 230 C°.

If, after 72 hours, your hair is perfectly straight, you have saved the treatment.


In which cases is it necessary to repeat the Japanese straightening?


If the frizz hasn’t disappeared and your hair is curly again, unfortunately you will have to go through the treatment again.

The most advisable thing is that you repeat it after three weeks, so that the hair fiber doesn’t suffer and doesn’t get saturated with chemicals.

But this time, please! Don’t wash your hair for 72 hours after doing the process and take time to seal the product.


There is also another reason why your hair may not be completely straight after the treatment. Although it is the least usual, I must tell you about it.

Can you imagine what it is?


An expired product.

All straighteners contain very strong chemicals, and the most important is formaldehyde, which changes the structure of the hair to leave it completely straight.


Therefore, it is very important that this chemical is not expired. Also that it is preserved in optimal conditions. For example, storage temperature should not exceed 24 degrees and should not be exposed to sunlight.

Of course, the bottle must be perfectly sealed without air filtration.


 When applying the product to your hair, did you notice a too strong or penetrating smell? Was the consistency too solid or did it have any lumps? 


If you answered yes, the product was expired, and that’s why the straightening process went wrong.

The only way to solve it is to do the Japanese straightening again.


But first, you must completely remove the remains of that bad product from your hair:

  • Wash your hair with acid shampoo for 2 weeks every 48 hours, replacing your usual shampoo.
  • Apply keratin moisturizing masks once a week to repair the damage to your hair fiber.


Once you finish this process, you can have the straightening done again and your hair will be healthy, shiny and strong.

To avoid making any mistakes, here’s the correct way to do the Japanese hair straightening.


How to do the Japanese straightening correctly

  • Wash your hair with ph-balanced shampoo three times in a row until water runs clean. Then, dry your hair with a hair dryer.
  • Comb your hair with a middle part and hold each section with a clip.
  •  Put your gloves on and apply the product in small, root-to-tip strands all over your hair, without touching the scalp. 
  • Let it work for 20 or 25 minutes.
  • Dry all your hair with a hair dryer, while blow-drying at high temperature.
  • When all your hair is dry, seal the treatment with a flat-iron 15 to 20 times per strand


If you do the straightening in this way, believe me, it is absolutely impossible for anything to go wrong again.



When Japanese hair straightening goes wrong, it is most likely due to having washed your hair before 72 hours after doing it. Another reason may be that you didn´t flat-iron your strands as many times as necessary.

Each treatment has a technique that must be respected to achieve the best results. Never forget that the expiration date of the products is also important.


And now tell me, why do you think your Japanese straightening went wrong?

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