Leaving purple shampoo in your hair for 20 minutes: good or bad idea?

woman leaves purple shampoo in hair for long

  • Leaving purple shampoo in your hair for twenty minutes is a BAD idea.
  • Because your blonde hair will turn purple. And to remove those purple pigments from your hair, you will have to wash your hair up to four times a week for two weeks.
  • Therefore, your hair will become damaged and dry, because with each wash you will remove the natural oils produced by the scalp.


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Once again, and to be completely clear,  leaving purple shampoo in your hair for 20 minutes is a REALLY BAD IDEA. 


First, you won’t find a single purple shampoo manufacturer that recommends leaving the shampoo in your hair for twenty minutes.

And I think if they don’t, there’s a reason.


Second, I assume that if you use purple shampoo, it’s because you want to eliminate the harsh yellow that appears on blonde hair after a few washes.

You don’t use purple shampoo because you want to have purple hair, right? And that will happen if you leave the purple shampoo in your hair for twenty minutes. And then you’ll regret it.


 Because even though the purple shampoo will eventually fade from your hair with washing, it won’t fade overnight .


Chances are you’ll have to increase how often you wash your hair.

And then your hair will lose moisture.

And of course, that’s bad news for bleached hair, because you’ll only weaken it even more.

What a shambles!


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Faced with this situation, I think the most sensible thing to do if you want purple hair is to apply a semi-permanent hair dye. In addition, its pigments will not fade as quickly as those of purple shampoo.


And you won’t have to do a lot of extensive research. Just search YouTube or Tik Tok for crazy influencers who decided to experiment with purple shampoo and leave it in their hair for twenty minutes or more.

It’s simple. Search YouTube for “I left purple shampoo in my hair for a long time” and check the results. You’ll see shocked faces, disbelieving faces, and regretful faces, and they’ll all be the faces of women with completely purple hair.

And what if after all this you still have doubts about whether you can leave purple shampoo in your hair for twenty minutes? Read on.

How to prevent purple shampoo from turning into your worst nightmare

hair color

And the answer is simple:  don’t leave it on your hair for twenty minutes . Not even fifteen minutes.


The manufacturers are very clear about exposure times for purple shampoo.

  • Some can be left on the hair for a maximum of three minutes, while others can be left on for up to seven minutes. This difference between exposure times is because some shampoos have more intense pigments. Therefore, they neutralize the yellowness faster.
  • Purple shampoos are not for daily use. Some can be used two or three times a week, and others should only be used once a week. And this difference also has to do with the quality of the pigments.
  • Purple shampoos are designed for the proper maintenance of colored or bleached blond hair.


Therefore,  if your hair is extra light blonde, gray, or white, and you wash it leaving the purple shampoo on for twenty minutes , your hair will turn completely purple.


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  •  If your hair is light blonde or very light blonde , I recommend using purple shampoo every two to three weeks. Leave it on for a maximum of three minutes.
  •  If your hair is gray or white , you should only use it once every three weeks and leave it on for a maximum of three minutes.



Now you know. Leaving purple shampoo in your hair for 20 minutes is a rotten idea unless you want to end up with purple hair.

You should always use color shampoos according to the manufacturer’s instructions to neutralize unwanted colors in colored or bleached hair.

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