What is the difference between Olaplex 2 and 3? Two girls did the treatment and talk about their results

olaplex two and three

Do you want to know the differences between Olaplex 2 and 3?

You’ve come to the perfect place.


Today, I’m going to tell you about two completely different cases of the use of Olaplex 2 and 3.

But, since there’s always one distracted person that doesn’t know what Olaplex is, I’m going to summarize it all for your quickly.


The public is always changing, and you never know if someone doesn’t know about this product that invaded the market in the year 2014, and it seems like no one can oust.


Olaplex is a treatment that reconstructs the internal links in the hair fibers. Basically, it reconstructs the disulfuric bridges that break when we bleach or color our hair or use the flat iron daily.

 Despite what many people think, it’s not a hydrating mask, because it doesn’t work on the surface of the hair. 


That means that even if you use Olaplex, you should continue to use the moisturizing masks that you apply habitually.

Olaplex acts on the interior of the hair and masks or conditioning treatments on the outside.

I know.


You are thinking that everyone needs Olaplex.

If we count the people that bleach, color, flat iron and dry their hair with a hair dryer, then yes.

Unless your hair is resistant to everything.


Now that you know what Olapex is, let’s talk abou the differences between 2 and 3.


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When to apply Olaplex 2

To explain the advantages of Olaplex 2 and how to apply it, I’m going to tell you about Julieta’s case.

Julieta is a 30-year-old-women that has a very important executive position in a renowned petrol company.


She cares for her appearance down to the smallest detail because half of the day she spends in super important meetings with businessmen from various parts of the world.

I really don’t know how she puts up with all that pressure. She even speaks Mandarin.

She tried to teach me something, but honestly, I didn’t even learn how to say “hello.”

Like I said, she cares for her appearance to the max. And her hair is one of her priorities.

Julieta was a blonde, but she wanted to color her hair a chocolate brown.


When she asked me, I recommended that she color her hair, and so that she didn’t damage her hair more than necessary, it would be best to use Olaplex.

“Why,” she asked, opening her eyes wide like plates.

So, I explained it to her.


She considered that it would be the best since she cared for her hair to the max.

And also, she had the luxury of investing in good hair products because her salary was various figures…

That’s why we decided to do the Olaplex treatment in the salon.


So, with a lot of patience, we applied Olaplex steps 1 and 2.

I should say that the results were incredible.

Her chocolate brown hair ended up completely shiny.

Also, the texture didn’t feel like gum, which happens when you color your hair without keeping in mind the state of the hair.


She decided to take the Olaplex 3 with her to make the effects of the treatment last until she got back to the salon, in about thirty days.

After two weeks, she called me.

She was happy.

from blonde to brunette

She had followed the instructions for applying Olaplex 3 once a week, letting it sit on the hair for at least 15 minutes and she noticed that she didn’t have hair in the comb when she brushed her hair.

Even the split ends, which she was so worried about before doing the treatment, now looked great.

She could even pass her fingers through her hair and they didn’t get stuck in the chunks of hair because it easily detangled.


As you can see, Olaplex 2 is used in the salon.

While Olaplex 3 is a step that’s meant to be done personally at home.


 To get the complete effects of the Olaplex 2, it’s necessary to have professional knowledge about how to manage certain products. 

The explanation is very simple: Olaplex two is a continuation of the first.

You apply it without rinsing to hair that already has Olaplex 1 applied together with the color.

That’s why, without specific knowledge, the results vary drastically when you apply the color.


 To use Olaplex 3, you don’t need to professional knowledge. 

To be clear, Olaplex 3 contains the same ingredients as the second, but in a more diluted form.


Now, let’s go to Ceclia’s case.


When to use Olaplex 3

steps treatment

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In this case, we’re talking about Cecilia.

Cecilia doesn’t bleach or color her hair.

Every ten or fifteen days, she likes to straighten her waves that are pretty soft, and for that she uses a flat iron.

Although her hair isn’t completely destroyed, it looked lifeless and without shine.

Almost without movement.


A few days ago, she came to the salon because she wanted to trim her ends.

I was surprised when I touched her hair.

The texture was completely different, smooth, almost like silk.

It was much more docile and easy to detangle.

Her waves had movement, almost happy and playful.

And it was shiny. It was a dark brown mane that shined like a recently polished ebony.


When I asked if she had used any product to improve the look of her hair, she answered that she had tried Olaplex which she had gotten from a friend.

But after using it once a week for fifteen days, she finally had bought her Olaplex on the internet.


Sometimes, my clients surprise me.

 Because I didn’t know the results could be so beneficial from using only Olaplex step 3. 

In any case, I think it’s important to clear up a few points.


  • Not all hair is the same, so, it also doesn’t react in the same way to hair products.
  • Cecilia never bleached nor colored her hair, so her hair wasn’t on the edge of disaster.
  • Maybe the Olaplex 3 functioned because it counteracted the dryness produced by the flat iron.


Differences between Olaplex 2 and 3

improve appearance

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I told you the two above cases because I think they show the differences well between the two Olaplexes.

  • Olaplex 3 works as a continuation of step 1 and 2 done in the salon.
  • Olaplex 3 can work on people’s hair that is slightly damaged, even if they don’t use steps 1 and 2.



When it comes to recommending products, I’m very careful.

But my personal experience, like the experience of many of my clients, is that Olaplex 3 and Olaplex 3 make a notable difference in two types of hair.

  • Processed hair that is exposed to completely aggressive treatments like bleaching and coloring.
  • Hair continuously subjected to hair sources like the flat iron and the hair dryer./li>


As you can see at this moment, there are more pros than cons.

And as of now, no one has complained that their hair is damaged after using Olaplex 2 or 3.

Like Don Quijote de la Mancha said, “They’re barking Sancho, it shows that we’re riding!”

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