Can you Wash your Hair Immediately After Coloring it? Short answer is NO, here’s the truth


after washing her colored hair

Don’t even think about it!


It’s that simple.

It’s not a good idea to wash your hair immediately after dyeing it, and of course I’m talking about washing it with shampoo.

Because obviously after applying the dye you will have to wash your hair to get rid of the dye.



But you should wait to wash your hair if you want to the color that you chose with such emotion and finally got.


The best thing to do is wait at least seventy-two hours to wash your hair.

Do you want to know why?


I’ll tell you now.


Because I learned after a serious of trial and errors.

I will also tell you:

  • What type of products are made for washing colored hair
  • How to make it so your new color lasts longer



How much time you should wait to wash your hair after coloring it

faded hair


Even though it seems incredible, the process of applying the color to the hair doesn’t end the moment that you rinse the dye out of your hair.

And all thanks to the cuticles.


 The cuticles, which lift up during the color processing, need three days before closing completely. 

This completely traps the color molecules, giving the hair that vibrant color that you wanted so badly.

And this is what I learned based on seeing how my hair color faded so rapidly in the days after applying the dye.

Have you ever been able to see that your dye has disappeared rapidly?



I have.

I felt horrible.

Because I spent money and time.

Two things, that to be completely honest, are pretty scarce in my life.

And also, I ended up disappointed. And upset, which even I couldn’t put up with.



Four months ago, I colored my hair, but the next morning, my hair felt dirty.

But really dirty, with an almost indescribable sensation.

And also, I had this itch attack on my scalp, that I couldn’t not scratch.

I couldn’t control the urge to run to the bathroom and wash my hair.


 While I fought with the horrible sensation of having a nest of parasites in my hair, my cellphone went off. 

They called me to schedule a work interview.

A job that I had dreamed about since five days ago.

I wanted to be radiant, so I washed my hair immediately.


I didn’t keep in mind the time, because in that moment, I didn’t know.

Not even which shampoos were adequate for colored hair, which I will tell you about in a minute.


The job?


I got it.

But I also got a completely washed out color, diluted.

And all because I didn’t wait to wash my hair.

So, now you know.

 Be patient if you want your hair to that vibrant color that you chose. 


Coloring has its secrets.

And dyed hair care also.

Do you want to know what they are?

I’ll tell you.



What shampoo and conditioner is best to use on dyed hair?

The characteristics of colored hair are very different from those of non-colored hair.

That’s why to maintain the hair and protect the color, it is necessary to keep in mind a few things.


From now on I warn you, you should get away from your habitual shampoo.

 Colored hair should be washed with shampoos made with specific formulas for this type of hair.  


During the coloring process, the hair is damaged and the cuticle is hurt, which makes the hair look rough, dry, and without shine.


Shampoos and conditioners for colored hair visibly repair the surface of the hair.

And create a protective barrier that makes the hair look shiny and less rough.


Shampoos for colored hair, in addition, contain color pigments that adjust to different colors.

That’s why if you dyed your hair red, looking for a shampoo with red-dye pigments is best for you.

 If you have dyed your hair blonde, once a week, you should use a blue or purple shampoo to keep your pieces of hair free from orange or chicken yellows.  



You can also incorporate dry shampoo into your hair even if it’s just once a week.

You should apply it just at the roots, so that it absorbs the excess production of sebum.

That sebum is what gives your hair a dirty look.

In addition, this type of shampoo will prevent you from exposing your dyed hair to water, protecting the cuticle and the color.


You can also incorporate a leave-in conditioner and use it to condition the ends and middles of your hair which are the zones of the hair that can show dryness and breakage.



How to care for the color of dyed hair

The worst enemy of dye is water.

And I’m not just saying that; the most renowned colorists say it.

The chemicals of the dye make your hair more vulnerable to the effects of the water.


 This doesn’t mean that you should wash your hair, but if you want the color to last longer, you should modify your washing routine.  



The temperature of the water in the bath is also important when you dye your hair.

Try to always use warm or cold water because hot water pulls up the external layer of the cuticle.

And that’s why the color disappears quicker.


Dyed hair is vulnerable to heat.

If you use a flat iron, apply a serum as a protective barrier.


Have you ever heard of coconut oil?


Coconut is an infallible allay for our colored hair.

Once a week, as if it were a part of the commandments, I do an intensive coconut oil treatment.

Generally I do it Sunday night.



I evenly apply organic coconut oil to my head and I wrap it in a shower cap.

After, I simply lay in bed and watch some of my favorite series on Netflix until I fall asleep.

The next morning, I wash my hair with shampoo for colored hair and I’m ready.

Do you notice that your hair lacks shine?


The same thing happened to me.



I was searching and searching for information on the internet and I discovered that the cuticles were to blame.


It’s because the dye darkens the light that is reflected in the layers of protein in the cuticle.

That’s why it doesn’t shine.

For this, there are sprays that give your hair shine.


Not even I can believe how much the hair product industry has grown.


Now, the million-dollar question.

What will you do the next time you dye your hair?


Will you wait seventy-two hours to wash it, or will you risk walking around with discolored hair?


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