Keratin treatment vs. Brazilian Blowout: 5 differences that will help you choose the best treatment for your hair

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The main differences between Brazilian Blowout and keratin treatment are:

  • Difference 1: Brazilian Blowout is a gentler treatment than keratin.
  • Difference 2: Brazilian Blowout is for slightly frizzy hair while keratin treatment works better on very frizzy hair.
  • Difference 3: To maintain the effects of the keratin treatment, you can use any sulfate-free shampoo. However, Brazilian Blowout requires the brand’s shampoo and conditioner.
  • Difference 4: Brazilian Blowout application takes less time than keratin.
  • Difference 5: The keratin treatment is cheaper than Brazilian Blowout.


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Are you thinking about applying a treatment to eliminate frizz?


I can’t imagine how much thought you’re giving to this decision.

Nowadays, there are plenty of treatments to eliminate frizz and give your hair a neater look.

However, they’re not all the same.


In my salon,  two of the most requested treatments are keratin and Brazilian Blowout. 

Clients usually ask for keratin treatment. However, I usually help them lean towards Brazilian Blowout.


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Why do I change their minds?

Because I can tell which treatment will be more beneficial to my client considering hair needs and budget.

Today, I want to help you make the best decision.


That’s why we’ll discuss together the differences between keratin treatment and Brazilian Blowout.

You can’t complain. You’ll receive hair advice at no extra cost.

Shall we get started?

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Difference 1: Keratin Treatment is more intense than Brazilian Blowout.

hairdresser applies solution on hair

Yes,  Brazilian Blowout is milder than keratin. 

And that’s despite its name that relates to “explosion” or “blowout.” When it comes to names, appearances can be deceiving.


But beyond the etymology,  what makes Brazilian Blowout softer is that its concentration of formaldehyde is much lower than keratin treatment. 


What are formaldehydes?

They are chemicals that alter the structure of the hair to straighten it and reduce frizz.

Brazilian Blowout contains fewer chemicals than keratin, which is why it is much gentler.


Therefore,  if you want to get rid of frizz, but your hair is healthy, I recommend you opt for Brazilian Blowout. 

Fine hair tends to break more easily.

Also, as Brazilian Blowout has less formaldehyde, it’ll be less aggressive to your hair.


Difference 2: The keratin treatment is for very frizzy hair while Brazilian Blowout works better on hair with less frizz.

This difference is related to the previous topic.

As  Brazilian Blowout is gentler due to its lower formaldehyde concentration. It works properly on hair with mild to moderate frizz. 


On the other hand, the keratin treatment is more effective on afro and frizzy hair because it works with a higher concentration of chemicals.

That’s why it’s suitable for damaged hair that requires deep and urgent repair.


Actually, Brazilian Blowout is rather a cosmetic treatment for the hair while keratin is a deep repair treatment. Therefore:

  • If your hair is frizzy and dry due to excessive chemical processing, I recommend the keratin treatment.
  • In turn, if it’s naturally frizzy or humidity inflates it, go for Brazilian Blowout.


Difference 3: The aftercare of Brazilian Blowout requires specific products while you only need sulfate-free shampoo after keratin.

anti frizz

Brazilian Blowout is a registered trademark of hair treatments. It offers a complete line of post-application maintenance to use.

It includes shampoo and conditioner for each wash to maintain the effects of Brazilian Blowout on your hair for longer.


What happens if you don’t use these products?

 If you don’t use the acai post-treatment maintenance products, the effects of Brazilian Blowout will last much less. 


On the other hand, the keratin treatment requires one condition for maintenance: you should use a sulfate-free shampoo to extend its duration.

And it doesn’t need to be of a particular brand or used in a specific way.


Once the keratin treatment is applied, the only care you need to take is to wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.


Difference 4: Keratin treatment takes more time and work than Brazilian Blowout.

keratin treatment in salon

If you don’t like to spend hours and hours sitting in the salon while the stylist works on your hair, consider Brazilian Blowout.

 The application of Brazilian Blowout is quick. It only takes just twenty minutes for the product to process in your hair.  Then, you should add the time it takes for your stylist to iron your hair.


However, keratin treatment requires patience.

The downtime of the keratin treatment can vary between one and a half and two hours. Yes, you’ll have time to catch up on your emails or read your favorite novel.

But the worst is yet to come, and that is the time it’ll take for the stylist to seal the product with the flat iron.

How long?

Figure an extra hour.


Why is there so much difference between these two treatments?

As Brazilian Blowout is less intense than keratin, it absorbs the products and is sealed quickly.


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Difference 5: Brazilian Blowout is more expensive than a keratin treatment.

shampoo after coloring

Well, here we come to a key point: the price.

  •  Brazilian Blowout can cost between $250 and $500,  depending on the salon and country you are in. Apart from that, add the specific products of the brand, which cost approximately $150.
  •   The keratin treatment, in turn, costs between $50 and $120 [/su_highlight depending on the salon and the professional’s experience.


And if we talk about maintenance, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners cost around $30.

Yes, the difference is quite big.


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Now that you know the differences, you can opt for the best treatment to get rid of frizz according to the needs of your hair and your pocket.

Remember that both treatments last between three to five months and repair and smooth the hair satisfactorily.

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