How much tea tree oil should you add to shampoo for lice?

has lice

A few months ago, my son came home from school with lice. How terrible!

Since I didn’t have lice-killing shampoo on hand, I started looking online for alternatives and I found the one that seemed the best, mixing tea tree oil in shampoo.


This idea convinced me because they were two things that I had on hand at home.

I had barely started working on it when a question popped up: how many drops of tea tree oil should you add to shampoo to kill lice? Is the same if I add 10 drops and half a bottle of the oil?


Well, now I’m going to tell you what I did and later, I’ll tell you what results I got.

What I did was add 3 drops of tea tree oil for every 30 mL of shampoo. Then I let the mixture sit on my son’s head for a half an hour.

Do you want to know what results we got?

Do you want to know if we were finally able to get rid of those horrible ice?


Now, I’ll tell you.

But first, let me tell you the details that are very important for this tea remedy to give you results:

  • What exact amount of tea tree oil you should pour into the shampoo
  • How long you should leave the mixture on your hair for it to work
  • Which shampoo is best to get the best results.


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The terror of all mothers: lice

proportions to kill lice

When Pablito got home from school and didn’t stop scratching his head, my mom alert went off.

All mothers have to deal with the lice problem at least once in their lives, but since I hadn’t experienced it yet, I certainly wasn’t prepared.

When I found a possible solution with the tea tree oil, I started in on fighting off those unpleasant intruders in my son’s hair.


  • At the moment that I prepared the mixture, I wasn’t sure how much oil to use, so I added 10 drops to my son’s shampoo bottle, which was practically new, and I shook it well.
  • Since I had read that the tea tree oil is pretty strong and shouldn’t be used alone nor directly on the scalp, it seemed like a good amount.
  • With this mixture, I washed my son’s hair as I normally do, hoping to get rid of those bugs as soon as possible.


To my surprise, the results weren’t as I expected.

The process that I used was bad, but that wasn’t the only mistake that I made.
My measurements were also bad.


What is the exact amount of tea tree oil that you should use in the shampoo?

That same afternoon, I called my mother to tell her what had happened. When you are a first-time mom, there’s no better Google than our own mother, am I right?

To my surprise, my mother had used this remedy before. Yes, on my own head when I was small, so she knew the exact measurement to kill the lice.


After explaining to me that 10 drops wasn’t enough for the amount of shampoo that I had used, she gave me one of the most important pieces of information.


 Her exact words were, “It’s 3 drops of tea tree oil for every 30mL of shampoo.”  


Now we have the biggest dilemma resolved. We know how much oil and how much shampoo to mix. We are going to start with the aim.

  • 3 drops of tea tree oil
  • 30mL of shampoo


If you don’t have a scale on hand, don’t worry, 30mL of shampoo is more or less that normal amount that you use to completely wash your hair.


It seems like we have everything that we need, but one aspect that we need to keep in mind so that our remedy is infallible still escapes us: Can you use any type of shampoo?


What is the best shampoo to get the best results?

Now, there’s another little detail that marks the difference if you finally want to get rid of lice. You shouldn’t use just any shampoo for this mixture. That’s what I discovered thanks to the recommendation of a mother of my son’s friend.


When we heard that you should mix the shampoo with tea tree oil, we weren’t very careful about what shampoo to use, because we immediately though in the shampoo that we usually use.

 If the shampoo that you use doesn’t have a smell nor artificial colorants then it is perfect for the mixture. If not, it’s best that you get one.  


For our remedy to get rid of the lice, what we are looking for is a substance that we can use to mix the tea tree oil so that you don’t apply it directly to the scalp.

It should be a substance that helps us clean our hair, but that doesn’t strip out the properties that the tea tree oil provides. A shampoo with smell or strong colorants is counterproductive.


It’s not difficult to find a shampoo without smell nor artificial colorants. A neutral shampoo or 100% natural and ecological is your best option.

When it comes to tea tree oil, it is also important to use one that is good quality. I always have one in my house that is a brand called Art Naturals. I recommend it to you with my eyes closed.

Very well, now that you know the exact measurements and what shampoo to use to prepare the mixture.

The most important part was left.

Apply the mixture again to my son’s head to see if it worked.


How much time should you leave the mixture in the hair so that it works well?

I already knew that washing the hair how I normally washed it was incorrect, so after preparing the mixture, I started to investigate how to correctly apply it to get rid of the lice.


  • Once you apply the shampoo mixture with tea tree oil , massage the scalp and cover your whole head with a shower cap for 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, rinse the hair, detangle it with a normal comb and then use a special comb for lice two or three times per piece of hair.


Results: Could we get rid of the lice?

Now, we are going to move on to the most important part. Did I get rid of the lice in my son’s hair? Did this remedy work against lice?


  • The tea tree oil worked marvelously. After applying the mixture correctly, I was able to finish of Pablito’s lice problem.
  • After that, what I did was get them out with the help of a special comb for lice and nits (the metal ones are infallible).
  • I repeated this process three days in a row on my son’s head to be sure that there wasn’t a single lice or nit left.
  • And I continue to use this remedy at least once a month to prevent them from coming back, because tea tree oil doesn’t just kill lice, but it also keeps them away.


This alternative to kill lice is a great option, very easy to get and apply, and it doesn’t use pesticides.

Having lice is very unpleasant, so the faster you can finish them off, the better. I hope that my experience has helped resolve some of your doubts.


This was the story of a battle of one mother against lice. If I could do it, you can also be victorious.

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