The keratin treatment turned my hair orange, can I fix it with purple shampoo?

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  • You can’t use purple shampoo if the keratin treatment turned your hair orange.
  • Instead, you should use a blue shampoo because its blue pigmentation will neutralize the orange shades in your hair.
  • A keratin treatment may lighten your hair if it was brown 4, brown 5, or dark blonde 6 before applying it. Keratin modifies the colored hair up to two levels. Alternatively, the color difference in virgin hair may be up to one level.


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When purple shampoo appeared, almost all blondes adopted it as their go-to hair product.

However, if you paid attention to these lines, you probably read that it says “blondes.”


It’s because purple shampoo is effective on yellow hair.

The reason is the color wheel, which shows us that yellow is the opposite of purple. Therefore, the hair is toned when you apply purple shampoo to yellowish hair.


So,  if you notice that orange shades appear on your hair after applying keratin, you should use blue shampoo. 

Again, it’s because the color wheel tells us that blue neutralizes orange.

This is the basis of colorimetry.


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So don’t waste time or money.

Even if there’s a purple shampoo in your bathroom because your sister uses it from time to time, don’t use it on your orange hair. It won’t do you any good.

Having said that, I’m sure there’s a question that’s been keeping you awake at night for days.



Why did my hair turn orange after keratin?

dye two days in a row

The reasons are related to your hair history.


Keratin opens the hair cuticles to allow amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients to penetrate the hair core and nourish it. That’s why your hair is smooth, shiny, and frizz-free after keratin.

Some keratin treatments even work with straightening treatments on curly hair.


Of course, as  keratin acts on the hair core, it can also modify the color pigments in your hair.  How?


That’s what I meant earlier when I was talking about your hair history.

  • Keratin can lighten your colored hair up to two levels. When the cuticles are opened to absorb it, pigmentation molecules are expelled.
  • Instead, if you never dyed your hair before, the color will be modified by one level.
  • So far, you know that keratin can lighten the hair. However, why did your hair turn orange?


    It all goes back to your base color, i.e. the color you had before you applied keratin

    And I bet your color was any of these three: brown 4, light brown 5, or dark blonde 6. How did I guess?


     Because orange is their predominant pigment. So, when you applied the keratin, your hair lightened, or rather, faded to orange. 

    That’s why we stylists always insist on the importance of coloring the hair fifteen days after applying the Keratin.

    We insist on this to prevent the color from fading.


    It’s also affected by the heat of the flat iron that is a step to activate the keratin.

    To seal the keratin in the cuticles, the flat iron is applied at more than 230 degrees Celsius. That makes the color wear off even more.


    Your hair is orange after keratin. But, don’t wipe the smile off your face just yet. You can remove that nasty color from your hair by using a product.


    The blue shampoo will neutralize the orange left by the keratin in your hair

    sulfate free

    The pigment depositing shampoo creates a color film on your hair. It doesn’t penetrate inside your hair or remove the keratin.


    These are the most commonly used brands on the market:

    • Matrix Total Results Brass Off: Due to the strength of its pigments, it’s ideal for brunettes with lightened hair.
    • Fanola No Orange: it’s for home use and provides extra hydration.
    • Redken Color Extend Brownlights: it’s also suitable for brunettes with lightened hair., I know it’s not your case, but believe me. It’ll neutralize the orange shades that appeared in your hair after keratin.


    How to apply the blue shampoo without damaging the keratin treatment

    brown hair

    The blue shampoo is used like any other shampoo. However, you shouldn’t use it every day.

    First, I guess you already know that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day with any shampoo. If you do, you only reduce your hair’s natural moisture.


     Then, if you wash your hair every other day, you don’t need to use the blue shampoo either. You can alternate it with your usual shampoo. 

    Remember that if you overdo the blue shampoo, your hair will turn blue.


    Although each manufacturer has its own specifications, here’s a general guide.

     Please remember to carefully read the instructions of the brand you finally buy. 


    • You should apply it 1 or 2 times a week and alternate it with your usual shampoo. Keep in mind that the orange shades will reappear as you stop using it because its pigments are only deposited on the outside of the hair strands.
    • Once you apply it, you should leave it on for three to five minutes. That time may vary according to the brand you use. Please respect the manufacturer’s instructions because if you exceed the suggested time, you’ll saturate your hair with pigments and change the color.
    • You should rinse the blue shampoo with lukewarm to cold water for the pigmentation to adhere to the cuticles and extend the duration of the neutralization.
    • You can blow-dry your hair on medium or high heat to reactivate the keratin with the heat.


    You should also use a sulfate-free shampoo later on because they are color protectors. Therefore, they won’t the pigmentation of the blue shampoo.



    If you applied keratin on brown or dark blonde hair, it may wear out the color leaving it orange. As keratin penetrates the core of the hair, some of the hair dye pigments may be expelled.

    To neutralize the orange shades, use blue shampoo and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid leaving your hair completely blue.

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