How much leave-in conditioner should I use? What if I use too much?

little quantity so as not to saturate the hair

  • The amount of leave-in conditioner you should use will depend on your hair, your usage goals, and the type of product you choose.
  • If you use a leave-in cream conditioner, the amount will depend on the length of your hair. It could be the size of a coin, walnut, or almond.
  • The same will be true if you choose a liquid leave-in conditioner. Your hair length will determine the amount. It could be between 1 to 8 sprits.


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As you can see, the amounts are small.

What may be small for some people may be an enormity for others. It could lead to mistakes.


 Many people believe that they should saturate their hair with a leave-in conditioner. However, that’s usually a mistake. 

The hair can absorb a certain amount of the product.

The amount of leave-in conditioner that is not absorbed makes the hair look dull, stiff, and greasy.


It is also true that the leave-in conditioners have different textures. A liquid conditioner is not the same as a creamy one.

The more watery ones are less heavy. Alternatively, the creamier ones prevent hair from moving freely.


 Beyond what I can tell you, you should test the amount that your hair needs to be sure how much leave-in conditioner you need. 

Every hair is different!


What do I suggest?

Start by using a small amount of leave-in conditioner. It’s always better to use too little than too much.

Then, evaluate the results after two weeks.


  • How’s your hair after those two weeks?
  • Does it move freely?
  • Is it easy to comb?
  • Does it look shiny?

Then, stick with the same amounts!


On the other hand,  if your hair feels heavy, dull, and greasy after those two weeks, you’re using too much leave-in conditioner. 

And if that’s the case for you, don’t panic. Today, I’m going to tell you all about how much leave-in conditioner you should use.

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How much leave-in conditioner should you use depending on your hair length?

medium length hair

Back to the beginning, the amount of conditioner you should use depends on the length and type of hair and the texture of the conditioner.


If your hair is dry and coarse, you’ll need to use more conditioner than if it’s oily and dull.

So, the first tip I’ll give you is  don’t use leave-in conditioner if your hair is oily.  Otherwise, you’ll make it look even oilier.


However, it’s also important to consider the length of your hair so you know how much leave-in conditioner to use.


Long hair

If your hair is long, i.e. it ends below your shoulders and reaches your bra line, you should apply exact amounts to keep it moving freely.


  • If you have long hair and use a cream conditioner, you should apply the equivalent of the size of a walnut.
  • And if you have long hair and use liquid conditioner, you should apply between 6 and 8 pumps.


If you notice that your hair is dripping or you can’t comb it easily because it has too much conditioner, you should reduce the amount little by little.

Don’t forget that every hair is different. You should find the right amount for yours.


Medium-length hair

If your hair is medium length, i.e. below your ears or above your shoulders, you should control the amount of conditioner.

  • If you have medium hair and use a cream conditioner, apply a coin-sized amount.
  • If you have medium-length hair and use a spray conditioner, apply 3 to 5 pumps 15 centimeters from your hair.


If you notice the ends of your hair are stiff and you can’t style it easily, you should reduce the amount of leave-in conditioner.


Short hair

If your hair is short above the ears, you should apply a small amount of conditioner so that it doesn’t shed excess. It applies to both cream and liquid conditioners.


  • If you have short hair and use cream conditioner, you should apply an almond-sized amount.
  • If you have short hair and use liquid conditioner, you should apply 1 to 3 pumps.


Don’t exceed these amounts!

If you notice small white residue or dryness on your scalp, you should decrease the amount of conditioner.

And remember: the thicker the conditioner the more likely it is to saturate your hair.


What if you saturate your hair because you applied too much conditioner?

The world will keep on turning, don’t worry. Even if we’re invaded by zombies or aliens, the world will keep on turning and nothing terrible will happen to your hair.

It just won’t look shiny or have that natural movement worthy of a TV commercial.


  • You may also notice that your roots are greasy.
  • that there are traces of conditioner left on the comb or brush
  • or even that your hands get oily when you touch your hair.


 If you notice any of these signs, you’ve overdone the amount of leave-in conditioner you use. 

Why the worried look on your face?


The solution is simple: wash your hair!

After all, the conditioner will rinse out when you wash your hair. The more conditioner build-up your hair has, the harder it’ll be to remove. However, it’s nothing a little water and shampoo can’t do.

Next time, apply just the right amount of conditioner according to the suggestions I gave you.


And I’ll let you in on one more secret. While some are for frequent use,  I don’t recommend you use leave-in conditioner every day.  If you do, you’ll only saturate your hair.

Also, it’s not recommended that you wash your hair every day.



Leave-in conditioner amounts vary according to hair length and product texture.

If you want your hair to be free of conditioner residue and to look moisturized, frizz-free, and shiny, you should respect the amounts at the time of application.

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