How to stop hair fall after keratin treatment? A foolproof 4-step plan

weakened and falling hair after keratin

  • If you have no doubt that your hair loss started after applying keratin, you should start a plan to stop it.
  • The first thing you have to do is to trim the damaged ends because they weaken the hair.
  • Then, you should include some nourishing and repairing treatments like Olaplex shampoo and conditioner and serum with biotin. I’ll tell you how to use them later.
  • Finally, don’t tie your hair back to avoid breakage. Also, allow the scalp to breathe and don’t abuse heat tools.


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Does your hair fall out after a keratin treatment?


I know that right now, all you can think about is stopping hair loss.

To find the best solution, you need to think about whether keratin is the cause of hair loss.

 I mean, are you sure that the keratin treatment is the cause of your hair starting to fall out?  It’s not uncommon for hair to fall naturally.


Usually, hair loss actually starts before the keratin treatment.

Then, if the keratin treatment wasn’t the correct one or wasn’t applied correctly, the hair loss could worsen.

So, I ask you to put your anxiety or despair aside. At this point, I want you to do a memory exercise.


Try to remember the days before you applied keratin to your hair. Focus on that.


  • When you woke up, did you notice many hairs on your pillowcase?
  • When you washed your hair, did you notice many hairs in the bathtub?
  • When you untangled your hair, were there a lot of hairs caught in the brush?


 If the answer to two or more of these questions is yes, you should look for the causes of hair loss in other issues. In that case, keratin has nothing to do with it. 

In that case, the reason for the hair loss may be a hormonal imbalance in your body due to a genetic problem, stress, diet, etc.

If so, I recommend asking a dermatologist to reach a diagnosis and treatment.


hair loss by strands

However, if you didn’t suffer from hair loss before keratin, something may have happened during the treatment that weakened your hair to the point of causing hair loss.

So, are you willing to do everything I’m going to tell you to stop the hair loss caused by keratin?

Shall I take your word for it?


Let’s start with the first step, and remember your promise.

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The first thing you should do to stop hair loss after applying keratin is to trim the ends

damaged ends after keratin

Remember that you promised to follow all my instructions. The first one is to remove the most damaged parts of your hair, which are the ends.

Actually, those damaged ends will eventually break off anyway, and hair loss will follow.


Cutting the ends will strengthen your hair, and that’s what you need.

The more you keep damaged ends, the more moisture your hair will lose. And dehydrated hair is hair doomed to breakage and loss.


Think about it: you can either trim those two inches of damaged ends or keep them. If you do the latter, you’ll lose hair every time you comb, wash your hair, or even sleep.

Good for you. You’ve made a wise decision if you went for the scissors.

Now, let’s go to the second step.


After keratin, if you’re suffering from hair loss, you need to change the products you use

for colored hair

You should invest in Olaplex 4 and 5, which are the shampoo and conditioner. They contain amino acids that will stop hair loss.

What’s more, the entire Olaplex line works by repairing the hair from the core to the outermost layers.

How to use them?


  • Wet your hair, apply the Olaplex 4 shampoo, and massage your hair with the foam.
  • Leave it on for at least three minutes, rinse with plenty of warm water, and apply Olaplex 5 conditioner from roots to ends.
  • Leave it on for 5 to 7 minutes, rinse, and let your hair air dry.


In addition to using Olaplex, you can include biotin to stimulate hair growth after keratin.

Biotin is one of the vitamins that contribute to hair growth. You can find it in pills or serum.


Now, if you want to start taking a vitamin complex of biotin in pills, (according to specialists, they’re more effective)  you should go to your family doctor because you shouldn’t self-medicate. 

If you prefer to avoid pills, and you want to provide more biotin to your hair, you can opt for any serum on the market.


The most well-known ones are:

  • Meraz Pureauty Naturals Biotin Hair Serum.
  • Biotin Hair Growth Serum.
  • Pure Research Biotin.


They’re very easy to apply:

  • Comb your dry, clean hair with a middle part and apply 5 drops of serum along the line.
  • Comb your hair to distribute the serum in the mid-lengths and ends. Don’t rinse.
  • Apply the biotin serum every two days on your scalp. I can guarantee that after four weeks, you’ll notice a decrease in hair loss.


We’re almost at the end. You just need to pay attention to the last two tips.


To stop hair loss after keratin, you should avoid hairstyles with your hair tied up

tied hair can cause hair loss



To help your scalp breathe.

When you wear your hair tied up all day, it forms a kind of greenhouse effect at the roots. Your skin temperature and perspiration are trapped in your ponytail.

 The looser you keep your hair, the faster the temperature of your head will drop. Then, sweat toxins won’t be trapped in your hair. 


Also, you shouldn’t sleep with your hair tied up to prevent breakage and avoid hair loss.

We’re almost at the end. So, I’ll ask you to make one last effort to stop your hair loss.


Don’t abuse heat tools

Remember that you’re trying to strengthen your hair. If you flat iron your hair every day, or every other day, you won’t notice any change even if you take biotin pills and wash your hair with Olaplex 4 and 5.

Excessive heat is the worst enemy of weak hair.



There’s no such thing as a good or bad hair treatment. Instead, the application of the treatment may fail.

If you notice that you didn’t suffer hair loss before applying keratin, you should start a hair recovery treatment to stop hair loss. You can start today following the indications above.

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