How many times can you bleach your hair in a day, month and year?

  • If you don’t want to risk your hair’s health, you should only bleach it once a day and twice a month, if very necessary.
  • Your hair will be able to withstand a process as aggressive as bleaching up to six or eight times a year.
  • Before bleaching your hair, it’s very important to test a strand to know from which color you are starting and which color you want to achieve. Also, to protect your hair before and after the process.


over the course of a year

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Bleaching is a process that involves time and planning.

You can’t just wake up one day with black hair and say, as if you were deciding what you’d like for breakfast, “I want my hair blonde!”



Because bleaching is such an aggressive chemical process for hair, that it changes the internal structure of the hair fiber.

It changes it to such an extent that your hair, at least the part you bleached, will never be the same.


I’m not just talking about color.

I’m talking about the health of your hair.   You’ll probably notice that, after bleaching, your hair will dehydrate and become more brittle.  So, you’ll need to do intensive nourishing and moisturizing treatments.

That’s why it’s important to consider several things before proceeding with the bleaching.


  • Is your hair healthy?

In other words, is it free of frizz and split ends? Doesn’t it cut or break when you brush or wash it?


  • What is your base color and what color do you want to reach?

This is super important because it’s not the same to bleach black hair to bring it to a light blonde, as to bring light brown hair to blonde.

 The darker your hair is, the more bleaching you need to get it to a much lighter color.  You won’t be able to do that in one bleach.


  • Is your hair virgin or colored?

If your hair has gone through chemical processes such as permanent or semi-permanent dyeing, it will be more difficult to bleach.

Hey, stop those thoughts. I can almost listen to them! I’m not exaggerating!


I know that there are hundreds of ”happy before and after bleachers” on social networks.

I also know about Hollywood celebrities who show off their dramatic hair color changes made overnight.


However, they don’t tell you the whole truth.

 They don’t upload the videos of how their locks come off ten days after bleaching. Hollywood stars don’t tell you the hundreds of dollars they spend on hair treatments.  


Therefore, I propose a challenge; you can take it or leave it.

Read all the information I will share with you. Afterward, you will be able to make a conscious decision regarding bleaching. Do you accept it?


Then, stay with me, because I will tell you:

  • How often you can bleach your hair in a day, month, and year
  • How often you need to bleach your hair to achieve the desired color
  • Pre and post bleaching hair care


Remember that, when I finish, you have to tell me the decision you have made.


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How many times can you bleach your hair in a day, month, and year without damaging it?

First, let’s clarify a very important issue.

What you will read below concerns healthy hair. If your hair is damaged, brittle, or frizzy, forget about bleaching for now and, firstly, take care of your hair’s health. Alternatively, you run the risk of ending up using a wig for a long time.

Let’s move on to the times.


  • You can only bleach your hair once a day.

This should be written in stone. If you don’t respect this basic rule, you will end up like many women who perform several bleaches in a row until they reach the tone they are looking for, and end up with their hair falling out in locks.

 If you applied the bleaching mixture and your hair didn’t reach the color you wanted, you should wait at least 2 weeks to do it again. 


  • Hair can be bleached twice a month at most.

This, as long as it is absolutely necessary.

For example, if after the first bleaching, your hair is orange, you can bleach your hair again after two weeks to achieve a lighter color.

Ideally, you should plan to bleach your hair once a month. This way, you can restore your hair by nourishing and moisturizing it.


  • Hair can be bleached up to six or eight times a year.

This doesn’t mean you can bleach your hair 6 times in the same month.

 Remember that the damage caused by bleaching is accumulative.  Ideally you should allow 2 months between bleaches.


How many times do you need to bleach your hair to achieve the desired color?

You must take into account your base color and the color you want to achieve with the bleaching. The number of times you will need to bleach your hair and how long it will take will depend on that. Let’s have a look at its color by color.


From very dark or dark hair to very light hair

  • Black 1
  • Dark brown 3
  • Chestnut brown 4

You will need at least three bleaches to reach a very light color because you will gradually increase the tones.

I recommend that you organize a bleaching plan divided into months to avoid irreversible damage to your hair.


From medium to very light hair

  • Light chestnut brown 5
  • Dark blonde 6

You will need at least two bleaches to reach very light tones because you will go up three tones in each session.

I advise you to organize a monthly bleaching plan that includes intensive hydration treatments.


From light to very light hair

  • Blonde 7
  • Light blonde 8

You will need only one bleaching to achieve the lightest colors. If you’re looking for a pale blonde, you can bleach your hair one more time after two or three weeks.


Now that you can arrange a planned bleaching process, let’s look at the most important hair care you’ll need to consider.


Pre and post bleaching hair care

Before bleaching

hand showing hair

Before bleaching your hair, you should try the strand test. Regardless of the color, you want to achieve, it”s important that you know if your hair will resist the first bleaching. How can you tell?


  • Separate a small section of hair and apply bleaching mixture.
  • If, after rinsing off the bleach, the strand is the same way, your hair fiber will be able to resist the chemical reaction.
  • If your strand has the texture of gum, you can’t untangle it or it is too brittle, you won’t be able to bleach your hair.


After bleaching

keeps hair hydrated

Once you’ve finished bleaching, you’ll need to take care of your hair. The treatments will be the same, whether you have bleached your hair once or if you need several sessions.

  • Apply coconut oil during the night; leave it until the next morning and rinse. If you do this at least 3 times a week your hair will be more hydrated.
  • Nourish your hair with a keratin-moisturizing mask twice a week to deeply moisturize and restructure your hair fiber.
  • Apply micellar water every three hours to moisturize your hair, spraying it 6 inches from the hair and over the entire surface. This will help control frizz and dryness.



  • Bleaching is an aggressive chemical process, which involves commitment and planning.
  • If you want healthy hair, you shouldn’t bleach it more than once a day, twice a month at most, and up to six or eight times a year.
  • Remember that it’s also very important to intensify nutrition and hair repair treatments.


Now tell me, what conscious decision have you made regarding bleaching?

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