Where to buy Olaplex without a license? How to avoid getting scammed by imitations

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You can find Olaplex without a license on online sales websites like Amazon or Ebay. But, be very careful. There are many out there that scam people by selling horrible quality imitations. That’s why, if you don’t want to be scammed, keep reading. I’m going to tell you how you can be sure you’re buying the 100% original product and not one of those replicas that can end up ruining your hair.


There’s a real stir on social media on the topic of Olaplex.

And it’s no wonder why.

When a new hair product comes out, the stylist and hair dresser world has a convulsion.

But in this case, Olaplex was a revolution.

Do you know what a revolution is?


A revolution is a turns everything that is known up to a moment upside down.

It marks a before and an after.


Like the Industrial Revolution in England.

Or the French Revolution, obviously in France, from which even came such a symbolic national anthem as “Marseillaise”

But putting history, one of my favorite subjects in high school, aside, the Olaplex caused a revolution.


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Why the creators of Olaplex are so zealous about their product and it is so difficult to get

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Before, I told you that Olaplex started a revolution.

A revolution which was formed in part by a team of scientists that after researching what hairstylists needed before changing the color of their clients’ hair, they decided to create a one-of-a-kind product.


A product that was able to achieve what up until now, no other product was able to achieve.

Heal your hair from the inside, from the deepest point, from where no one can see, but it’s there.

Yes, I know.


It seems almost science fiction.

But to invent a product like Olaplex implies the rallied work of scientists, chemists, and biochemists, geniuses of cell structure.

This implies laboratories.

Research time.

And money.

Lots of money.


 It’s because of this that the creators of Olaplex are so zealous about their product and they designed it exclusively to be used by professionals. 

Meaning hair dressers, stylists, and professional hair stylists.

Because in addition to selling their products through hair dressers and salons, they want to guarantee that the product is being used under certain conditions and in expert hands.



Because their reputation is on the line.

Their reputation is so important that they don’t hesitate in taking the renowned “L’Oreal” to court in England, accusing them for stealing part of the patented formula of Olaplex.

Imagine that!


Olaplex up against a multinational company.

That’s why it’s not easy to get just anywhere.

And it’s not easy to put Olaplex in “Google” and immediately have a thousand ads jumping out at you for you to buy it.

That’s why on many sites they ask for you to have a special license in order to get it.

And do you want me to tell you the truth?


When a product is created to be used just by professionals, it seems like a good idea to me that it be restricted.

How many times have people come to my salon that have destroyed their hair and hope that I can turn myself into an alchemist to be able to solve the disaster!


I’m sure that you are thinking, “There are also hair dressers that created disasters.”

And you know what?


You are right.

There good and bad hair dressers, just like there are good and bad lawyers and like there are good and bad doctors.

But that’s how things have always been, since Cain and Abel.

And there isn’t much we can do to change it.


Where to buy Olaplex without a license

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If Olaplex wants to guarantee that the quality of its product is made the most of by people, they have the right to do that.

Even so, years after coming out on the market for the first time in Southern California in the year 2014 Olapex opened up the possibility for sales to non-professionals.


But that doesn’t mean you can buy it in just any supermarket.

Not even in the biggest supermarkets.

The points of sale are carefully selected by Olaplex.


But nobody, except God, Buddha and Allah are omnipresent.

Because of this, a various options have come about to buy Olaplex, through platforms like Amazon or EBay.


Now, let’s suppose that you are ready to buy your Olaplex on one of those sites. How do you know if the product that they are selling to you is the original or if they are scamming you with a replica product?


How to avoid getting scammed by poor-quality imitations when you buy on Amazon or Ebay

after bleaching

This is not the million dollar question, this is the two million dollar question.

It’s very important that in any opportunity that you are buying on one of these platforms, be sure to look through the reviews very carefully.


 Even though many of the revisions are comments that they put up for having sent a free trial sample, which they always clarify, it is important to take the time to read them. 

Now if you are too lazy to read them and you think that the revisions and opinions of other uses isn’t worth your time, then the decision is yours.


But if the internet gives you the possibility to be able to measure a product with real testimony of people who have tried the benefits of that product, for me it’s stupid not to take advantage of such a tool.

More so because we are talking about a product that isn’t exactly economical.


We’re talking about a one-of-a-kind product on the market which unfortunately, has new imitations popping up every day.

 I also find it important to clarify that it doesn’t infringe on any type of law to buy Olaplex without a license. 


The reason for which some products require a professional license is simply because the manufacturer prefers to maintain the product in professional hands instead of selling it freely so that people can experience them in their own homes.

It’s that we are also conscious that many people upload negative comments or opinions about products, when the problem isn’t necessarily in the product but in the person that is using it.


There is also the topic of marketing, we aren’t going to deny it.

Olaplex seems like its almost a luxury product, destined for the jet-setting stars of the movie world.

However, today it’s possible to find Olaplex in the land of the mortals, like I said before, on platforms like Amazon and E-Bay.

These two platforms include guarantees for any completed purchase.


Time will tell how the story continues.

But until then, you know where you can easily buy Olaplex without a license.

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