At what age should you stop coloring your hair? I’ll help you decide here


  • At what age to stop dyeing hair is a usual question that has no exact answer. There really isn’t a certain age to stop coloring your hair.
  • The decision will depend on many factors, such as economic, ecological, and even personal issues.
  • Gray hair can also be a decisive factor. Whether you want to look natural or color your hair, there’s always an ideal option for you!


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Some questions don’t have exact answers. At what age you should stop coloring your hair is one of them. What do I mean?

The answer is tricky and depends on several factors. I invite you to look at each of them in detail and find together the best solution for your question.

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1- The age factor

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At certain times in life, we ask ourselves if we should start changing some habits or customs. Hair coloring is one of them, but have you really asked yourself why you should stop dyeing your hair?


Maybe you imagined those grandmothers with their pristine white hair. Or maybe you’re already a grandmother, and you think it’s time to kick the habit. Actually,  just because you’re older doesn’t mean you should stop dyeing your hair.  

There are women in their 80s who continue coloring their hair because they think it makes them look younger. At the same time, some 35-year-old women wear their natural gray hair.


No law says that you can’t dye your hair after a certain age. I think it has to do with personal choice and taste.


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2- The economic factor

Now that you know that there isn’t a certain age to stop coloring your hair, it may influence your budget to stop.


Coloring your hair may be out of your budget,   or you may not want to spend any more money at the salon. 

In this case, if you want to color your hair, you could choose to do it at home. If you don’t know how, don’t panic, because you’ll find it’s not that hard. You can follow a step-by-step tutorial to try.


3- The hair health factor

The health of your hair is another reason to ask yourself if you should stop coloring your hair.


You may find it too fine and thin. It’s part of a normal process over the years, and that’s why [your_highlight background=”#ffb5e8″]you may wonder if adding chemicals could harm it even more.[/your_highlight] In fact, hair dye dehydrates hair. Ammonia is to blame for it. Although there are dyes without ammonia, they only cover the first few grey hairs.


If you’re going through a stressful time, your hair is weak, and you have little gray, this could be an option for you. There are thousands of alternatives. You just have to think about which one suits you best. In very extreme cases of hair health, and if you have a medical recommendation, you should leave the hair dye aside.


4- The motivational factor

Your activity and your motivations sometimes influence the decision not to dye your hair.

 For example, it’s not the same to be at home all day as to work in an office. Maybe, if you stay more at home, you may not want to color your hair anymore. And that’s okay, as long as you do it that way because you want to.


5- The environmental factor


Some women change their way of life and want to stop coloring their hair because of an ideological or ecological issue.


If that is your situation, there are organic hair dyes that, apart from taking care of your hair’s health, are an excellent alternative to cover 60 % of gray hair. The hair turns shiny, soft and with a pleasant herbal scent, unlike conventional dyes.


6- And the grey hair!


They are women’s nightmare. Although some accept them and even look glamorous, others hate them and run to dye their hair as soon as the first one appears.


You know there is no age to stop dyeing your hair. If you do decide to stop anyway, keep in mind that you’ll have to go through the transition from colored hair to white hair, and you’ll have to be patient because it’ll take a long time!


On the other hand, gray hair can be cared for and tone like any other blonde hair. At some point, it may look a little yellowish. However, you don’t have to worry about it because there’re specific treatments for that.

And if you decide to continue coloring your hair, you’ll need to decide on the best treatment. The options are almost endless!


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An inspirational story

I’ll tell you about Hilda, a 71-year-old client of my salon.

She was 100% gray and was not willing to stop coloring her hair. However, she couldn’t expose it to hair dye damage every month.


So, my advice for her look was to get a few very thin, dark-colored highlights.  That would give her a sense of dimension, volume and natural hair. Plus, it’s virtually maintenance-free.  She only had to touch them up every five months.

It was the best option because she could look beautiful, protecting her hair health at the same time.


So, as you can see, every person is a world.

There’ll be people who don’t want to stop coloring their hair, like Hilda, and there’ll be people who will go down the road of wearing their gray hair.

If you decide on the latter option, remember to keep taking care of your hair with specific products. Having gray hair doesn’t mean neglecting your hair’s health or appearance.



You know then that there isn’t a certain age to stop coloring your hair.

Apart from time, other reasons can influence the decision, for example, economic, work, medical, ecological, or the presence of gray hair. I’m sure that you found the definitive answer to your question.


You just have to follow the best options that fit your needs (which will change over the years).

So, you can stop coloring your hair as long as it’s your wish and your decision!

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