What happens if you don’t rinse out Brazilian Blowout?

dont rinse the product out

  • If you don’t rinse out brazilian blowout, your hair will continue to absorb the proteins from the treatment.
  • The manufacturer actually recommends rinsing your hair after the process to remove any excess.


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I had a new client in the salon today, her name is Karina. She wanted to get a repairing treatment to her hair to reduce frizz.

My first recommendation was to apply a keratin treatment, but I ran into a problem.

Karina is a high-performance athlete. Do you know what that means?


It means that she trains hard every day and competes to achieve the highest level.

She participates in national, international championships and even Pan American games.

Why was that a problem to apply the keratin treatment?


Because Karina washes her hair every day after training. Also, she always wears her hair tied up.

However, one of the main requirements of a keratin treatment is to not wash the hair during the first three days. Also, you don’t have to tie the hair so as not to leave any marks.

So, for Karina, we ruled out a keratin treatment. Did she have any other alternative?


Yes, the Brazilian Blowout.

Brazilian Blowout is one of the most expensive treatments in the salon. So, I avoided recommending it from the beginning.

  But the advantage, especially in Karina’s case, is that you can wash your hair right away and even tie it up.  


After explaining the process and aftercare, I began to prepare everything to apply the Brazilian Blowout.

Then, when I was about to start the Brazilian Blowout, Karina surprised me with a question.



What could happen to my hair if I don’t rinse out the Brazilian Blowout as recommended by the manufacturer?

hairdresser applying keratin

The question surprised me.

Why would anyone want to go against the manufacturer’s directions?


After doing a lot of research on the product, the brand gives accurate instructions for use. Why change them?


I asked Karina about it. She said   that as her hair was damaged and frizzy, she believed that keeping the Brazilian Blowout for longer would help the protein penetrate the hair and eliminate the frizz.  

I’ll be honest with you.


  As a professional stylist, I always use the products according to the manufacturer’s instructions.   Therefore, with Karina I proceeded as follows:
  • Step 1: I washed her hair and removed the excess water gently with a towel. I combed her hair and separated it into four sections.
  • Step 2: I applied Brazilian Blowout to each section and removed the excess product with a fine comb.
  • Step 3: I let the product in her hair for 45 minutes.
  • Step 4: I blew-dried her hair.
  • Step 5: I closed the treatment using a professional flat iron.
  • Step 6: I rinsed her hair with warm water and asked her to stay in the salon until her hair was dry.


Why did I ask her to stay in the salon until her hair air dried?

Because I wanted to show her that even though I had rinsed out her hair after applying the product, there would be no frizz residue.

That’s what happened. Karina was super happy, and I followed the manufacturer’s instructions, which is what we should do.

Now, what would have happened if Karina had insisted on not rinsing out the Brazilian Blowout?


There wouldn’t have been much difference.

When you reach steps 4 and 5, the Brazilian Blowout treatment is pretty much done.


  Drying the product evaporates the excess, and sealing it with the flat iron ensures success. 

Therefore, we could say that a Brazilian Blowout treatment to repair and eliminate frizz ends at step 5.

So what is step 6, rinsing out, for?


To control the effectiveness of the treatment. Even if you wet the hair and let it air dry, the frizz won’t appear, and the damage to the hair will be repaired.

Actually, it takes approximately 21 days for the Brazilian Blowout treatment to be fully absorbed by the hair.

Therefore, if you don’t rinse your hair, any Brazilian Blowout left in your hair will be reabsorbed during that time.

Now, do you want a tip?


Brazilian Blowout is a treatment for professional use only.

This means that you can find different types of keratin treatments on the web. Some are rinsed out during the process and some others are not.


  However, if you’re going to pay for a Brazilian Blowout in a salon, let the stylist perform the treatment as recommended by the manufacturer.  

Now, after-care is also important. That’s what I’ll talk about next.


How do I wash my hair after the Brazilian Blowout application?

anti frizz

Brazilian Blowout fills in the empty spaces in the hair. That way, frizz disappears and the hair gets softer to the touch. You’ll notice a truly amazing change in your hair.

So, when it’s time for your first wash, you’re likely to panic. But don’t worry, the proteins won’t disappear.


  You just need to carefully choose the products you’ll use to wash your hair.  

For Brazilian Blowout to last longer, you should wash your hair with sulfate and paraben-free products.

Sulfates and parabens are detergents that remove the proteins deposited in the hair by the Brazilian Blowout treatment.


If it’s time to wash your hair, I recommend these products that can be of great help:

  • Brazilian Blowout shampoo and conditioner. It’s produced by the manufacturer of the product and extends the duration of the effects on your hair.

If you can’t get them or are too expensive, you can use any sulfates and paraben-free shampoo, such as Pantene Kit Free, L’Oreal Paris EverPure, and Herbal Essences kit.


Now that you know which shampoo and conditioner to use, let’s talk about blow-drying and styling your hair.

seal the treatment

During the first 21 days, the manufacturer advises not exposing your hair to heat.

It means that you should forget about a high-temperature hair-dryer, and especially, the flat iron.


This is another big difference with other keratin treatments in which flat ironing is an important step to reactivate the protein.

  You shouldn’t flat iron your hair to avoid ruining your Brazilian Blowout treatment.  

I recommend air drying your hair after washing it.



If you don’t rinse out the Brazilian Blowout, nothing will happen to your hair. However, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

After three days of the Brazilian Blowout application, you can wash your hair with sulfate and paraben-free products. Also, remember to avoid heat tools during the first 21 days after the treatment.

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