16 styles of perms with a bob cut (shoulder-length hair or less)

mid-hair stripe

Are you thinking about getting a bob cut with a perm to really wow your friends and acquaintances?


If you have very long hair, you should think about this very seriously, even if you talk with a stylist.

Do you know why? Because even though recommendations from professionals are always a good place to start, you’ll be the one with the bob cut.

And you should look good and feel good.


A permed bob is daring, sassy, sexy and sophisticated, however, it isn’t the best cut for everyone.

Let’s play a game.


Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself.

  • Do you have a wide neck?
  • Is your jaw pronounced?
  • Is the shape of your face oval?


 If you answered yes, then maybe a bob cut isn’t for you.  

Because this type of cut tends to make the neck and jaw stand out, which works well for people with a beautiful neck and no jaw.

Also, if your face is oval-shaped, it can accentuate your chin too much.

shoulder length hair

However, despite these exceptions, a permed bob could be a good alternative to change your look to something more modern, which will imply a bit of upkeep.

Have you heard of  Coco Chanel? And Rachel McAdams, the actress from one of my favorite movies, “The Notebook?”


They have bob perms, and it gives them an eccentric-ness and an air of “the whole world is at my fingertips.”

  • So, permed bobs are ideal for long, skinny faces since they add volume to the upper part which makes the face look wider.
  • An inverted bob, for example, could visually extend the neck, hidepronounced cheekbones, expose wrinkles and add volume in thin hair.
  • The contour of the bob cut and also highlight a good neck and clavicles, which adds a very feminine and sexy attraction.


Do you think a bob cut is not for women over fifty?


You’re wrong

Hair tends to get thinner as we age.

This is very visible when the hair is long, because it tends to get greasier faster. So the pieces of hair tend to stick to themselves and to the scalp, exposing the areas where hair loss is more noticeable.

When you cut off most of the hair, you eliminate dry ends and dead weight.


This means that the hair follicle doesn’t need to produce as much sebum to moisturize the broken, dry ends.

 That’s why, if you are older than forty, a permed bob could give you more volume, which makes the hair look thicker and healthier. 


Now that you know the advantages of having a permed bob, I will show you some ideas to take with you to your next appointment with the stylist.

Be one of those women that has the world at her fingertips!



Asymmetrical permed bob

neck in sight

Asymmetry with curls is not as sharp and evident as with straight hair, but it works, and it makes a simply cut look much more interesting.

You can get this idea with both tight curls as well as softer waves and all the options in between.


Curls to your shoulders

We could say that this is the most classic type of perm and the easiest to maintain. All the hair falls evenly and has a similar length, which means you don’t have to maintain it as often.

If you are looking to change your look, but you don’t want to complicate your life after, you should think of something like this.


Sexy waves and highlights

If you have straight hair and you can’t bring yourself to make such a radical change, then you could try some loose waves. And what ends up giving it a deeper look is some highlights.


Soft wave curl in very short hair

perm at the hair salon

This is the best example that you don’t have to do very tight curls. Here, with some soft curls, you can get a very interesting effect.

Of course, for this look you have to show your neck. This may be an ideal look for women who already have short hair or who want to have a very short look for whatever reason.


Waves and bangs with short and medium length hair

honey blonde highlights

Do you love bangs?


Then you could try a style like the one above.

This look could look good on both very short hair as well as shoulder-length hair.

reddish hair

Keep in mind that this is a difficult look to maintain because the bangs should be retouched often, especially if your hair grows fast.


Beach waves to your shoulders

This is a style that many call surfer waves or beach waves.

The idea is to imitate the look of women that spend hours and hours surfing. Of course, the blonde highlights these girls have tend to be natural, but not always.

dyed blond hair

For simple mortals like you and I that have to work inside four walls, the only option to get this look is to go to our trusty hair stylist.

This idea works best with very loose waves. The tone of blonde that you choose is going to depend a lot on your likes and the history of your hair. Remember that it isn’t recommended to do the color and the curls in the same day.


Waves and fantasy colors

Here, there are as many options as you can imagine, and that your stylist can do, of course.

Today, silver, purple and blue tones are very popular, but you could also go for more classic colors like red or copper.

In order for the highlight to look better, the waves should be bigger.


Wild waves bob

A longer bog will lengthen the form of the curls.

The extra weight stretches the spirals and creates waves instead of tight curls.


If you have shoulder-length hair, it will give your hair a look full of messy, uncombed, random waves and curls.

Of course, your ideas will stay in place. Do you like it?


Now that you have an idea of what type of perm that you want for your hair, remember that it is very important to know how to style your curls.

With a brush? None of that, throw it away once and for all.


But don’t worry, below, I’ll tell you how to style your permed hair.


How to maintain your curls like the first day for longer

It doesn’t matter the size of the curl that you choose, knowing how to care for them is super important so that the process lasts longer.

Take note about how to care for your curls, and they will thank you.


  • Always comb your curls from the bottom up.

Starting at the lower part will allow you to detangle each knot gently, instead of pulling all of them down.

To do so, always use a wide-toothed comb.


  • Cut the ends regularly.

Split ends never look good, aside from the fact that they can make your hair frizzy.

If you want healthy curls that look lively and fresh, you should visit the salon every six to eight weeks to trim the ends.


  • Use specific styling products.

You can use mousse for curly hair as well as coconut oil to style.

You can also use specific serums for curly hair which soften and define your curls.


  • Deep condition the ends.

When your permed bob goes through a dry phase or is very dull, you shouldn’t apply a ton of products.

Simply use your fingertips to apply a drop of cream or oil for combing about the size of a small coin to your ends, giving them moisture and movement.


Now, you know what type of permed bob could be your next new look.

Tell me, which one of these are you going to go for?

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