Mixing hair color with conditioner to refresh your color: is it a good or bad idea?

woman in bathroom looking at conditioner to mix with color

  • Mixing hair color with conditioner is not a good idea for refreshing your color. This is true whether you use permanent or semi-permanent hair color.
  • If you mix permanent hair dye with conditioner, all you will achieve is stopping the coloring process. Therefore, your hair color won’t be renewed.
  • And if you mix semi-permanent hair dye with conditioner to renew the color, the conditioner will lighten the color.
  • That’s why mixing semi-permanent hair color and conditioner works only to maintain your color after coloring, but it doesn’t work to renew it. I’ll tell you how to prepare this later.


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 If you use permanent hair dye to color your hair, the only thing you should mix the dye with when you renew the color is developer.  Nothing else.


And you should respect this whether you’re coloring your hair for the first time or if you want to renew the color.

Because if you mix permanent hair color and conditioner to dye your hair, you will only waste your money and dry out your hair.


Why? The conditioner will stop the chemical reaction that occurs during the process. So if you mix permanent hair color and conditioner, your color won’t be renewed. But in addition, your hair will lose moisture and nutrients because it was still exposed to the aggression of the chemicals.

So, if you use permanent hair dye, don’t mix and match. Science has given its verdict, and dye should only be mixed with developer to renew color.

It’s as simple as that.


If you’re concerned about your hair’s health, use coconut oil before coloring to protect it from chemical damage.

But what if you mix semi-permanent hair color with conditioner to refresh the color?

That’s what I’ll talk about next.


You can mix semi-permanent hair color and conditioner to make a color mask and renew your color less frequently

mix of conditioner and color in plastic container

You don’t apply semi-permanent hair color with developer and it doesn’t contain ammonia. Therefore, it gradually fades with washing.

It’s a less aggressive type of hair coloring than permanent hair dye, which is an advantage. But the disadvantage is that it doesn’t last as long.


And at this point, I want to stop to point something out.  One thing is color renewal and another thing is color maintenance. 


 If you use semi-permanent dye, mixing the dye with conditioner is not a good idea to renew your color. 


Because most conditioners are white, what can happen if you mix it with the dye is that you’ll lighten the color.

I suggest that  when it’s time to renew your semi-permanent dye, apply it directly to your hair. 


Now, if you want to refresh the color of your semi-permanent hair dye or try to make it last longer in your hair, you can mix semi-permanent hair dye and conditioner to make a color mask.

Because this way, the color mask will add color to your hair.

color and conditioner ratios in plastic container


Now, the secret of this color mask is to take it easy.  I recommend you start with small proportions of dye and conditioner to achieve the perfect mix. Don’t forget the conditioner can lighten the color. 


For example:

  • You can start by mixing two spoonfuls of dye with one spoonful of conditioner in a plastic container. Add one more spoonful of dye to the mixture if the color is too light.
  •  It’s best to maintain a ratio of 80% dye to 20% conditioner. 
  • It’s also a good idea to prepare the mixture when you use it. Remember to wash your hair less often, so your color lasts longer. Three times a week will be enough. Always use shampoo and conditioner that don’t contain sulfates because sulfates are detergents that will fade your color.


Once you get the perfect mix of semi-permanent hair color and conditioner, you can use it in two ways:

  •  In the shower, every time you wash your hair . Leave it on for ten minutes and rinse with cold water.
  •  On your dry hair, as a mask . Apply it on your dry hair once a week, leave it on for 40 minutes, and rinse with cold water.


If you use this mixture of conditioner and semi-permanent dye as a color mask, the dye will last longer, and you won’t need to renew your color as often.

And if you color your hair with permanent dye, you can also prepare this color mask, using semi-permanent dye and conditioner to renew your color less often.



You can use the mixture of semi-permanent hair dye and conditioner as a mask to maintain your color longer, and you won’t have to renew it as often.

But for color renewal, you should always apply hair dye without conditioner, whether you use permanent or semi-permanent dye.

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