Castor oil and coconut oil mix for hair, does it make hair grow?

Strengthens and stimulates growth

Do you want to speed up your hair growth?

Would you like your hair to grow 1.5 cm per month?


Then, stay with me, because I will tell you about an incredible mixture that gave me incredible results.

It’s about a castor and coconut oil mixture. With this simple oil mixture, I was able to get my hair to grow 1.5 cm per month and I am sure that you can get the same.

Do you still not believe me that this mixture of oils can stimulate the growth of your hair?


I also wouldn’t have believed it that easily.

But after proving its effects on my hair, I became a true fan.

Six months ago, I suffered and accident and I had a double break in my ankle. After operating, I had to be immobilized in the bed for a month. I was in agony.

You may ask yourself what this has to do with hair.


In my case, everything, because since I couldn’t get up to shower and wash my hair, I just cleaned myself off, and my hair started to form knots. Enormous knots.

When I could finally wash my hair, nothing, absolutely nothing helped me detangle the knots. They were like small shrubberies of tangled hair, where I could barely use the wide-toothed comb.


 Desperate, I did the only thing I could: I went to a salon so that they could cut my hair.  


With each snip, a part of me fell to the floor together with my hair. Finally, I ended up with a mane just above my shoulders. For me, since I’m have gypsy and I love long hair, it was true disappointment.

I couldn’t even use the extensions that sometimes I used in my hair for it to look longer. If we add to this that I had passed the 50-year barrier, I felt like I had aged ten years.


 I started to look for solutions, basically, any magic remedy that would make my hair grow.  

And what I found wasn’t a magical remedy. It was an organic remedy that naturally would help hair growth. An effective mixture of oils that would help me get my long hair back that I always had.

Do you want to know how to prepare this potent mixture of natural oils to help your hair grow?


Then keep reading, because today, I’ll tell you:

  • Why coconut oil and castor oil together enhance hair growth
  • How to prepare and apply the mixture correctly to get the most incredible results
  • Other surprising benefits of this oil mixture


Are you ready to get your long hair back?

Let’s go.


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Because the castor/coconut oil mixture is so powerful that it stimulates hair growth

happy for the length of her hair

This oil combo is incredible. What’s more, when I travel, I bring it with me.

They stimulate hair growth, because both oils have antibacterial properties that help cure the scalp of dandruff and unwanted bacteria, while they also nourish the skin.

What is surprising about both is that they complement each other marvelously. They are like ying and yang.

Do you want to know why?


  • Because castor oil is absorbed deep into the scalp and hydrates it from the inside out.
  • While the coconut oil is absorbed more superficially and helps create a protective against hard metals present in the water when you wash your hair and the external toxic agents like the sun and dust.


In addition, castor oil is made up of 80% ricinoleic acid, which promotes the increase of blood circulation to the scalp and, therefore, increases hair growth.


 That means, that basically castor oil works inside the hair follicles of the scalp while the coconut oil strengthens middle and ends of the hair.  

Now, you should know how to prepare this marvelous mixture and that is what I will tell you now.


How to prepare the castor and coconut oil mixture correctly

cold pressed

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The good thing about this hair treatment is that you simply will need three elements: the two oils and a very clean glass jar.

What I recommend to you is that you use 60% castor oil and 40% coconut oil. And please, that the castor oil be cold-pressed.


Once you have the proportions, place them in the glass jar and mix them well until you can see a homogenous mixture.

Now that you have the mixture, it’s time to apply it to your hair.



  • Take a bit of the oil mixture and rub it between the palm of your hands. This will help make the mixture less thick and you will be able to distribute it better.
  • Start massaging the mixture on your scalp. You should be sure that it is completely covered with the oils.
  • Massage the scalp for about ten minutes with soft and circular movements.
  • After, distribute the mixture from the roots to the ends.
  • Finally, wrap your hair in a shower cap. I suggest, that if you can, let it sit all night. If you don’t like to sleep with products in your hair, at least you should like the mixture set for a minimum of three hours.


 I recommend that you use this treatment at least twice a week during the first two months. After, you can apply it once a week until you get the results that you want.  

If you use this mixture of oils, you will notice some extra benefits for your hair.

Do you want to know what they are?


Other surprising benefits of this oil mixture

In addition to hydrating your curls, you can define them, while you nourish and strengthen them.

If you decide to use the mixture as a conditioner, apply it after showering while your hair is still wet.


  • Are you tired of fighting with frizz?


Don’t worry, because as you apply the oil mixture, you will be fighting against the frizz, since the mixture strengthens your hair and you will notice less broken hairs.


I have been using this castor and coconut oil mixture for more than eight months.

And I put myself out there to talk about the results. In a normal situation, hair grows between a centimeter and a centimeter and a half per month. Adding it up, my hair should have grown approximately between 8 and 12 centimeters in eight months.


 Do you want to know how much my hair grew in this time?  


17 cm!

Yes ma’am.

Yes sir.

Seventeen cm. 


That means at least 5 cm more than if I hadn’t used the oils.

And also, my hair became stronger, more nourished, and shinier.


So, now you know. Be happy with slow hair growth or start using this oil mixture now.

What do you decide?

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