Is olaplex a clarifying shampoo? No, and a hairdresser tells you why

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  • OLAPLEX is a multi-step hair treatment. You can use it to deeply repair your mane or protect your hair during bleaching or coloring sessions.
  • OLAPLEX step 4 is a shampoo that reinforces the effects of the previous steps or maintains treatments. But it isn’t a clarifying shampoo.
  • Therefore, the OLAPLEX treatment shampoo is repairing and nourishing. A clarifying shampoo, in turn, removes hair product residues from the hair.
  • So, in short, the Olaplex shampoo isn’t a clarifying shampoo.


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As you can see,  OLAPLEX has nothing to do with a clarifying shampoo. 

Not even OLAPLEX step 4, which is a shampoo. But it’s a shampoo with some very special characteristics that I’ll tell you about.


This confusion brings me to a topic that I always talk about with one friend, who is a journalist.

Do you know what’s worse than lack of information?


My friend and I concluded that over-information is much worse than misinformation. I can assure you that we live in an over-informed world.

Therefore, I’m not surprised to see you doubt and think that OLAPLEX is a clarifying shampoo.

Why am I not surprised?


Do the test.

Type the word OLAPLEX in the Google search engine and take your time to read the results.


There’s plenty of information. Some texts are written by professionals. However, other texts are posted by fashion influencers who only show off their hair.

Is so much information good?


Only if you know how to detect reliable information.

And this is where I come in despite being self-referential. I’ve gained some authority after several years of hairdressing school and working in well-known salons.

So, I’ll make it clear.


 OLAPLEX is NOT a clarifying shampoo.  It’s many other things, though.

I can tell you that OLAPLEX is a miracle product if you want to repair your ruined or gummy hair or protect it from bleaching damage.

So where’s the miracle?


OLAPLEX works deep inside your hair by strengthening the DNA bonds. It’s almost science fiction. That’s why it’s become the most famous salon treatment for dry hair.

It’s as if you drank a magic potion and rejuvenated 20 years.

You could say that  OLAPLEX rejuvenates hair by repairing years of damage. 

Still, it has nothing to do with a clarifying shampoo.

To clear all doubts, I’ll tell you all about the different steps of OLAPLEX.

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Why isn’t OLAPLEX a clarifying shampoo?

olaplex is multi step hair treatment

Let’s order the information.

If you think of OLAPLEX, as a container with a miracle liquid, let’s start again.

Actually, you should think of seven containers of OLAPLEX with miracle liquids.

Yes, seven!  Porque OLAPLEX is a seven-step molecular hair repair treatment.  Science is definitely making great strides.


OLAPLEX consists of seven steps, three of which are exclusively for professional use. In other words, only stylists can apply them in a salon.

Only stylists can prepare the proportions of those OLAPLEX, products because they’ve been trained to learn all the secrets of the treatment.

Let’s take a look at the professional OLAPLEX steps.

  • OLAPLEX 0: prepares your hair for treatment.
  • OLAPLEX 1: repairs your hair.
  • OLAPLEX 2: is mixed with bleach or the coloring mixture to protect your hair.

These were the first steps launched by the company at the time. Of course, over the years, they added other steps for home use.

  • OLAPLEX 3: seals the treatment you applied in the salon. It’s used at home and can even be left on your hair for several hours.
  • OLAPLEX 4: is a nourishing shampoo.
  • OLAPLEX 5 : is a conditioner.
  • OLAPLEX 6: is a styling cream.
  • OLAPLEX 7: is a bond-strengthening serum, thermal protector, and moisturizer.


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In other words,  all OLAPLEX steps restore, repair, protect, and nourish the hair.  They have nothing to do with a clarifying shampoo. And we’ll talk about this later.


Even, you applied.

Can you use the OLAPLEX shampoo if you didn’t use steps 0, 1, and 2?


Yes, you can use it because it’ll repair and moisturize your hair. Of course, its effectiveness will always be greater if you applied the professional steps in the salon.

And this brings us to the reason for the confusion at the beginning: the clarifying shampoo.



While the OLAPLEX shampoo repairs the hair, the clarifying shampoo deeply cleanses it

shampoo and conditioner to wash hair before dyeing


 And cleaning isn’t the same as repairing. . The clarifying shampoo removes the remains of hair products, dust, and dirt that accumulate in your hair.

  •  If you frequently apply hair products,  such as styling creams, wax, gels, spray, or leave-in conditioner, you can wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to clean it.
  •  If you nourish and moisturize your mane with very thick natural oils  such as olive oil, castor oil, and shea butter, the clarifying shampoo will remove excess oil.
  •  Alternatively, if you applied a semi-permanent hair color and it didn’t fade evenly, a clarifying shampoo will remove the color residue.


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I usually recommend my clients use the clarifying shampoo once a month. This way, they remove the remains of hair products, and restore shine, softness, and movement.

OLAPLEX is a hair restoration treatment because it repairs the hair from the core. The clarifying shampoo, in turn, deeply cleanses the hair.



OLAPLEX isn’t a clarifying shampoo. It’s revolutionized the hair industry because it’s 100% effective, even in seriously damaged hair.

The clarifying shampoo, in turn, removes all product residue or dirt and is ideal to be used before a straightening, perm, or keratin treatment.

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