What’s a digital perm and how much does it cost? Before and after results.

thick and straight hair

Whenever you start to hear about new hair treatments, my inbox gets flooded with questions about them.

The same thing happened to me with keratin, later with hair botox, and even with Olaplex.

Now it’s the digital perm’s turn.


Basically digital perms utilize heat, they’re for those who want beach style waves instead of corkscrews, they’re much more expensive, and they last approximately a year, instead of 6 months like other perms.


The most important difference is that digital perms utilize heat to change the internal structure of the hair and establish a pattern.

And that heat emanates from a machine they “plug” you into.

But Karina, are you crazy? How am I going to let myself get plugged into a machine?


It was a joke, girl.

Via a thermic device, you’ll receive heat, controlled completely by a digital timer.


 Another difference is the price. Get your wallet ready because digital perms are way more expensive than traditional perms. 

The cost can be around 300 to 400 dollars, depending on the city where you find yourself.


Or do you want corkscrew style curls?

Well then you should look into a different kind of perm, because a digital perm will only give you beach style waves.


The rest of the elements utilized, such as the perm solution, the rollers and the neutralizer, are exactly the same.

Do you want to know a little more about digital perms?


Then keep reading, because I’ll tell you:

  • What is a digital perm: on what kinds of hair can they be done, and on what kinds of hair would it never work in a million years
  • Pricing for digital perms
  • Akira’s experience: a digital perm before and after


Do you dream of having truly stunning curls?

Then the first thing is to figure out if a digital perm is for you.

Let’s take a look.


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What kinds of hair are best for a digital perm

Digital perms originally came from the Land of the Rising Sun, aka Japan.

Can you guess why they were developed there?


I’m going to help you think through it with three options.

  1. The Japanese invest a lot in technology
  2. The Japanese pass their time inventing new devices
  3. Asian women’s hair is very difficult to curl

Which do you think is the correct answer?


Even though it’s true that the Japanese invest a lot in technology, such as the first portable machine for electrocardiograms, invented in 1973, and, in recent history, the famous emojis, the correct answer is C.



 Yes, Asian women’s hair is so thick and straight, that it’s very complicated to perm. 


Cold perms, the kind we know from the 80’s, don’t use heat in the process.

Whereas, if a Japanese woman got one of these perms, within just a few days the curls would start to disappear.

Because, to break up the internal structure of this kind of hair and change its pattern, it’s necessary to activate the perm solution with heat.


 In addition, another big difference with digital perms, is that the curls you get have a look that’s much more natural, like soft ocean waves. 

Furthermore, the stylist maintains much more precise control over the measurement of the chemicals, since the heating equipment you’re “plugged into,” or that you’re hair is connected to, is continuously scanning the effects of those chemicals.

All that being said, it would seem that the digital perm is an invention that would be a fantastic solution for all those women who desire gentle waves.

But that’s not the case.


You’ll only be able to get a digital perm if:

  • Your hair is totally healthy. If you’ve recently dyed or bleached it, you can forget about getting a digital perm.
  • Furthermore, your hair needs to be thick, because due to the heat and the chemicals, your hair will go through a lot more.


Consequently, finer or weaker hair could end up becoming brittle.

Moreover, you’ll have to be willing to invest considerably more dollars into the maintenance of your hair.

Can you guess why?


Because, by using heat, the most likely outcome if you’re not applying the appropriate hair products after getting your perm, will be the dreaded frizz.

 Therefore, I recommend digital perms to those women who have thick, healthy hair, who want waves instead of pronounced curls, and who’re willing to follow a strict capillary care regimen. 

So, in the end, how much will you end up paying for a digital perm?


That’s exactly what I’m about to tell you.


Pricing for a digital perm

dark base and light highlights

Like I told you at the beginning, a digital perm costs approximately between 300 and 400 dollars.


 But this will always depend on the city where you find yourself in. Besides, it’s not that easy to find a salon with the right equipment available or the personnel trained to use it. 

This is what drives the price up so much for these kinds of perms.


But the other thing is that you’ll spend much more on hair products.

Because you should use specific products, and if you want your curls to last a lot longer, they ought to be high quality. Which of course will usually be more expensive.


You might think that after getting a perm, you’ll never have to take care of your hair again. But in reality that’s just not the case.

Because you could actually end up with more frizz in the following weeks after getting a digital perm, due to the thermal treatment and restructuring.


It’s important to treat your hair with products that increase keratin to make your new curls shine. You should also use anti-frizz creams and a high quality shampoo and conditioner to give your new curls a little more love.

The length of your hair also influences the price: the longer your hair, the more expensive the digital perm.


Want to hear Akira’s testimonial?


Akira got herself a digital perm 6 months ago.

I asked her to write me, to share her experience. And so I’ll let her tell you, because there’s nothing better than first hand experience, don’t you think?


Akira’s Testimonial: a digital perm before and after

“Hi Karina. Thank you for inviting me to share my experience with my digital perm.


In my case, it truly was a before and after transformation.

 I went to the hair salon, because I was sick of using a curling iron every single day to get more or less defined curls. 

I even had the chance to try to give myself a wave perm once, but it didn’t even last a month.


My hair is very thick and very, very straight. I’ve had straight hair my whole life, and frankly I was just bored of it.

My thick hair automatically goes back to being straight as iron, no matter how I try to brush it.


When you advised me to get a digital perm, I had my doubts. It really is an expensive treatment, and I didn’t think it’d give me the results I wanted.

But, thanks to your advice, today I’m relishing in the fact that I have some healthy, defined waves, without the need to use a curling iron anymore.


 For approximately an hour, I was connected to a machine similar to that in the movie, “The Matrix.” This was the most uncomfortable part of the process, because apart from the heat, the rollers felt like they weighed a ton. 

Yet just as you warned, for the first fifteen days, there was a little frizz, which I was able to control thanks to the hydrating creams you recommended.


I also followed your advice to not use shampoos that contained even a bit of sulfates.

Is it worth the cost?


As a person who’s had straight hair her whole life, a digital perm is a nice change of pace and a lot easier to maintain than I had thought.

As for me, I’ll do it again in a few months.”


I think now you can decide if a digital perm is for you or not.

Had you heard talk of digital perms before?

Would you dare to use this novel technique to curl your hair?


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