How often should you wash your bleached hair? What shampoo and conditioner should you use?

Have you bleached your hair and want to know how often you should wash it?


Wash it as less often as possible!

  • If you have bleached hair, the ideal is to wash it two or three times a week, at most. Also, using as little water as possible.
  • Use mild products. The most recommended ones are sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Apply purple shampoo to balance the color yourself and tone down any unwanted yellows or oranges.
  • Moisturize with moisturizing creams or ampoules once a week. And don’t forget serum to your ends.


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I want you to know that I am asked this question at least once a day. And, you’re actually right to ask, because you have to have a lot of respect for bleached hair.

Your hair won’t be the same. The one that used to be so easily untangled has been left behind and you won’t see it again until you decide to cut it off and let it grow without chemicals.

You must understand that hair, after going through this process, is very difficult to maintain.  Your hair will need extra care time and some special products. 


But before we go any further, I want to answer your question right away: how often should you wash your bleached hair?

The answer is as little as possible. You should absolutely avoid using water, as it washes out your color and dehydrates it. This is not to say that you should be filthy from now on; I just want you to know that you should wash it a maximum of three times a week.


I think it’s important to make it clear that this won’t be the only care you will have to include in your routine after bleaching your hair, so I’ve put together a guide for you so that you can prepare a list to buy everything you need.

  • Essential products to keep your blondes looking their best
  • How to wash bleached hair correctly and how often
  • Daily care


Get that purse ready because the more you invest, the nicer, shinier and healthier your hair will look.


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Essential products to keep your blondes perfect

toning hair wicks

As soon as you leave the salon, you must run to the beauty store to stock up on these products that will be crucial to keeping your color looking great for longer.

You must buy them and start using them from day one. The combined effect will do an excellent job and maintenance will be easier.


These are the products that you should use to wash and care for your bleached hair:


  • Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

They will be in charge of preventing the yellow or orange neutralizing tones from being swept away immediately. These gentle products ensure optimal treatment for your hair.


  • Purple Shampoo

It’s a lovely product, I don’t know what we’d do without it. It’ll be your new ally in keeping your color looking great, as well as, why not? Make it even more ashy.

 I have clients who are so fascinated by this product that, instead of leaving it as long as they should, they leave it more and play with the different tones. 


For example, there is a client who used to wear it every other day and came to have white hair. But I have other clients who don’t like this effect because it makes them look  over-aged and use it only once a week to prevent those unwanted yellows from re-appearing.


 When you’re in the store and you have to choose which purple shampoo to buy, you should take the ones that have some moisturizing oil in their composition such as argan or keratin.  The pigments in this shampoo dry out the hair, so you have to make sure that it has ingredients that can balance the nutrition.

Remember that the better the quality of these products, the better the results.


  • Cream bath, masks or ampoules, styling cream and tips serum

avoid frizz

In addition, inside the basket you will place serum for your ends, a nice smoothing mask or ampoules and leave-in conditioner. All of them will help you to return the hydration and nutrition to your hair, since it lost everything during the bleaching process.


  • Wide tooth comb

Another important detail, you should get a wide-toothed comb or brush whose teeth are not too close to each other. It will help you gently untangle your hair without damaging it.


How to wash bleached hair properly and how often

hairdressing salon

As a result of this question, this valuable article was born. A complete guide with all the information you need to show off your stunning hair.


The washing frequency will be twice a week or three times a week, at most. You must respect this, so that the moisture returns to your hair little by little.

But on top of that, you need to know how to do it properly. Once you have the right products, stick to this routine and you’ll be on your way.


During each wash, use the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner following this procedure:

  • Wet your hair with plenty of water and put a small amount of shampoo on your scalp in different areas.
  • Gently massage with your fingertips.
  • Repeat this step and rinse thoroughly.


 It’s essential that you use the right amount of water, don’t stay under the shower for a thousand hours because it’s the number one enemy of your color.  


Once a week, apply the purple shampoo (or every other wash, depending on the desired result). Apply the sulfate-free shampoo once and the purple shampoo once. The procedure will always be the same.


When you get out of the shower, dry your hair with the towel, squeezing it a little bit so that it absorbs the water. Never ever rub your hair, since you will end up breaking it or generating too much frizz.


When you wash your hair with only sulfate-free shampoo, at the end of the washing, remove excess moisture with the towel and apply the treatment (mask, bath or ampoule) you want without touching the roots. If possible, do it at least once a week.


Don’t leave anything to chance: if you notice that when you untangle your hair it pulls too much, apply a little leave-in styling cream to your medium and ends. Start by sliding your comb up from the ends and your hair will magically untangle.


Daily care for bleached hair

avoid heat before bleaching

But even if you know the ABC’s of proper washing, it won’t help if you don’t protect your hair from other factors.


Avoid its use and, as for the washing, do it with warm or cold water. If you go to a picnic and you know your hair will be exposed to the sunlight, protect it with a cap.


  • If you find your ends too dry and there’s no serum around, trim them.

The ideal frequency is every 2 months. Even if you want to let your hair grow, you must trim it, even if it is a minimum cut. Besides, the healthier it is, the faster it will grow. I hope that with the help of this guide your hair will be the envy of all. If you respect all the steps, no doubt it will be like that.


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