How can you make semi permanent dye into permanent? Is it possible?

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  • Semi-permanent hair dye cannot be converted to permanent hair dye.
  • It doesn’t have the necessary characteristics and doesn’t contain the basic components needed to create a permanent dye.
  • If you want to convert a semi-permanent dye to a permanent one because you like a fantasy color, for instance, below I’ll suggest some brands of permanent dyes that offer these kinds of colors.
  • And if you’re looking to create a special or personalized color, you can mix different colors of permanent dyes. I’ll also tell you how to do that in a few moments.


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 Want to turn a semi-permanent hair dye into a permanent hair dye? 


Wow, you would create a revolution in the hair products industry. Because right now, on this planet and in this dimension, making a semi-permanent dye permanent is IMPOSSIBLE.


It’s like if you wanted to turn milk into wine. You can’t.

Why not? The composition of both liquids is entirely different. And the same goes for permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes.


Permanent hair dye contains ammonia, which makes the color penetrate and stay in the core of the hair fiber. In addition, you apply it with developer. And semi-permanent hair color does not withstand the action of hydrogen peroxide.

Therefore, it’s impossible to convert a semi-permanent hair dye into a permanent hair dye.


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So with that cleared up, what do you want to achieve?  What would you want to convert a semi-permanent dye to permanent for? 

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Trying to put myself in your shoes, I can think of two reasons:

  • You want to convert a semi-permanent dye to permanent because you’re looking for a fantasy color.
  • You want to achieve a unique and personalized color.

And I have the solution to either of these two situations. Want to know what they are? Read on.


If you’re looking for a fantasy color, you can also find it in some permanent hair color brands

Well, don’t jump for joy just yet. Because I have to be honest with you.

Although  you will be able to find some fantasy colors in permanent dye brands, the options are a bit narrower than those offered by semi-permanent dye brands. 


hi color hair dye

The best options to find fantasy colors in permanent dyes are:

  • HI COLOR L´ORÉAL. This permanent hair color offers three impressive fantasy colors: magenta, red, and orange. For example,  if you’re looking for a color in the strong pink range, Hi Color magenta is for you. 
  • SCHWARZKOPF BLONDME TONING CREATIVE PASTEL: this line allows you to choose pastel shades, as long as your hair is blonde. You can choose  strawberry, ice, silver, sand, or steel . This option is for you if you’re looking for a pastel color.
  • PRAVANA CHROMASILK: this brand offers you a wide range of shades in  green, violet, and blue .
  • ION COLOR BRILLIANCE: this brand offers extra platinum colors such as titanium, platinum, silver, and ice. You can also choose  strawberry, peach, and grape. 


If you’re looking for a personalized and unique color, you can mix two permanent dyes together

Mixing dyes is simple, but you must respect two conditions:

  • The two dyes must be of the  same brand. 
  • You must respect the exact proportions of the coloring mixture.


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Let’s talk about the brands first. You can’t mix Hi Color with Ion Color because they don’t have the same formula. Therefore, mixing them won’t work.

And as for the exact proportions of the coloring mixture, you should always use equal parts dye and developer. In other words, if you use 90 ml of dye, or 45 ml of one color and 45 ml of the other color, you should use 90 ml of developer.

To make it easier for you to understand, here’s an example.

Suppose you want to achieve a turquoise color. To get a turquoise dye, you must use two parts of green dye and one part of blue dye. Since the Pravana brand offers these two colors, we’ll use Pravana dyes for our example.

turquoise hair dye

What do you need?

  • One tube of Pravana green permanent hair dye
  • One tube of Pravana blue permanent dye
  • 1 bottle of developer

How do you make the mixture?


Since turquoise is formed with two parts green and one part blue, we’ll use the whole tube of green dye and half of the blue dye.

That is, 60 ml of green + 30 ml of blue. This will result in 90 ml of turquoise.

Now you will have to mix it with the 20-volume developer. How much developer should you use? The same as the dye.

Since you have 90 ml of dye, you need 90 ml of developer. All that remains is to mix the ingredients until you get a smooth, creamy paste.



You can’t make semi-permanent hair dye into permanent hair dye. These two dyes are formulated with different ingredients and act entirely differently on the hair.

While the permanent dye modifies the color of the hair permanently, the semi-permanent dye fades with washing.

If you want a fantasy color that lasts longer, you can choose some of the permanent hair color brands I recommended above.

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