How long does it take to box dye hair? Between and hour and an hour and a half

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Do you want to know  how long it will take you to box dye your hair ?


The first thing I want to tell you is to take your time.

Because you’re going to need at least an hour. And if you don’t believe me, let me tell you about Wendy.


Wendy is a very special person, someone who when she enters a room, she catches your attention.

She’s funny and clever. And today, all of these traits came together to leave me speechless.



Imagine it’s three in the afternoon. I’m at the salon, taking care of some administrative tasks because usually at this time in the afternoon on a weekday, there aren’t many client.

Then, all of a sudden, a person in a black dress bursts in with an enormous hat and pair of sunglasses covering her whole head and half her face.


It was Wendy, who didn’t waste time in grabbing me and pulling me into the bathroom we have in the salon for clients. Without saying a word, she pulled off her hat, and there it was: the reason for all this mystery and intrigue.

Her hair was a completely uneven color, the roots lighter and the ends much darker.

What happened?


poorly dyed red hair

Wendy had let another one of her personality traits take over: her anxiety.

 She’d used a dye at home and it had taken her just twenty minutes. 


Not even the roadrunner could dye hair in twenty minutes.

Nobody, not even the most professional, well-trained stylist could dye hair in twenty minutes.

 Because dyeing your hair is a process that happens in several stages.  And each of these stages takes time, a certain amount of time that you need to heed if you want to get your desired results.


So, if you’re as anxious as Wendy, before you color your hair with a box dye, drink a cup of one of those teas that promote patience.

Because you need to know that:

  • If  you dye your hair with a permanent box dye , it will take you between an hour and an hour and a half.
  • If  your prefer to use a demi-permanent dye , like WELLA COLOUR TOUCH, it will take you between 45 minutes and an hour.
  • And  if you use a semi-permanent dye , like MANIC PANIC, it will take you between 30 and 45 minutes.

yellow, green, purple and pink

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So, nobody can dye their hair in 20 minutes. Or, you can, but you won’t actually be able to dye your hair, just stain it, like what happened to Wendy.

So, since I can imagine this is probably the first time you’re using a box dye to color your hair and it’s most likely a permanent dye, I want you to pay attention and get your watch ready.

Because we’re going to use the timer to count how long it will take you dye you dye your hair step by step.

Tick, tock, tick, tock! Get ready, get set, go!

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First step: preparing the space where you’ll dye your hair. Estimated time: 10 minutes

times to prepare the hair dye

 Organization is a key part of the coloring process,  and that includes the space where you’re going to dye your hair and the materials you’ll need.

When I say materials, I don’t just mean the color kit. By materials, I also mean everything you’re going to need along the way, because the dye stains, and you should be prepared to protect your workplace.


And I said “work” on purpose, because today you’re going to turn into your own stylist.

So, have you picked out your workplace? Are you going to dye your hair in the bathroom or the kitchen, wherever you have the best light?


You don’t need an especially luxurious or huge space, but it should meet two key conditions:

  •  Good lighting , so you can check that you’ve fully covered your hair with the dye.
  • Not exposed to big gusts of air.


Because the permanent dye needs heat to penetrate your hair fiber and change its color. If the temperature drops, the chemical reaction will stop.

That was another one of Wendy’s errors. Since the smell of the ammonia bothered her, she decided dyed her hair outside, in her yard. And apparently, at some point, the chemical reaction stopped.


On the other hand, it’s important to protect the surfaces where you’re going to work with the dye with old towels.

You should also have a rag and sponge on hand, just in case you get dye drops on those surfaces so you can clean them up right away to make sure it doesn’t stain them.

And don’t forget to use a shirt that you don’t mind getting stained by the dye.


Once you’ve finished getting everything you need together during this part of the process, I imagine about 10 minutes have gone by.

But, there’s still a long way to go.


Second step: applying the dye. Estimated time: 65 minutes

woman applying box dye to her brown hair

We’ve come to one of the most crucial moments of the color process: applying the dye. And the clock hasn’t stopped ticking.

To make it easier to count how long this step is going to take, we’re going to divide it in two parts, and each part will take a certain amount of time.


Preparing your hair to use the box dye: 5 minutes

You’ve probably seen several video son YouTube for how stylists can quickly section hair into several parts.

For us it’s as easy as the lion tamer facing the beasts because practice makes perfect.

But, I can assure you that even though it seems easy,  sectioning your hair into equal parts without tangling your hair could be a true challenge. 


It’s important that before you section your hair into four parts, you should completely detangled your hair with a comb.

Once you’ve seen that there aren’t any knots left, section your hair using a tail comb. It will be easier that way.


Applying the dye and letting it work: 60 minutes

woman waits for the hair dye to work

This step starts with the preparation of the dye mix.

It should be easy because you have everything you need in the color kit. You’ll need to combine the tube of dye with the developer cream and stir until the two ingredients have fully mixed together.

Once the mix is prepared, let one of the sections of your hair down, and start using the dye on your hair from roots to ends, covering each and every inch of your hair.


 It’s important to take your time and patiently apply the dye to each of the sections. 

Being patient during the step is going to time gained at the end of the day so you can be sure the color ends up even.


Up to that point and depending on your skills, probably about 15 minutes have gone by. And you’ve been able to apply the dye to your hair.

And now it’s time to rest because  you need to leave the dye in for 45 minutes , which is how long most of the of the dye manufacturers recommend leaving it in your hair.


Third step: rinse the dye. Estimated time: 10 minutes

woman rinses the dye from her hair in the shower

Once that time has gone by, you can rinse with cold water.

To rinse out the dye, you need to use shampoo if you want to get out any dye on your scalp or forehead. It’s also important  to use the post-color treatment included in most permanent dyes. 

Use the post-color treatment and leave it in your hair 5 minutes.

And now, take a look at the clock, how long did it take you to box dye your hair?



Box dyeing your hair with permanent dye will take you between an hour and an hour and a half, and as you gain more experience, that time can reduce.

But dyeing your hair will never take less than an hour because you always need to leave the dye in your hair for 45 minutes.

With experience, you might take less time to prepare the materials and the color mix, but only by a few minutes.

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