Can I put brown box dye over bleached hair? Yes, but keep this in mind when you choose the dye

what brown box dye to apply on bleached hair

  • You can put brown box dye on bleached hair, but it’s important to choose a brand that’s enriched with natural oils. I’ll tell you which ones those are soon. Because those oils will help your bleached hair recuperate some of the nutrients lost when bleaching it.
  • It’s also important to choose a tone of brown that illuminates your face. And to do that, you’ll need to keep in mind your skin tone.
  • Lastly, it’s essential to leave the brown dye in your hair for 45 minutes.


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Today I got a call from one of my clients, Miranda, that left me wanting to give her a hug!


Because she called me to ask me  if she could put brown box dye on her bleached hair .


And what made me want to hug her is that she was pretty embarrassed when she called.

She was embarrassed because she had bleached her hair on her own and now she wanted to use a box dye.


She was embarrassed because she didn’t come to the salon to bleach her hair because she didn’t have enough money and now she was asking me for advice.

Oh Miranda! It should be things like injustice, animal abuse or disrespecting our elders that make us embarrassed, not asking questions!


Because even if you don’t have money to get to the salon and you decide to bleach your hair at home, it’s not a reason to be embarrassed.

I always tell my clients that before they do anything to their hair, my door is always open for them to ask me my opinion.


So, I was actually really happy that Miranda called me to ask if she could put brown box dye on her bleached hair.

Because that call might have helped her avoid hurting her hair or even causing severe alopecia.


And that’s why I helped her find the best brown box dye for her bleached hair and the results were excellent.

So, if you bleached your hair and now you want to use a brown box dye, keep reading. Because I’m going to help you pick the right dye.

Do you want to know what’s most important before dyeing your bleached hair with brown box dye?

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It’s important to choose a high-quality box dye if you want to dye your hair brown


Yep, I’d say this is one of the most important things to keep in mind.


Because these days there are a million different box dye brands, but some are better than others.

So, what should you keep in mind when choosing a brand of brown box dye?

You should choose dyes that offer you more than just dye.



Because don’t forget that you have bleached hair.

 And during that process, in addition to getting rid of your hair’s natural pigments, you also got rid of its natural hydration and nutrients. 


As such, many box dye brands have developed products enriched with natural oils or other kinds of nutrients.

In my opinion, the best brands of brown box dye that you can use on your bleached hair are these three.

  •  If your hair is really dry , I’d recommend choosing GARNIER’S NUTRISSE, because the dye in made with several oils, include avocado, olive, karite, blueberry and argan.
  •  If you notice that every time you detangle your bleached hair, you end up with a lot of hair in your brush,  opt for SCHARZKOPF KERATIN COLOR. Because it’s design with an anti-breakage technology.
  •  If your hair is very frizzy,  you can go with the L’ORÉAL PARIS SUPERIOR PREFERENCE brown box dye. Because it has a serum enriched with argan, flax and avocado oil.

Once you’ve picked the brand of brown box dye to use on your bleached hair, the most crucial moment has arrived: choosing what tone of brown is best for you.


What tone of brown box dye is best for your bleached hair?

shades of brown dye for bleached hair

The range of brown box dyes is huge and each brand is constantly coming out with special colors.

The most traditional brown dyes are:

  • Dark brown 3
  • Brown 4
  • Light brown 5

Some special browns that the different brands have come out with include:

  • Cherry chocolate 4.52
  • Coffee 4.1
  • Cocoa Bean 4.3
  • Caramel chocolate 5.35
  • Truffle 5.0


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Which of these should you choose?

I’ll give you a few ideas:

  •  If you have pale skin , I’d recommend warmed browns, like light golden brown 5.3
  •  If you have darker skin , I’d recommend reddish browns, like cherry chocolate 4.52
  •  If you want a more serious, distant style , I’d recommend a dark, golden brown 3.3
  •  If you want a fresher, more relaxed style , I’d recommend an ash brown 4.1


Once you’ve chosen the color, all you have to do is apply the dye to your hair.

The secret to making brown dye completely cover bleached hair,  is following the instructions that come with the dye. 

And the most important part of that is following the instructions regarding how long to leave the dye in your hair.


You should leave the brown dye in bleached hair for 45 minutes. Not a minute more or a minute less.

Because if you leave it in for less than 45 minutes, the color won’t turn out evenly.

And it also doesn’t make sense to leave it in longer than 45 minutes because your hair won’t absorb any more pigments, but it cab be damaged.

When should you start counting the time? The moment you finish applying the dye to all of your hair.


How to take care of your hair after dyeing it

Now that you have the brown hair you were wishing for, it’s important not to forgot one thing: before dyeing your hair, you bleached it.


Because of that, your hair needs to be repaired.

I’ll give you a few tips to help you do so:

  • Use OLAPLEX shampoo and conditioner because with each wash, it will reinforce the molecular unions in your hair and give it extra hydration.
  • You can use leave-in conditioner up to three times a week to control frizz and nurture your hair.
  • Don’t use hair products with sulfates. Because sulfates will dry out your hair and fade the brown dye.
  • It’s important to avoid headed styling tools and hair dryers because high temperatures fade the color and dry your hair out.
  • Wash you hair  three times a week at most , to make the color last longer. And your scalp produces natural oils that are very important for your bleached hair, which over-washing would get rid of.



If you bleached your hair and you want to use a brown box dye, it’s important to choose a brand that also will help hydrate and nurture your hair.

Remember to choose a brown tone that highlights your features and it’s very important to leave the dye in for 45 minutes.

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