Is keratin treatment good for hair loss? Short answer: No!

hair loss and keratin treatment

  • A keratin treatment won’t help you with your hair loss problem.
  • What you should do is visit a dermatologist to diagnose the causes of your hair loss problem. Then, the doctor can recommend the best treatment.
  • However, getting a keratin treatment if your hair is falling out makes no sense. It would only mask the real problem. Or worse, the treatment could make the hair loss problem more visible. By flattening your hair, the areas with fewer hairs on your head would be more visible.


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A keratin treatment is one of the most used treatments in and out of the salon. It can be applied at home without spending a fortune and without the help of a professional.

It’s available to everyone and in addition to being fashionable,  it’s effective in improving almost all hair types. 


However, beware.

When it comes to hair loss, a keratin treatment isn’t the most advisable resource. Below, I’ll tell you why.


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Why doesn’t keratin work for hair loss?

keratin treatment in salon

When I was in my teens, I had a rather dark spot on my face. For years, I wore it in the center of my cheek. It was my companion.

Even though I put makeup on it and tried to cover it up with every concealer I could find, it was more or less visible sometimes.

Would you believe me if I told you that it took me years to go to the dermatologist?


One day, I finally decided to solve my discomfort. Now, I don’t have to think about how to cover it up because you can hardly see the spot on my face anymore.

Why do you think I told you this?


 Because keratin a treatment for hair loss would work just like concealers did on my face. 


Keratin would conceal your hair, but it wouldn’t solve the underlying problem, which is hair loss.

In other words, your hair might look nicer, but you’d only be concealing it with makeup. If you don’t attack the cause, your hair will continue to fall out.


How does a keratin treatment work?

A keratin treatment is used to improve hair and reduce frizz, but it works on the hair cuticle.

In case you don’t know, the cuticle is the most superficial part of the hair. It’s made up of many scales that can open and close. They reflect hair health.


  • For example, when those scales are open, the hair looks duller, porous, and frizzy.
  • On the other hand, when these scales are closed, the hair looks tame, shiny, and frizz-free.


The keratin treatment is mainly responsible for closing and sealing those scales for a long time.

 In other words, it acts at a superficial level of the hair. In contrast, the problem of hair loss is organic and must be studied from within.  

Is your hair falling out?


Then, a keratin treatment would work just like makeup. It wouldn’t help you stop hair loss.


Now that you know how a keratin treatment works and what it’s used for, I’ll tell you why I don’t recommend this treatment when you have hair loss.


If your hair is falling out, I don’t recommend keratin

keratin treatment on colored hair

Do you remember that keratin reduces frizz and closes the hair scales?


Then, after a keratin treatment, your hair would be frizz-free. It’d also look much tamer and relaxed.

That means it would be flatter and with less volume.

 That way, the hair loss would be much more noticeable. When you lose volume, the gaps in your scalp would be even more visible. 


Needless to say, no one wants their hair loss to be noticeable. Therefore, I don’t recommend a keratin treatment if you’re in this situation.


 The best for you in this case is to ask a dermatologist.  They’re specialists in treating these cases.

Calm down. You shouldn’t be alarmed. It may be temporary and much simpler than you think.

I hope and pray that it doesn’t take you years to find a solution to your problem, as it happened with my cheek spot.


What treatments might work for hair loss?

hair washing frequency

As I said before, the first thing you should do is make an appointment with a dermatologist. However, here are some tricks that may be useful.



  • Gently comb your hair. Don’t be rough with your hair and avoid ponytails or overly tight hairstyles.


  • Don’t dye or bleach your hair, and don’t use heat tools of any kind. They could further damage the hair and thus enhance the hair loss problem.


  • Before the appointment with the dermatologist, you could resort to specific anti-hair loss shampoos.

They stop hair loss. Almost every hair product brand has one.

I recommend the following anti-hair loss shampoos because I know them. I know they work and they’re excellent:


  • Bain Kerastase génesis.This line of shampoo is for two types of hair: dry or fine and greasy
  • Vichy Dercos anti-hair loss stimulating shampoo
  • Klorane quinine fortifying shampoo


Any hair loss shampoo will do until you start a thorough treatment with your dermatologist and maybe even afterward.

This would be a great investment. It would be the first thing you can do to start taking care of your hair loss problem.

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