Can I put my hair up in a ponytail if I’ve had a perm?

with handkerchief

  • Yes, you can! In fact, after a perm, you can put your hair up as much as you want and the way you want.
  • Of course, you should avoid holding it in with rubber bands that can break your hair. Buckles, pins, or thick bands covered with fabric are best.
  • There are also certain things you should consider at bedtime, such as to tie your hair up properly and keep it controlled and less frizzy.


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Did you get permanent curls and you don’t know if putting your hair up will ruin the curls? Don’t worry!

The acid in the perm process works progressively. As you wash your hair, it’ll continue to work and maintain the curls over time.


 So, no matter how much you put your hair up, tie a bow or let it down, none of it will affect the shape of your hair. 

It’s the same as with straightening: no matter how much you braid hour hair, it’ll still be straight.


Once you’ve done the perm, if it was really well done,  the final shape should be as stable as naturally wavy hair. 

You may notice that, over time, your hair starts to lose definition. It’s normal, but it has to do more with the natural wear and tear of the perm itself than with you putting your hair up with a ponytail.


Now that you know that you can put your hair up, you may still be unconvinced and wondering:

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Can I put my hair up the same day I got a perm?

permed hair

In the past, salons didn’t recommend to wear clips or put your hair up with accessories that could mark your hair until 48 hours after you had a perm.

However, does this recommendation make any sense? Very little, actually.


When you perm your hair, it changes. It breaks links on the inside.  The natural shape of your hair changes to an artificial one. 

After that change of form, a neutralizer or perm finisher is applied. It makes that form last over time. It means that it fixes what the acid perm has already achieved.


If you hold your hair with a rubber band, a clip, or a ponytail, the hair can be marked as it would naturally be without a perm. (please read that again)

However, you should know that that mark is not going to stay on forever. Once you wash your hair, it’ll return to its natural state, in this case, the curls. That curl will be your natural state from now on.


I should also tell you that there are some guidelines you should follow after a perm so that you don’t make any mistakes when you tie it up. I’m going to give you some recommendations to avoid damaging your hair.


 5 tips to avoid damaging your perm when you put your hair up


1- Avoid tying your hair with elastic bands

ruin the perm

If you want to keep your curls in good condition and not lose any shine or softness, don’t tie your hair up with a rubber band.  The tight elastic usually puts a lot of tension on your hair and it causes it to break. 

Logically, after a perm service, the hair is more sensitive, with greater porosity, and more prone to breakage.


2- Use buckles, wide pins, or thick, fabric-covered elastic bands instead

headbands and hair updos

Buckles and pins are a good replacement for rubber bands.

If you still want to get a ponytail,  choose accessories that have a wide elastic band covered with a fabric cover. 

Don’t turn the bands more than twice to hold the hair. Before holding it, apply some serum, mousse, or oil to repair ends. It’ll make your hair softer and prevent breakage.


3- Use silk fabrics

avoid marking hair

It’s also an excellent idea to make a ponytail or a low ponytail with a silk scarf.

Silk fabrics are an international trend in hairstyle and help achieve a relaxed look. They’ll take care of your curly hair.

Even though you’ll be wearing it tied up, but very delicately, the silk fabrics will make the hair fiber neat and relaxed.


4- Protect your hair from the environment

protect the perm from the sun

In fact, if you’re planning to workout outdoors or exposed to windy conditions, holding your hair in a ponytail can help prevent tangles and roughness.

Just make sure you treat your hair gently.


5- Don’t go to bed with your hair wet

produce frizz

Another pro tip is that when you go to sleep, don’t go to bed with wet hair.


  If you’re not going to dry it or don’t give it time to air dry naturally, it’s better not to wash it at night. Instead, do it the day you have time to dry it or let it dry. 

It would prevent you from noticing your hair more porous and dull the next day. It can even look dirty if you washed it just a few hours before.


Actually, caring for your curly perm at night should also consider other issues. Then you’ll wonder:


How do I sleep when I have my perm done? Should I get a ponytail?

Yes, of course, you can get a ponytail to sleep. When you go to sleep, wrap your hair in a silk scarf so that it doesn’t rub against your pillow.


 You can make a bun and hold it with the handkerchief or a braid and have the handkerchief accompany the turns of the braid to soften and not let there be tension between turns. 

You’ll notice the change the next day: your hair will be less frizzy and much more controlled.


You can also cover the pillow with a silk cover.

Many women who have natural curls have tried everything to improve their look and texture. And they recommend covering the pillow with a silk cover so that you don’t rub your hair and avoid frizz in the morning.



You’re probably thinking that curly hair needs more care than straight hair, from modifying styling accessories to the way you hold your hair.

However, aren’t you excited to get out of your comfort zone and discover new ways to style your hair?

I hope you’re excited!

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