Why does my face look different after a haircut?

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If you think your face looks different after cutting your hair, it may be for one of these reasons:

  • Reason 1: All changes imply renewal. Sometimes change is difficult to assimilate.
  • Reason 2: Some haircuts create a sense of freshness and movement, while others make your face look stiff. What did your haircut do for you?
  • Reason 3: Your haircut influences your mood. And, depending on how you feel, you’ll look different in the mirror.
  • Reason 4: External influence: how much you are affected by what others think of you.


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Were you wondering why your face looks different after a haircut?


Welcome to the world of renewal! This question  is a classic in hairdressing salons. 

Your hair frames your face. So there are several reasons why you look different each time you cut your hair.

In this article, we’ll look at these reasons one by one.

Let’s go!


Reason 1: All changes imply renewal, and sometimes change is hard to take

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Getting a haircut is a decision that can be either routine or an adventure.

You don’t always cut your hair the same way.  Sometimes, you just cut it for the simple reason that it grew out , nothing more.

It’s just something you have to get done.


On the other hand, what if you decide to embark on an adventure and make a change? Your hairdresser can help you with new ideas, show you modern haircuts, or simply listen to you carefully. Then,  your new haircut will be a big change. 

That change will be a renewal of yourself. And  your face will get a new, different look . It will change how you look at things, including your image in the mirror.


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Reason 2: Some cuts create a sense of freshness and movement, while others make your face look stiff. What does your haircut do for you?

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Straight haircuts give the impression of a fuller head of hair. They provide a defined line to your face.


On the other hand, fade or layered cuts  give you a looser, more natural look. 

Your hair’s volume also contributes to this look and brings that air of freedom of movement.


This is  the change responsible for making your face look different. 

Of course, your mirror will transmit that look to you. You’ll look renewed and feel different.


Reason 3: Your haircut influences your mood. Depending on how you feel, you’ll look different in the mirror

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If you get a bad haircut, or much worse, a bad fridge cut,  the apocalypse will look like a children’s party compared to your mood. 

Hair acts on your mood and vice versa; your attitude influences your hair.

I used to laugh at my hairdressing teacher when she used to tell us that “hair is the reflection of the soul,” but over time, I learned that it was true…


When it’s my turn to style a bride’s hair or someone happy, their hair is docile, shiny, and beautiful.

On the other hand, when a person is going through depression, a severe health problem, or something similar,  their hair becomes almost uncontrollable:  sticky, dull, and flat.


Think for a moment if this might be what’s happening to you.

You’ll find that  when everything calms down in your life, your hair will become more pliable , and your new haircut will look better.

Also, many people cut their hair when they’re going through a crisis. But this may not be the best choice.


Reason 4: External influence: how much are you affected by what other people think?

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The influence of others is one of the most powerful factors that  make your face look different after a haircut. 

“What a great look!”, “Wow, how mind-blowing is that haircut!”, “How great those bangs suit you; they make you look younger!”

These are phrases that  make you feel like a Hollywood star. 


On the other hand: “My God, why did you cut your hair like that?” “Who did that to you?” “Put the hairdresser on trial!”, are  phrases that will make you want to break all the mirrors in your house. 

So how do you choose a haircut?


If you have high self-esteem you likely choose your look regardless of what others think. Outside influences won’t change your mind and  your face will look great with the new cut. 


But if you have low self-esteem,  any negative comments will be destructive to you : you’ll think your face is getting worse. You may even start to feel wrong about other things in your life.

My advice: surround yourself with those who love you and avoid harmful people.



As we’ve seen in this article, it’s normal to feel that your face looks different after every haircut.

Our responsibility as hairdressers is great since  the happiness or disappointment of our clients is in our hands. 

I hope I’ve helped you feel like a goddess with your new haircut – you deserve it!

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