How soon after coloring my hair can I get a keratin treatment?

tinte dos semanas despues de la keratina

  • After coloring your hair, you should wait for at least 15 days to have a keratin treatment.
  • If you don’t wait for 15 days to apply the keratin, your color will lighten by at least two shades. Plus, the hair dye pigments won’t have enough time to settle in the hair core.


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Little by little, that’s almost my golden motto.

When it’s about hair processes, you should also adopt this motto.


In this case, the order of coloring and keratin treatment can change the results dramatically. Of course, they may be nowhere near what you were looking for.

So, if you colored your hair and you’re thinking about applying a keratin treatment, you should wait for at least 15 days to do it. 


  • 15 days
  • Two weeks
  • 360 hours

Choose the time that generates less anxiety for you. Whatever you choose, that’s how long you should wait.



As  a keratin treatment is applied with heat, it could lighten your hair dye up to two shades. 

If you don’t wait at least fifteen days, the color you chose with so much love will change completely. So, repeat after me.

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After coloring your hair, you must wait 15 days for a keratin treatment

keratin treatment on colored hair

That period of time has two main reasons.


The first is the time it takes for the color to settle in the hair.

 You may think that the coloring process ends when you rinse the hair dye out, but it doesn’t. 

When applying a permanent hair dye, the color must penetrate into the hair core and bind with lipid molecules to change your pigmentation. That process is not quick. Instead, it takes two to three washes.


That’s why   the first two or three times you wash your hair after coloring, you probably notice that the water doesn’t run crystal clear.  It may have a slight color similar to the hair dye you applied.


Even if you colored your hair a very dark shade, such as red or black, you’ll notice that the pillowcase has some stains of the color of the hair dye when you wake up.

If you’ve rinsed your hair, why is the dye still coming out? Because your hair expels the excess pigment.


Suppose you were hard-headed enough to get a keratin treatment the day after coloring your hair. What result would you get?

Keratin has one goal: to repair the hair. To do that, it has to penetrate deep into the hair.

By doing that, it would remove the hair dye pigments. But it would not do so in a uniform way.


 Then, your mane would be stained as if you were one of Cruella de Vil’s favorite Dalmatian puppies. 

Unless you’ve been invited to a 101 Dalmatians-themed party, that’s not what you want.


Imagine that instead of waiting for one day, you wait for seven days to apply keratin to your color-treated hair. What would happen?

keratin treatment in salon

Your hair may not be stained, but the color will change.

If you don’t wait for a fortnight to apply the keratin treatment on your colored hair, your color will change and become up to two shades lighter.

And this has to do with the process of applying keratin to your hair.


First, you apply the keratin and let it sit for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. In the meantime, the keratin penetrates the hair and coats the cuticles to repair every centimeter of hair.

Then, the heat of the hairdryer evaporates the remains of keratin that the hair couldn’t absorb.

 However, if you just colored your hair or didn’t wait for 15 days after coloring it to apply the keratin, the hair will expel part of the color as well as the keratin. 

The result?


The hair is lightened by up to two shades. But it doesn’t end there.

After drying the hair, you have to flat iron it. Again heat that’ll lighten the color even more.


So if you don’t wait at least two weeks to apply keratin after coloring, your hair color will change.

  • If you dyed your hair with a dark brown 3, it’ll lighten to a brown 4 or light brown 5 after keratin.
  • If you used a light brown 5, your hair will end up a dark blonde 6 or blonde 7.
  • And if your hair dye was a light blonde 8, you’ll have a very light blonde 9 or an extra light blonde 10 after keratin.


It may seem that the color change isn’t dramatic. Believe me, it really is.

 That's why I recommend waiting for at least 15 days to apply the keratin treatment after coloring your hair. 


Do you feel that your hair is very dry and straw-like after coloring? Would you like to moisturize it while waiting to apply the keratin?

protect hair before bleaching

Actually, the best thing to do is not to apply any type of nourishing treatment or mask not to saturate the hair.


However, if you can't detangle your hair because it is unmanageable or has too much frizz, you can use only a few drops of coconut oil because it dilutes quickly in the hair. It’ll leave it docile and frizz-free.

Now, what happens after those 15 days?


It's time to apply the keratin!

However, can you do it yourself?

As a professional, I can only give you one piece of advice.


Fifteen days after coloring your hair, go to the salon to apply the keratin

Because all keratin treatments contain formaldehyde. It’s a very toxic chemical. When heat is applied, the fumes can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat.

They can even cause vomiting, dizziness, and breathing problems.


 This is why you should have it applied at a salon  Hairdressers apply it in rooms with ventilation and industrial extractors to ensure both your safety and that of the professional.


Applying hair dye at home has no serious consequences. However, it’s not the same as a keratin treatment that contains formaldehyde.

It’s better to invest a few dollars than to have health problems due to the toxic fumes of this type of treatment.


 And here I must be very clear: all heat treatments contain formaldehyde. 

There’s no keratin, botox, straightening, or hair cauterization treatment on the market that doesn’t contain formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde is what helps to seal the cuticles quickly to repair the hair.



A keratin treatment is very good for damaged, dry, and frizzy hair. However, remember that if you colored your hair, you should wait for at least two weeks to apply it.

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