How to get curly hair back after straightening it too much?

recover curl after ironing the hair a lot

  • The first thing you need to do is stop using heated styling tools, like flat irons and hair dryers, because their intense heat will dry out your hair.
  • Once you’ve done that, you should start on a curl-recuperating plan, using super moisturizing shampoo and conditioners and a hydrating mask once a week.
  • Today I’ll also teach you how you should wash your hair to get your curls back.


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I dyed my hair and my curls are gone, what should I do to get them back?


Have you straightened your hair too much?

Are you worried you won’t be able to get your curly hair back?

Leave that fear behind because  getting your curly hair back is really an easy process .

Of course, when I say easy, I don’t mean that you’re going to get your curly hair back in a day.

Every plan needs a strategy. And every strategy needs a certain amount of time to get us to the results we want.


Do you know what’s the strategy for getting back curly hair after straightening it too much?

  •  Using hair products that are made with certain ingredients.  I’ll tell you what those ingredients are soon.
  • Washing your hair a specific way. Yes, you might not believe it, but if you wash your hair with this technique, you’re going to get your curls back faster.
  • And of course, forget about your straightener at least for a while.


woman thinking about stopping using the hair straightener

How long will it take to get your curls back?


Remember, I’m not here to give you a magic solution.

Even though it’s not going to be two or three days,  if you follow the plan I’m going to tell you about, you’ll get your curls back after a month. 

Do you want to fall in love with your curls again? Then let’s get started!

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Plan for getting curly hair back after straightening it too much

woman happy to get her curls back

Before we get down to work, I want to explain why it seems like your curly hair disappear because you’ve straightened it too much.

In order to straighten your hair, a flat iron emits heat. That heat eliminates your hair’s natural moisture. So,  if you straighten your hair too much, the curls start to disappear. 


But, a flat iron doesn’t permanently change your hair’s structure, because in order to do that you need a chemical reaction, like in a straight perm.


So, the first step for getting curly hair back is to pay special attention to how you wash your hair.

For two reasons:

  • You should use certain shampoos and conditioners.
  • You should change how you wash your hair.

Why is it important how you wash your hair to get your curly hair back?


Because when you wash your hair, it absorbs and retains water. And water moisturizes your hair, which will help get your natural hair back, especially those curls.

But, to make water work its magic, you have to help it. So,  you should use hair products that contain moisturizing ingredients. 


What are those moisturizing ingredients?

  • Hydrolyzed wheat protein
  • Hydrolyzed keratin
  • Hydrolyzed rice protein
  • Flax, coconut or argan oil.


Once you have your shampoo and conditioner, it’s time for the next step: how you wash your hair.

You need to do it in such a way that your hair can correctly absorb the moisturizing ingredients.


  • Let cool, almost cold water run over your hair for four minutes.
  •  Use the shampoo on the middle and ends of your hair , avoiding the roots.
  • Don’t gather all of your hair up to scrub it. Just softly rub the middle and ends of your hair, then massage your roots with your fingertips.
  • Rinse the shampoo then use the conditioner the same way, on the ends of your hair.
  • Leave it in your hair for five minutes, while massaging the ends of your hair with the palm of your hand.
  • Rinse the conditioner with cool, almost cold water.
  • Wrap your hair in a towel without rubbing it to get rid of the excess water.
  • Let your hair air dry.


If you wash your hair three times a week this way for a month, you’ll get your curls back.

But the plan for getting back your curly hair doesn’t end here. And that’s what I’m about to tell you more about.


Other tips for getting your curly hair back after straightening it too much

curly hair care after straightening

You know that in order to get your hair back, you need to use moisturizing hair products.

But, there’s more to the plan.


Use leave-in conditioner

moisturizes oily hair

This product helps moisturize your hair, and it also helps give your curls shape.

It’s important to choose leave-in conditioners that are creamy or mousse because that’s the consistency that will help you be able to form your curls with your fingers.

And, they don’t leave your hair feeling greasy and you can use them on wet or dry hair.


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Use a hydrating mask once a week

woman recovers curly hair

But you should choose a mask specifically made for curly hair that doesn’t contain silicon, which is a chemical that usually straightens hair.

 Use it once a week on wet hair from your roots to ends and leave it in for 20 minutes. 


Use a styling cream to shape your curls

Use it on wet hair the day you don’t use leave-in conditioner. You can choose the brand you like best and the consistency that’s easiest for you to use.

Don’t use a flat iron or a hair dryer

Because all these tools will do is get rid of the moisture in your hair and make you lose all the work you’re doing to get your curly hair back.

Lastly, avoid tying your hair up. Curly hair needs freedom and movement.



If you straightened your hair too much and you want to get your curly hair back, use super moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, wash your hair leaving the products in for five minutes and use a hydrating mask once a week.

And, of course, avoid flat irons and hair dryers.

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