5 Best Moisturizers for Bald Head: lotions, gels, and more products

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Is your head shaved or are you bald and you want to know how to moisturize it?


Then you are in the right place, because I understand perfectly your need to moisturize your head.

It’s not a simple matter of esthetics.

Yes, I already knew that!


People think that when you don’t have hair on your head, you are free of hair problems.

If they knew the truth …

I discovered it slowly.


When I was thirty, I started to notice receding hairlines, I thought I was going to die. It’s not for nothing, but flirting isn’t just for women.

The hair loss continued, and with it, desperation.


And I know what you are thinking. That there are different treatments to stop hair loss.

Bu I’m not patient nor consistent enough to apply special tonics, waiting for that miraculous fuzz to appear.

I also don’t have a swollen bank account to spend five thousand dollars for a hair graph.

What solution did I find?



Have you heard the list of the sexiest men in Hollywood?


If Jason Statham or Vin Diesel could be irresistible men with shaved heads, I could do it too.

But I didn’t think of a few problems.


 Like that my hair-free scalp was exposed to the elements of the environment, like sun, cold, and even pollution.  

For moments, I felt like my head itched horribly, like I had lice.

But to have lice, you have to have hair, right?


Scratching only damaged and irritated my scalp more.

But something worse was waiting for me, acne! Yes, even if you don’t believe it, it exists.


Scalp acne differs slightly from the acne you develop during puberty because it forms when your hair follicles are obstructed, causing horrible red bumps.

So, not only did I suffer from a horrible itch on my scalp, but I also had horrible red pimples, to the point where I scared myself when I looked in the mirror.

And as if that weren’t enough, I started to have dandruff. Can you believe it?


A bald person with dandruff.

And in the summer time, the sun rays basically singed my poor scalp.

Do you know why all of this happened?


Lack of moisturization.

 My scalp was screaming for moisturization, and I was going along with life thinking that because I was bald, my hair care was a thing of the past.  

But I was wrong.


Keeping a bald head healthy and attractive requires time and attention.

If you don’t care for your scalp, you’ll only end up with a rash, acne and dandruff.


That’s why, to keep your bald head properly moisturized, you need to use creams, lotions and other products, that I discovered, to finish off the dryness of my scalp.

And in the end, you can have a shiny, healthy, and moisturized scalp that today, Vin Diesel would be envious of.

Do you want to know how I did it?


Keep reading because today, I’ll tell you:

  • The best moisturizing creams for bald heads
  • Other products to moisturize your bald scalp
  • Easy tips to care for your bald head


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Do you want to be a part of the list of the sexiest bald men in your city? Or will you continue to show off your dull, bald head that’s full of pimples?


7 best creams, lotions, and gels for bald heads

Like I said before, in order for your hair to look absolutely healthy, you need to hydrate it.

For this, you should use creams specifically made to achieve this.


These are the creams and lotions that I use interchangeably, and that made my head look shiny and healthy, as well as feel smooth and soft, free of pimples and dandruff.


Fast-acting moisturizers to relieve itchiness and redness

calm irritation and dryness

Do you remember that I told you that I had moments that I couldn’t stand the itchiness?


And because of that damned itchiness, I didn’t stop scratching and hurting my scalp.

Thanks to this moisturizer, I was able to stop scratching and hurting my head.


I started using this cream twice a day, because at the time that I bought it, it seemed like I had fish scales on my head because of scratching so much.

I applied it when I woke up, massaging it in circle motions and before going to bed.

In ten days, my scalp was brand new. There was no sign of scales nor that unbearable itching.

As if that weren’t enough, when I shaved, I also applied it, which made the skin on my face feel it too.


Moisturizer for after you shave (especially designed for your scalp)

after shaving

One of the best benefits of this product is that due to its light consistency, it doesn’t block the pores on your scalp.

In this way, I was able to finish off those in-grown hairs, which also produce itchiness.

Also, it has sun filters, so in the summer, I moisturized my scalp and protected it from burns from the sun rays.

And something very important for those of us that watch our finances: a small amount goes a long way, so the quality/price relation is more than satisfactory.


Moisturizer to make your head shiny and prevent those pesky pimples

Brightens the head

This is a good moisturizer if you prefer to not have your head very shiny, since one of its benefits is that it acts to control the shine.

What I noticed at the start of using it is that it immediately calmed the itchy feeling that started with the appearance of a rash or acne.


Moisturizer and sun protection for bald heads


Do you like to feel fresh during the summer?


Then this is the ideal cream for you.

This product, with a somewhat thick consistency, protects your scalp from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and keeps it moisturized all day.

In addition, if you are sensitive to smells, this cream has a soft floral smell that disappears in a few minutes.

I use it applying a thin layer of the product on my hair and face once a day.


Anti-Shine Gel

removes excess sebum

If you are one of those that doesn’t like to attract attention to your shiny head, this controls the excess oil and perspiration on contact while absorbing the shine.

I suggest this product to those that don’t like to smear their hands with products that have a creamy consistency.


Gel to calm scalp irritation

calms irritation of the scalp

This gel helped me calm my skin irritation, relieved the itchiness and improved the look of my dry scalp and also worked on the face.

In addition, it doesn’t leave an oily residue.

The gel formula isn’t strong, so you can apply it as many times as you need during the day.


Refreshing wipes to combat greasiness and dandruff

Heat makes our scalp produce an excess of oil which can transform into bacteria and dandruff.

I discovered that refreshing wipes keep my scalp bacteria free and also, they are very easy to cart around in the pocket of my backpack or pants.

And as if that weren’t enough, they are especially made for sensitive skin.


Shampoos and other ways of caring for your bald head

Are you one of those that thinks being bald means that you’ll never need to use shampoo?


That couldn’t be further from the truth.

 You not only need to use shampoo, but you will need to use sulfate- and parabens-free shampoo. 

Because these shampoos prevent your scalp from drying out, making room for your skin to peel and irritation.


As you well know, bald men need to shave our heads regularly.

Use some type of oil before shaving your head, because most of them contain vitamin E which smooths the hair follicles to provide a much more comfortable shave.


Now you know what products to use to keep your shaved head shiny, healthy and moisturized.

Do you know of any other product for that absolutely sexy, bald look?

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