How soon can you repeat keratin treatment? Short answer: it depends

straighten hair with iron

  • If you had a keratin treatment with formaldehyde at home, I recommend waiting for at least 3 months to repeat it. On the other hand, if it didn’t contain formaldehyde, you can repeat it after 45 days.
  • If you had a professional keratin treatment in a salon, you should wait for at least 6 months to repeat it.
  • Of course, these are general terms. The actual frequency of application will depend on the hair type, the care habits, and many other variables that I’ll describe below.


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As a stylist, I like to be as accurate as possible in communicating with my clients.

I understand that this minimizes the margin of error. Also, let’s be honest: when you ask a question, you expect the answer, and that’s it.


However, in this case, don’t expect me to give you a single answer to your question.

To know how soon you can repeat your keratin treatment, you’ll have to consider four questions that I’ll explain below.


1) The type of keratin used and where the treatment was performed.

2) Washing and hair care habits.

3) If your hair is fine or thick.

4) For what purpose you had the keratin treatment done.

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1) What type of keratin and where?

keratin treatment in salon

The time between keratin treatments won’t be the same depending on whether they had formaldehyde or not.

Alternatively, it’s not the same to consider keratin applied at home or by a professional.

Have you had, or do you plan to have keratin treatment at home?


 If that’s your case and that keratin contains some formaldehyde, you should wait for at least three months to repeat it. 

Never reapply it sooner than that.


Having said that, let me remind you of something. Although we have long known that formaldehyde is a harmful substance for hair health, it’s still used and marketed in hairdressing despite being banned in some countries.

In any case, remember that it’s only used in extreme cases, i.e. with super uncontrollable hair.


 However, if you applied formaldehyde-free keratin, you could repeat it no sooner than 45 days later. Only if it’s very urgent. 


Now that we have a rough idea about home keratins let’s discuss the deadlines for repeating the treatment with professional keratins at the salon.

 Those keratins are applied carefully. The advice is to repeat them no sooner than every six months. 

As they’re concentrated products, the time between treatments is quite long.


2) Let’s talk about your hair care habits

hair washing frequency

How often do you wash your hair in a week?


If you wash your hair every day, you’ll probably need to repeat your homemade keratin much sooner.

Remember I suggested 45 days to repeat it in urgent cases only?


You can repeat it sooner than that as long as they don’t contain formaldehyde in their formula.

Then, only if you wash your hair every day, you can repeat the keratin after 30 days.

Do me a favor and take this seriously: never do it before that.


Remember that you need to take care of the keratin treatment after application to avoid repeating it so often.


Are you wondering how to take care of your treatment?

Well, you can change some of your habits. I have put together a checklist for you. Take note:

  • Space out your hair washing frequency.
  • Use sulfate-free products (look on the label, darling). Better yet if you use specific care products for your hair type.
  • Blow-dry your hair at least twice a week. This will take even better care of your keratin treatment as many tend to be thermoactive (i.e. they are activated and extended by heat).


3) Is your hair fine or thick?

We agree that not all hair is the same. So, pay close attention to this point because your hair type could also affect the frequency.


As you may have noticed, it doesn't matter if you have straight hair or you’re Goldilocks.  What affects your keratin treatment is whether you have fine or thick hair. 


  • Is your hair as fine as an angel's? Then, you shouldn’t repeat the keratin before 45 days.

If your hair is not only fine but also damaged, you should add extra 15 days between treatments. In other words, you won’t be able to repeat the keratin treatment until after 60 days.


  • Is your hair so thick that your prince could use it to climb the highest castle tower? Well, you have an advantage there.

You can repeat the process more often. Thick hair - regardless of whether it's straight or curly - is much tougher.

Thick hair tends to be more difficult to tame. Therefore, you can repeat the keratin treatment after 30 days.


4) What was the purpose of the keratin treatment?

get rid of frizz

Maybe you wanted to reduce frizz, repair your hair, or control volume. That’s what most keratin treatments promise.

However, I’d like to know: Did you get the result you were looking for?


Since I don't know your answer, I would like to help you decide when you can repeat your keratin treatment.

We’ll use all the information I gave you before to evaluate some options:


  • Do you want to repeat it because you were delighted with the result of the first treatment and you want your hair to look gorgeous again?

Excellent! Just respect the times I told you before to repeat your keratin treatment.


  • Do you want to repeat the treatment because you feel you need a little more product? It usually happens with thick hair.

That's fine. Repeat the treatment respecting the suggested times for thick hair.


 My best advice is to buy another keratin brand or visit another salon.  However, if your hair is seriously damaged, you should nourish it first. Then, you can do the keratin treatment again.


As you can see, there isn’t a single answer to how soon you can repeat keratin treatments.

However, I’m sure that with the information this hairdresser friend has given you, you’ll be able to decide how soon to repeat the keratin treatment. I trust you, you’ll do great.

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