How to relax a perm that is too curly (yes, you can still have the curls you want!)

loosen the curls

  • To relax a perm that is too curly, you have to start by washing your hair. Yes, wash your hair even if you permed it less than 48 hours ago.
  • After that first wash, you should take care of your hair with specific products to moisturize your hair. They’ll make your curls relax.
  • You should also add styling products to your hair care routine. They’ll help you shape your curls.


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Have you permed your hair,  and it’s too tight?


This is very common and usually happens when the curlers used are not the right ones.

Each curl style has its own type of curlers or boomerangs.  And when the perm is too tight, it’s because the choice of that curling iron failed. 


I’m going to show you some ways to help to relax or “loosen” that curl that is too tight.

Don’t despair because, over time, your perm will relax anyway.


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If you want to relax your perm, wash your hair now, yes now!

lighten her hair

If you permed your hair less than 48 hours ago, wash your hair right now. Then, continue reading the rest of the article.


If you got your perm less than 48 hours ago,  you’re just in time to take an important step to loosen up those tight curls. 

Do you know why you should wash your hair less than 48 hours before?


Because you should wait for 48 hours to wash your head after a perm. And that’s the time the curling chemicals need in your hair to finish stabilizing or locking in.

If you washed your hair sooner, you’d be shortening the time. So, some of the chemicals will go down the sink.


It doesn’t mean that your perm will be completely gone or ruined. The idea is to relax that tight curl.

 So, chances are that if you manage to wash your hair less than 48 hours after getting the perm, it’ll loosen up.  

On the other hand, if more than 48 hours have already passed, don’t be distressed. There are other options to relax your perm, and I’ll show them to you below.


Curls products have evolved surprisingly.

And the main reason is that women with curls are very demanding when it comes to styling their hair. Even more so when it comes to permed curls. These curls tend to have a much more open cuticle and consequently, suffer from frizz much more than other hair.

Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge, women with curls don’t give them the specific care they need.


3-step routine to loosen perms

for permed hair

As I told you, to loosen an overly curly perm, the curl has to be well cared for.

This will depend on how well hydrated your hair is.


Remember that  hydration will make your curl behave the way you want it to. You’ll also be able to give it the shape and volume you want. 

I’m going to teach you a three-step routine to help you relax your perm.


To de-tangle your permed curly hair, you’ll need to start with the wash.

  • So, the first step will be to wash your hair with a special shampoo for curls or low shampoo, if you can buy one.
  • The second step is to apply conditioner from the ears down and with downward movements, massaging your hair.
  • The third super important step is to always have a wide-toothed comb at hand. Have it in the shower area to help relax the curls of the perm. Conditioner on wet hair will help to detangle your curls. Once your hair is perfectly detangled, you can rinse out the conditioner.


Add a nourishing curl mask to this daily care routine and apply it once a week.


The most important thing to know is that once your hair is well-nourished and moisturized, the perm relaxes and opens up. This happens when the hair is well cared for. On the other hand, dehydrated hair becomes frizzy and the curl looks even more coiled.

Avoid combing your perm dry because it’ll only inflate and frizz your hair.


Styling products will be your best allies to complete the care of your perm

products to relax curls

You are already one step away from loosening your perm.

Your hair is nourished and well cared for. Also, you know that you shouldn’t comb it dry.

Instead, do it with conditioner and wet hair. But it doesn’t end there. You must have some styling products. Do you know what they are?


These products are used to create a type of curl and adapt it according to your look, the volume you want, the occasion and of course, the weather.

  • If your hair is fine, I recommend using wave texturizers like Schwarzkopf’s Mad About Waves. This will open and define your hair.
  • If your hair is thicker, you can use a thicker texture like the same brand’s styling cream. The weight of the cream will help to relax the curls.



Relaxing a perm is not impossible, but it does require some care. You should not skip any of these steps. It would be no use if you wash your hair and style in the shower with conditioner but then forget the styling product. All steps are equally important if you want to relax your perm.

Remember the next time you repeat your perm, talk to your stylist about your choice of curl shape so you don’t have to worry about it again.

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