The 3 Best Shampoos for Black, Colored Hair (they will praise your hair)

maintain the brightness and softness

If there is something I’m proud of, it’s the jet black color of my hair.

I’m proud of a lot more aspects of my personality and my life, but keeping my black hair healthy and bright is a lot of work, and it requires dedication and responsibility.

That being said, all that work seems a lot simpler since I discovered the incredible shampoos that I’m going to share with you today.


A few years ago, I dyed my hair black.

This color went perfectly with the browned color of my skin and my green eyes.

Also, according to those that study the different aspects of personality, women with black hair have a much more secure character, they are interested in strengthening their interior life, and they are always aware of the well-being of others.


Although I don’t share every single one of these concepts, I believe that this type of characteristics have to do more with manners and how we decide to behave ourselves in our lives. I didn’t want to not mention it to you.

But, I don’t want to get off track.


 Maintaining my dyed-black hair the way it looked when I just left the salon every day is a huge task. 

Black hair dye fades as you wash it, and after fifteen days, I practically needed to go back to the salon to retouch my roots and the sides of my temples.


Also, I noticed that little by little, my black hair would dry out and lose its light and shine.

I remembered then that my cousin, Fernanda, was a fanatic about black hair, like me, and I decided to talk to her about how she got the black color to last longer in her hair.

If I had known the answer, I would have done that hair S.O.S. much sooner.


Fernanda recommended various shampoos that she had been using for more than a year with excellent results.

And also, she explained to me the difference between this type of shampoos and those that I used regularly.

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How to choose a good shampoo for your colored hair?

maintain the brightness and softness

Almost for sure, you are making the same mistake that I made with my colored hair up until a few months ago.

Using classic, inexpensive shampoos from the grocery store.

The problem is that most of these shampoos that we find on the endless grocery store shelves have something called sulfates.


All the shampoos that Fernanda recommended to me were sulfate-free.

What does that mean?


That they are ideal for colored hair.


  • Sulfates are nothing more and nothing less than detergents that cause frizz in your hair and strip out the color of the dye.
  • For those of us that dye our hair, we know that there is no other way to do it than to use products with chemicals to get the color we want. Therefore, sulfate-free shampoos allow us to clean and hydrate our hair in a natural way, without adding even more chemical products to our scalp.
  • Don’t be scared if, while scrubbing your hair with sulfate-free shampoo, you note that there isn’t any foam. After all, foam is an illusion of clean.
  • And one of the primary advantages is that they aren’t much more expensive than common shampoos.

And another positive aspect of us tan women, is generosity. Today I’m going to share with you the three best shampoos for colored hair, be it black or dark brown.


Sulfate-free shampoo for colored treated hair, BC Bonacure

prevents color fading

Check Bc Bonacure Shampoo on Amazon


This is one of the best finds that I have had referring to hair treatment.

I love its consistency and creaminess.


Also, it prevents the appearance of red tones when the black dye starts to fade after washing it a lot.

Also, I noticed that it calmed the frizz in my curls, and I could untangle my hair much faster than usual, due to the nutrients in its composition, like orchid extract and elastin protein.

I apply it on my wet hair, massage my scalp for five minutes, and rinse it out.

The result?


 Black, shiny, hydrated hair that Cleopatra would be jealous of.  


And one additional detail.

My boyfriend loves how this shampoo leaves my hair.

Never in the four years that we have been together has he said anything about my hair.

Since I started using this shampoo every day, he compliments my hair, which is something that I love. Every girl likes it when they praise us, right?


I try to rotate shampoos so that my hair doesn’t get used to just one, and it goes back to being limp. The second shampoo that I always have on hand is this one.


Shampoo with argan and other natural ingredients, Maple Holistics

safe for color treated hair

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I adore this shampoo. It’s from a well-known brand, which is why I recommend it. You can find it in any store with hair products. Its ingredients are natural, they don’t contain sulfates, and it revives and protects the black dye in my hair.


If you dye your hair like I do, you’ll notice that after a couple of colorings, your hair, be it black or blonde, tends to dry out.

With this shampoo, I was able to, little by little, get the life back in my ends so that they wouldn’t split, even though every three or four months, I would trim them to stimulate hair growth.


Argan Oil Shampoo, Art Naturals

for black hair

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I love everything that sounds natural. This shampoo has among its ingredients, Moroccan Argan Oil, also known as liquid gold, completely natural, which leaves my hair completely hydrated.

Since I started using this shampoo, my hair looks shinier, but with a natural shine, which means that the hair is very healthy and silky.


Also, it provides nutrients and jojoba oil which prevents dryness, the formation of flakes on your scalp and promotes hair growth.



Since I started using sulfate-free shampoos in my colored hair, my life has changed forever.

Maybe it sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s true.

Sometimes a simple change in shampoo can mean a lot.


This type of shampoo doesn’t just extend the life of your color, but also my hair always looks much shinier, more voluminous, and healthier.

Now, when I go to the salon, I retouch my roots

I save time and money.

Lots of money.


The money that I save at the salon I use for my well-deserved vacations or to go shopping. I love going shopping.


Now you have two options.

  1. You can choose to keep using the same shampoo you always do that strips away the pigments of the hair dye in a short amount of time and makes you go back to the salon every fifteen days, spending a fortune.
  2. Or you can choose a sulfate-free shampoo like the ones we showed you here.

The decision is yours.


And now, tell me, do you color your hair?

What shampoo do you use?

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