My Hair Won’t Dry After Bleaching, How Can I Fix it?

bleach hair with product in it

  • If your hair doesn’t dry as usual after bleaching, you should know that the most common cause of this problem is POROSITY.
  • And the way to fight porosity is to give your bleached hair the necessary nourishment with the right products.
  • I’ll also tell you about other reasons why your hair doesn’t dry and give you the solution for each case. Join me and find out every detail!


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Has it been a while since you got out of the shower, and your hair is still wet?

Do you think bleaching is to blame?


Well, you’re right.

Bleaching your hair makes it porous and prevents it from retaining moisture. Therefore, it takes longer to dry.

In this article, I’ll give you a 5-question quiz with answers to check why your hair doesn’t dry after bleaching. First, let’s take a closer look at what porous hair looks like.

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What does it mean to have porous hair?

if it sinks it is porous

Porous hair has a rough and uneven cuticle. The hair shaft (in high-porosity hair) is long and it’s easy to damage because it doesn’t retain moisture.


 However, while high-porosity hair may not retain moisture, it may also absorb it very easily. 

This is the reason why your hair doesn’t dry after bleaching. But to know the actual origin of this problem here’s a test of 5 questions and solutions.


5-question test to find out why your hair doesn’t dry after bleaching

  1. Did your hair take longer to dry before bleaching as well?
  2. Have you bleached your hair more than once?
  3. What products did you use before you bleached your hair?
  4. What products have you been using to care for your hair after bleaching?
  5. Have you blow-dried or flat ironed your hair after bleaching?

You should answer each one honestly. The answers will help us find out the real reason why your hair doesn’t dry after bleaching.


Test answers

1. Did your hair take longer to dry before bleaching as well??

drying keratin treated hair

If you answered YES

If your hair didn’t dry quickly before you bleached it, I have good and bad news for you.

 The good news is that, apparently, bleaching isn’t the main cause of the problem. 

The bad news is that if this was happening to you before, bleaching may worsen the problem.



You’ll need to nourish your hair. That way, the cuticles will re-align and close to allow proper hydration.

Then, your hair will regain its freshness and vitality. Soon, you’ll see that your hair starts drying again.


2. Have you bleached your hair more than once?

second time in 20 days

If you answered YES

If you bleached your hair before, and now you bleached it again, the problem is once again DEHYDRATION!

Because of dehydration, the hair fails to retain the moisture it needs for proper maintenance. Consequently, it doesn’t dry after washing.



Moisturize your hair.


If you answered NO

If you have not yet bleached your hair again, and you think it’ll be necessary to repeat it, then my advice is to condition your hair for this second bleaching.



 Keep it very hydrated and nourished with all the products that your hairdresser tells you.  Then, when you bleach your hair again, it’ll achieve optimum resistance.

Of course, after the second bleaching, you need to continue with the same routine of hydration and nourishment you were following.


3. What products did you use before bleaching?

clarifying shampoo to wash hair

If your hair doesn’t dry after bleaching, you could take a look at the products you regularly use on your hair. In fact, these products may be to blame for your hair not drying properly after bleaching.


 There are all kinds of products on the market: excellent, average, and lousy quality. The quality of the products you apply to your hair has a direct influence on the condition of your hair. 


Some shampoos contain chlorine or mineral tar but, unfortunately, it’s not published on their labels.

There are dyes with high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Also, straightening creams with huge concentrations of formaldehyde. Alternatively, the styling gel you use may have too much alcohol. These products dry out your hair and scalp.

 If you use any of these products frequently, and then bleach your hair, it won’t dry properly. 



Nowadays,  there’s a trend towards the use of plant-based products. Going back to all-natural ingredients is going to improve the condition of your hair. 

Choose natural products to apply to your hair and, in no time, it’ll go back to normal.


4. What products have you been using to care for your hair after bleaching

woman applies mask to bleached hair

Once you’ve bleached your hair, it’ll need constant nourishment. Bleaching is an extremely aggressive process as it acts on the cortex of the hair. It transforms melanin into oxymelanin (a colorless pigment). The longer the exposure time, the greater the level of lightening and the greater the damage to your hair.



To reduce the damage from bleaching, I advise you to use the plex system when bleaching. It’s been included in many brands nowadays. This is a treatment to keep your hair healthy and strong during the different chemical processes.

It contains innovative active ingredients that promote hair restoration. In short, plex minimizes the damage caused by bleaching without altering its action.

How to use plex?


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This treatment should be applied together with bleaching. Then, in the next days you should try to maintain the right level of hydration and nutrition to prevent your hair from drying out after washing.

 Nourishing ampoules and masks are the most suitable treatments for bleached hair.  They don’t require intense heat for application. Although they’re short-lasting treatments, they’re better than those that require hair dryers or flat irons.


5. Have you blow-dried or flat ironed your hair after bleaching?

do not use heat tools before bleaching

If you answered YES

If you blow-dry and flat iron your hair after bleaching, you’re on the wrong track. This will dehydrate your hair, generate porosity, and prevent your hair from drying after washing.



 Allow at least fifteen days after bleaching before using your hair dryer and flat iron again. 

Also, apply a heat protectant beforehand. This way, you reduce damage from direct heat.

Follow my advice and make sure you nourish your hair. When you rebuild the hair fiber, your hair will dry normally again.


Proper nourishment and good habits to keep your bleached hair in top condition

In this article, we’ve analyzed different reasons why your hair isn’t drying properly after bleaching.

Generally speaking, what you should do is moisturize your hair with the right products. Also, avoid using a flat iron or blow dryer.


If your hair doesn’t dry, go to your trusted hairdresser and ask them all your questions. Nothing better than their knowledge and experience to know your hair and the best strategy to improve it.

When a hairdresser looks at your hair, she’ll discover the problem and find the best solution. GO FOR IT!

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