My keratin treatment only lasted a month. What do I do?

dry, frizzy, and burned hair

  • There are several reasons why a keratin treatment may last a month, or even less: bad application, bad quality of the product, or even your hair type rejects keratin.
  • You should know that homemade keratin treatments don’t last much longer than a month due to their low concentration of keratin. You should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • On the other hand, if you had the treatment at the salon and it didn’t last, you should ask your hairdresser. However, in this article, I’ll tell you what could have gone wrong.
  • Whether you applied the keratin treatment yourself or had it applied at the salon, I’ll give you four tips to take care of it and make it last much longer.


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There’s a wide variety of keratin treatments with different durations.

 A keratin treatment done in a salon will not last as long as one you do at home. 

Here’s the thing!


If you had a treatment done at home, it probably lasted a month or even less.

Box keratin treatments have low levels of product concentration. Why?

Because  the manufacturers of these wonderful products know that they will be applied by women who are not professional hairdressers. 


No manufacturer wants to risk inexperienced people with professional products.

So boxed products are tailored to last about a month. If that’s how long it lasted, feel blissful.

However,  I’ll give you useful tricks later on to learn how to take care of your homemade keratin treatment and have it last much longer. 


On the other hand, if your keratin treatment was applied at a salon, something may have happened.

In this article, I’ll tell you why professional keratin treatments fail, and that’s not all: I’ll also tell you what you can do about it. Will you join me?


As I told you before, keratin treatments are divided into professional and home treatments.

Let’s take a look at some differences between them.

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The keratin treatment applied at home lasted a month

home treatments last a short time

Homemade keratin treatments are much less concentrated than professional ones. However, this doesn’t make them any less effective.

If you had a home keratin treatment and it lasted a month, you may think that it’s too short, but it really isn’t!


Those treatments are designed to last from one to three months.

 Still, you can extend the duration considering your hair type, care, and how you applied the keratin treatment. 


Did you know that the success of your keratin treatment depends 70% on the application?

Yes! That’s how important it is to apply it well.

The other 30% is divided between the quality of the product and the care after the treatment.

Were you thinking of having a keratin treatment and continuing with the same care routine?


Then, don’t.  For the keratin treatment to last much longer, you have to take care of it. 


So, how did you apply your treatment?

Did you follow the instructions?

Or were you tired at the last minute and didn’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions?


I’m here to help you.

You should know that the day you choose to do the keratin treatment should be a day for yourself.

You should be rested and ready to devote the moment to you and your hair.  Remember that 70% of the success of your keratin treatment depends on how well it is applied. 


Having said that, let’s assume that you applied your keratin treatment and what went wrong is the other 30% that I told you about: the quality of the product and the keratin post-treatment care.


For your keratin treatment to be successful and long-lasting, I advise you to buy keratins from recommended and recognized brands. It’s even better if they come with instructions and information about who the manufacturer is.

 By all means, avoid buying products without labels or tags  They’re of dubious origin and could affect your hair health.


If you followed the instructions, I’ll show you how to extend the duration of your treatment. Read on because you’ll find four tips to take care of your keratin treatment.


The keratin treatment applied at the salon lasted for a month

hairdresser applying keratin

First, you shouldn’t confuse keratin with straightening.

Keratin treatments are applied to smooth and repair the hair fibers. Although the hair looks shinier, smoother, and with more body, it’s not a permanent straightening treatment.


 In some beauty salons, they offer “keratin” treatments that have nothing to do with keratin, and promise miracles. 

You should know they hide prohibited substances, such as formaldehyde, which end up damaging the hair.


One way to tell if you’re getting any of this is to check if you smell a strong odor and your eyes are irritated.

Be careful!


 I don’t recommend this kind of so-called keratins: they tend to damage the hair causing an opposite effect to the desired one. 


However, if you had an actual keratin treatment at the salon, and it only lasted a month, ask your stylist.

Tell him what happened and what your expectations were regarding the duration of the treatment. No one better than him to explain if something went wrong.


Why aren’t professional keratin treatments long-lasting?

keratin treatment on colored hair

Although professional keratins are more concentrated, the treatment lasts less than expected in some hair types.

Hair that is too damaged or bleached doesn’t retain the product in the hair and tends to have problems with the duration of the treatment.


Also, thick hair or closed cuticles have difficulties with the duration of the treatment.

If your hair is among those I have mentioned, don’t give up!


4 tips to take care of your home or professional keratin treatment

drying keratin treated hair

Did you apply a keratin treatment at home?

Did you go to the salon and had it applied by a hairdresser?

In either case, if you want your keratin treatment to last more than a month, you should follow these four tips:


  •  After your keratin treatment, you should blow-dry your hair during the following week.  This extends the duration and finishes sealing the missing cuticles.



  •  Use specific post-keratin care products, especially shampoo.  Anti-frizz products or products containing keratin will help you the most to extend the duration of the treatment.


  • Every once in a while, blow-dry your hair. Remember that keratin is thermo active, which means it’s activated by the heat of blow-drying or flat ironing.


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Good application + aftercare: the keys to a successful keratin treatment that lasts longer than a month

In this article, I told you the difference between a home keratin treatment and a professional one.

Now you know that the box product is less concentrated. However, correct aftercare will help your treatment to last up to three months. The same care should be taken with the treatment applied by your hairdresser.


However, if you have very damaged or thick hair, or perhaps closed cuticles, you may need to be a little more patient and ask your favorite hairdresser.

Now that you’re a keratin expert, I’m sure your following treatment will last much longer.

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