5 Myths and truths about washing your hair after getting a perm

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Did you get a perm done?

Do you want to know when you can wash your hair?


Here, I’ll tell you everything you should and shouldn’t do to your hair if you’ve done a perm.

We are going to reveal 5 myths.

  • To wash your hair after a perm you have to wait 48 hours.
  • To wash your perm you can use any shampoo.
  • Hair with a perm doesn’t need moisturizing beyond washing it
  • The hair dryer can ruin the perm
  • To brush your perm, you can use any brush or comb that you have on hand


 Before revealing if these myths are true or false, let me tell you a bit about my experience. 


After doing the perm, I started to feel like a ball without a chain, going from here to there, looking for aftercare information.

It’s just that no one wants to throw four hundred dollars away and much less me, because it took a lot for me to get that money together, including turning down seeing my idol, Luis Miguel, in concert.

Forgive me, Luismi, a girl also has to worry about her appearance.

wait 48 hours to wash the hair

I felt like when I was a teenager, and I asked some existential questions to my parents.

My dad said white, and my mom said black.

Meaning I got stuck in a cloud of gray that ended up with more doubts than certainties.


The same thing happened to me with information about perm aftercare.

In others, no.


 On some blogs, I read that you can dry your hair immediately after washing it, on others, they practically made the sign of the cross if you did it.  

But I wasn’t going to give up easily. So I kept looking, and I concluded that there were other myths about washing your hair after a perm.


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Myths that in some cases were based on reality, and in others, they are just that, myths. As mythological as Thor, the Scandinavian God that’s as handsome as the actor Chris Hemsworth.


That’s why you can stop rambling around in those trepid waters of doubts. You won’t have to spend hours reading unending articles online and watching boring tutorials on YouTube, where everything always seems perfect.


That’s another myth. Not all YouTube tutorials are gold. Some don’t even end with happy smiles.

Today I’m going after all of them, and I’m ready to make or break the myths about washing hair after doing a perm.


Today, I invite you to leave the mythology to the gods and goddesses of Olympus, and let’s dive into the real truths. At least all those that have to do with washing after getting divine curls with a perm.

Should we get started?


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To wash your hair after the perm, you have to wait 48 hours: truth or myth?

Absolutely TRUE.

Now, you can always do what you want.

But let me tell you something.


 If you wash your hair before the first 48 hours after doing the perm, you’re simply erasing what the stylist did at the salon.  

Do you know why?


Because the chemicals continue to act on the hair’s internal part, that part you don’t see but still exists.

So, if you wash your hair before it’s recommended, you could expose your curls to frizz.


You will also be damaging the form of your curls that you chose together with your stylist.

Meaning, that your perfectly defined curls could end up being weird-shaped like miki moco, do you remember?

I imagine so because of your grossed-out face.


To wash your permed hair, you can use any shampoo: truth or myth?

perfect for permed hair

Great shampoo and conditioner to wash permed hair, check price on Amazon


What do you think?


Let’s see, let’s take this calmly.

If you have very light skin, what level spf do you use at the beach? The highest? Like spf 50, right?

If you have darker skin, you can use a lesser spf, like 30 or 40.


 With your permed hair, the same thing happens. Your needs will be completely different from the ones you used with straight hair. 

Of course, it is an absolute lie that you can continue using the same shampoos and conditioners as always.

That’s why you must use products specifically for curly hair, especially for washing.


Once you do the perm, you will notice that your hair will always need moisture.

You’ll be like a lost traveler in the desert looking for an oasis.


And your oasis will be sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners and those specifically designed for curly hair.


Because remember that any hair process, including a perm, is essentially, damage to the hair.

The only way to revert the damage and care for your curls so that you get the health back to your hair is by conditioning it.


Permed hair doesn’t need moisturizing beyond washing

moisturize hair before bleaching

Myth or truth?


What do you mean truth?


Did you not read the previous point?

And what did we talk about there?


That your curls will be thirsty twenty-four hours a day.

 That’s why you always have to do a deep moisturizing treatment, even if it’s one or two days a week after washing. 


Your hair suffers a lot of protean damage when you do a perm. This is due to each hair fiber rupturing and forming protein bonds that give the curls shape.

To help repair this damage, you should nourish your hair with protein treatments.

Do you want to know which one I use?


After washing my hair, once a week, I apply Olaplex repairing treatment, which helps restore the hair’s natural moisture and strengthen it.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to, you can always make your protein mask.


It’s not that difficult. You simply will need an egg and two cups of yogurt.

Mix it well, and apply it to your curls, letting it sit for thirty minutes.

Once the time passes, simply rinse with warm water, learning towards cold.


The hair dryer can ruin your perm

heat ruins the shape of the curls

Myth or truth?


Well, here I’m in a tight spot, just one more in life.

Because we could say that it isn’t completely true nor completely false.

And well, gray areas exist even for permed hair.


It’s true because heat is enemy number one for curly hair. After all, it tends to cause more frizz.

Now, what happens if one day you have a meeting and after you wash your curls, you can’t wait for your hair to air dry, naturally?


 On these occasions, and I emphasize this, just on these exceptional occasions, you can use the hairdryer, but with a diffuser

Do you know why?


Because the diffuser, as the name suggests, prevents you from applying the heat directly to your curls. It’s as if you distributed it more evenly.

Remember that you should always dry your hair from top to bottom, not to mess up the curls’ form.


It’s also important that you buy a microfiber towel, to wrap your hair after wetting it. This way, you will protect the shampoo of the curls and prevent breakage.


To brush your perm, you can use any comb or brush that you have on hand

avoid frizz

Myth or truth?


Please tell me that you have thrown out your old hard-bristle brushes! No?


Then run and do it now.

Because that is an absolute lie.

You can’t detangle wet hair with any brush.


 You will need a wide-toothed comb, always starting at the ends and not at the roots to prevent knots from forming.  


Surely you will use some combing cream for your curls.

After washing your hair and drying it with a microfiber towel, it’s time to apply it.

Once your hair has dried, check the hair and get rid of the biggest knots with the wide-toothed comb.

Also, run your fingers through your wet hair. This will help you reactivate the products in your hair, which will help define your curls even more.


Now, you know all the myths and the ones that you shouldn’t pay any attention to.

But you also know what you should do after washing your hair.

And don’t wander through unknown territories of ignorance and your curls will be thankful.

Do you know any other myth relative to perms?

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