Does keratin shampoo straighten hair? Not exactly, and here’s why

keratin shampoo straighten hair

  • Keratin shampoo doesn’t straighten hair.
  • Shampoos with keratin extend the keratin treatment.
  • They also help to control frizz, repair cuticles and keep hair hydrated.
  • I’ll tell you about the best keratin shampoos you can use if you want to repair mild or deep damage to your hair.


My head hurts like when I was studying the notes of the first colorimetry classes in hairdressing school.

I can assure you that I wasn’t born a hairdresser. I studied a lot to bleach hair without damaging it, or know how to apply balayage or highlights even on the most unruly hair.

Why does my head hurt so much?


Because today I went back to my old student days. All because of you, my dear reader.

Actually, so you don’t feel bad, we’ll share the blame among dozens of readers who ask me the same question, “Ale,   does keratin shampoo straighten hair? 


Obviously, I already know the answer.

It’s a clear “no.”

Keratin shampoo DOESN’T straighten hair.


  • First, because   the only thing that straightens your hair for good is a chemical process   such as a keratin treatment.
  • Second, the only thing that straightens your hair in a non-permanent way is a flat iron.
  • Third, because there’s no such thing as Keratin shampoo itself. Instead, the shampoo “CONTAINS” keratin as a main or secondary ingredient.


keratin in dyed blonde hair

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Shampoos with keratin improve the appearance of the hair, control frizz, and thicken the hair making it havy. As a result, the hair will look smooth at first glance.


But   these shampoos with keratin don’t modify the internal structure of the hair by straightening it.   Therefore, after several days, your hair will be frizzy again and recover its natural structure.


So, to make it definitely clear, the only way for the keratin to straighten hair is through a chemical process with heat in the salon to restructure your hair’s shape.

Can you see why the keratin shampoo doesn’t straighten hair?



Let’s move on to the next point.


You’re probably wondering why I’ve been studying this subject of keratin shampoos so carefully.

Companies are launching new shampoos with keratin. As a hairdresser, I like to learn about the characteristics of hair products and how they work.


Therefore, I’ve checked different sources. I carefully read the websites of the manufacturers. I’ve also followed up on the opinions of dozens of users of some of the best keratin shampoos.

I’ve come to some pretty interesting conclusions.

Do you want me to give you a sneak preview?

  • Some shampoos have keratin as a secondary ingredient. For example, PANTENE REPAIR or BIOLAGE FRIBERSTRONG.
  • Then, other shampoos include keratin as the main ingredient, for example, KERANIQUE or KERATIN COMPLEX.
  • Shampoo with keratin as the main ingredient doesn’t give the same result as a shampoo in which keratin is secondary.


If you want to know which is the best shampoo with keratin according to your hair needs, read on.

After all, I don’t deserve to be left alone after hours of research, right?


So, let’s start at the beginning, which is what led me to research keratin shampoos.

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Why DOESN’T keratin shampoo straighten hair?

No shampoo can modify the structure of the hair to straighten it, even if it contains 90% keratin.

Only a chemical process is strong enough to modify the hair structure and straighten it. Also, the heat of the flat iron is used during this process.


But,   what you can achieve with a keratin shampoo is to improve the appearance of your hair.  

Keratin eliminates frizz and repairs cuticles.


But it’s one thing to repair the outer layers of the hair and quite another to change its structure.

So, this leads us to the following conclusion.

  •   If you want to straighten your hair for good,   you should go to the salon.
  •   If you want to repair your hair, eliminate frizz, and improve its appearance,   you can use a shampoo with keratin.


Why is a shampoo with keratin an excellent tool for damaged hair?

Keratin is a protein of the molecular bonds of your hair. When your hair loses some of the keratin through coloring or bleaching, frizz, dryness, brittleness, and even breakage occur.


But, if you use a keratin shampoo, your hair will absorb the protein and begin to fill in the cracks and gaps.


As a result, your hair will be soft, shiny, and frizz-free. Yes, it will look “smooth” in appearance.

  But only at the beginning.   After a few days, your hair will lose the “straight” look, though it’ll be hydrated and repaired.


Do you want to use a keratin shampoo to repair your hair? Continue reading.


Which keratin shampoo should you use?

shampoo to wash hair immediately after coloring

To answer this question, I need to know your hair habits.

If you swim, for example, your hair will suffer more damage than a person who doesn’t swim.



The chlorine in swimming pools dry out your hair.

The same will happen if you use heat tools frequently.


Whether your hair is slightly or badly damaged, keratin shampoo can help repair it.

I’ll divide shampoos with keratin into two main groups:

  •   Shampoo with keratin for hair with mild to moderate damage:   frizz, roughness, dry ends, and stiffness. These shampoos have keratin as a secondary ingredient.
  •   Shampoo with keratin for hair with deep damage:   frizz, roughness, dry ends, stiffness, breakage, and hair loss. These shampoos have keratin as the main ingredient.


Keratin shampoos for hair with mild to moderate damage

keratin hair repair shampoo


This shampoo will leave your hair soft and frizz-free from the first application. It works by repairing the outermost layers of the hair.



This shampoo contains a higher amount of keratin and amino acids than PANTENE.

I recommend it specifically for people who expose their hair to the sun frequently because it contains more moisturizing agents than regular ones.



The creamy consistency of this shampoo will help you eliminate frizz. And while it won’t straighten your hair, it’ll leave it softer and shinier.


Keratin shampoos for hair with deep damage

washing keratin treated hair


I recommend it specifically for people who color or bleach their hair.

It contains large amounts of amino acids that help eliminate the most obvious signs of damage such as stiffness and breakage.



If your hair has light waves, you can opt for this shampoo. In addition to repairing your hair, it’ll give it body to look straight.



If your hair is seriously damaged, don’t hesitate to use this shampoo, which is also widely used in salons.

Its exclusive protein fusion formula will stop breakage by thickening your hair fiber and filling in the empty spaces in each hair strand.



Now you know the truth about keratin shampoos.

Keratin shampoos don’t straighten hair. Instead, they eliminate frizz and repair damage to the outermost layers of the hair. Therefore, they improve the appearance of the hair.

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