Differences between Arctic Fox and Splat: which dye causes less damage and lasts longer?

dark hair needs bleaching

Are you thinking of taking the leap and dying your hair a trendy, wild color?


If you are, the first thing I would recommend is that you use a semi-permanent vegan dye, as they generally cause less damage.

No, there are several brands on the market, and they all promise the same thing.


  • I have tried two: Arctic Fox and Splat. While these brands are similar, they have a few important differences.


  • My second recommendation would be that if you’re not 100% sure which color you want, use Splat, because this brand has a line of products that wash out with just one shampoo.

Splat also offers other hair dyes, but we’ll discuss those later.


  • If your hair is severely damaged or weak, your best option is Arctic Fox, because it includes a hydrating conditioner.

That being said, Arctic Fox does have some negative aspects that are important to keep in mind before deciding which product to use.

Are you curious how I know so much about vegan hair dye?


Experience, my dear friend, is the best of teachers. And as far as I know, no university offers a bachelor’s in fantasy hair color.

What I have is experience, more than four years of it. Which is still a lot in the world of hair dye.


I started trying different colors in my hair for years ago. And believe me, that decision surprised everyone.

Once, after I had died my hair a vivid green, I went to pick my daughter up from kindergarten and one of the other moms had the gall to ask me if I had died my hair because of a midlife crisis.

Midlife crisis?


I was only 28! I simply wanted a change of pace, and fantasy hair colors had caught my eye.

Are you curious what was the first brand I used to dye my hair vibrant colors?


If so, keep reading to find out.

On top of that, we’re going to discuss:

  • Some advantages of Arctic Fox
  • When to choose Splat instead


If you’re ready to start your journey to the land of rainbow hair, make sure you get a first-class ticket. And here you can find out how, not only to get the color you want, but also to get the most out of each of these brands.

Are you buckled up? Then let’s take off!


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Similarities and differences between Arctic Fox and Splat

peroxide and ammonia free

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Fantasy colors are very difficult to imitate.

Most women want the same color they’ve seen on an Instagram post or the product’s packaging.

But, life is full of surprises… and lies. What those Instagram models don’t tell you is that they often mix various colors, and your base color can greatly affect the outcome.


  • There is one thing that both Arctic Fox and Splat have in common: if you want a vibrant hue with either brand, your hair needs to be as close to platinum blond as possible.

And if you didn’t get platinum blond hair from mother nature, that means you’ll have to bleach it. And bleaching your hair will always dry it out.

This is why I start with Arctic Fox. Are you wondering why? Because its formula contains a conditioner that leaves your hair feeling very soft. Not only that, but its gentle formula is also ammonia and peroxide-free.


  • Another difference between Arctic Fox and Splat, as well as every other vegan dye I’ve tried,  is that it Arctic Fox smells wonderful. And this when it comes to dye, this is a big deal. Especially for anyone sensitive to odors.

But remember, not all that glitters is gold.


A while back, I wanted to dye my hair a bold purple. I don’t even know why. It might be because it reminded me if the flowers my grandmother grew in her garden when I was little.

But I got a quite the surprise after rinsing out the dye, and it wasn’t a pleasant one. Instead of a vibrant violet, my hair was more of a soft lilac.

I knew my base color wasn’t the problem, and I had already used a color remover.

It’s just that Arctic Fox dyes are generally not as bright as they seem on the box. Or at least, they’re not what I consider bright.


  • Another problem I had with Arctic Fox was how difficult it was to apply.

I think this is because of its consistency, which is similar to a gel and very difficult to apply evenly.


So, when would I recommend using Arctic Fox?

I would recommend this brand to anyone who:

  • Has severely damaged, dry or fragile hair.
  • Has just started experimenting with fantasy hair color and is looking for a pastel shade.
  • Prefers to buy products online (this brand is hard to find in physical stores).
  • Has experience applying hair dye.


Thankfully, life is full of second chances. And in my case that second chance was called Splat.

I’m going to be straight with you. This is my usual semi-permanent dye, so I may be a bit biased. But there’s a reason for that. Are you curious what it is?


When Splat is your best choice of hair color

diferencias con arctic fox

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For me, finding Splat was like discovering another dimension of semi-permanent vegan dyes.


  • First of all, Splat is simply cheaper than Arctic Fox. While it's not enough for a tropical vacation, every dollar counts.

While Arctic Fox dyes cost around fifteen dollars depending on the color, Splat is only around eight.

That being said, you may be able to find either brand on sale.


  • The main advantage that Spat has over Arctic Fox is it’s absolutely vibrant colors.
 It's the brand to choose if you want a hot pink, not a baby pink. Or an electric blue, not a sky blue. 

Basically, what you see on the box is what you're going to get in your hair.


  • If you have little experience applying hair dye, I highly recommend Splat, as it has a more fluid formula that Arctic Fox, which makes it easier to apply evenly throughout your hair.


  • Another thing I love about Splat is how it fades gradually, and only after washing your hair many times. I can usually wash my hair twelve times before I start to notice fading.

Once you start your fantasy hair color journey, you might notice that sometimes another tone appears as the hair color fades, and it's not always a pretty one. Sometimes the hair dye changes from the desired color to one that’s halfway between cafe au lait and lemonade.

But Splat doesn't fade this way. At most, it fades evenly, without turning a gruesome color.


  • On top of all that, Splat has one more amazing feature: it has a line of colors designed to wash out in only one shampoo. If you’re wondering why that’s so great, read on.

To put it simply, bright, bold, rainbow hair colors are not for everyone. If you're dreaming of drying your hair a bright color, but aren’t completely sure, you can use  Splat's line to try it on your hair, and then simply wash it out if you don't like it, or use a color remover.

purple fuchsia color

To sum it up, Splat is great for anyone who:

  • Has with little experience with hair dye, as it’s consistency makes it easier to apply.
  • Wants vibrant, bold colors on the first application.
  • Wants their hair color to still look nice as it fades.
  • Is looking for a high quality but budget-friendly option.
  • And finally, Splat is great if you want to try a color and have the option to wash it out with just one shampoo.


What do you say? Are you going to buy a first-class ticket to the land of wild hair color?

If you are, which brand would you choose? Splat or Arctic Fox?

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