How long does semi-permanent hair dye last on bleached hair? It depends on 3 factors

blue and pink dye mix

  • To know how long semi-permanent hair dye will last on bleached hair, you should consider the color and brand of dye, your hair health, and your hair beauty routine.
  • If you want your semi-permanent hair color to last long on your bleached hair, you should look for brands with intense pigmentation, such as MANIC PANIC and ARCTIC FOX. They last up to 25 washes, and you should choose dark colors.
  • Also, remember to use sulfate-free products and wash your hair less frequently to extend the color of your bleached hair.


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If you bleached your hair and want to apply a semi-permanent hair dye, its duration will depend on three fundamental factors:

  • The color and brand of hair dye you use.
  • The health of your hair
  • Your hair care habits


The first point is clear.

  Each semi-permanent hair color lasts a certain amount of washes, which is stated by the manufacturer. 
  • MANIC PANIC lasts up to 18 washes.
  • ARCTIC FOX and PUNKY COLOUR last up to 24 washes.
  • COLORISTA and ADORE state that they last up to 12 washes.


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So, if you haven’t dyed your hair yet, and want the color to last longer, choose a long-lasting product.

If you quickly get bored with the color, choose a hair color that lasts less time.


You have to read the manufacturer’s guidelines before applying the dye.

Apart from the duration,   you should consider the color you choose and the porosity of your hair.  


Intense fuchsia or a deep violet aren’t the same as light blue or gray.

In the beginning, I also mentioned that the duration of the semi-permanent color on bleached hair will also depend on the characteristics of your hair.

If your hair has high porosity, the color will fade faster than on low-porosity hair.

Do you know what porosity is?


Don’t worry, I’ll tell you later about it and how to measure it in your hair.


Finally, your hair beauty routine is also important.

  If you wash your hair with any shampoo and conditioner, the semi-permanent color will quickly fade.  


But let’s take it easy.

Let’s start by talking about the duration of the semi-permanent hair color according to the brand and color you choose.

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Duration of semi-permanent hair dye on bleached hair according to brand and color

Each brand of semi-permanent dye has its specific duration.

  The duration of the semi-permanent hair color is described by each manufacturer.  


Do you want to know which semi-permanent hair dyes last the longest?

  • SPLAT: 32 washes.
  • PUNKY COLOUR: 25 washes.
  • ARCTIC FOX: 24 washes.
  • MANIC PANIC: 18 washes.

What about the semi-permanent hair colors that last the longest?

  • COLORISTA by L’OREAL: 4 to 10 washes.
  • ADORE: 8 to 12 washes.

Of course,   if you want your color to last longer, you should choose a dye that doesn’t fade quickly with washes.  


However, you should also consider the color you choose.

The   darker colors last longer than lighter colors   because they contain a stronger pigmentation.


Red, orange, violet, blue, green, purple, fuchsia, or turquoise will last longer than pink, yellow, aquamarine, mint, gray, or lilac.

So, what semi-permanent color can you apply to your bleached hair?

  •   If you want to wear the color for a long time,   you can choose SPLAT or MANIC PANIC because they last longer.
  •   Alternatively, if you want to try different tones of the same color,  you can opt for ADORE because it lasts less.
  •   If you want to try a strident color, but you’re afraid it will look bad on you,   you can choose COLORIST, which also lasts less.
  •   Finally, if you’re looking for a pastel color and want it to last longer,   you can choose PUNKY COLOUR.


But it doesn’t end there.

Do you know why?


Semi-permanent hair color lasts less on damaged hair

dry and damaged colored hair

Therefore,   your hair’s health also influences the duration of the semi-permanent hair dye.  


If your hair has high porosity, the duration of the dye will be much lower.

Do you know what porosity is?


Your hair can absorb everything you apply to it.

And   the more damaged your hair is, the more porous it will be.  



Every hair strand is covered by cuticles that protect it from external aggressions, such as bleaching.

When you bleach your hair, the cuticles open for the bleach to penetrate and change your hair color.

During this process, many cuticles break and open.

The result is porous hair. The more damaged the cuticles, the more porous your hair will be.

There’re three levels of porosity:

  •   Low porosity:   undamaged hair.
  •   Medium porosity:   hair with slight damage.
  •   High porosity:   badly damaged and weakened hair.

How do you know your porosity level?


low, medium or high porosity

You’ll know after performing the porosity test.

Don’t be scared because it’s not complicated. All you need is a glass and water.


Fill the glass half full and place a single hair in it. Try to find a fairly long one.

See what happens to the hair:

  •   If your hair floats,   you have low porosity. Therefore, the semi-permanent dye will last even longer than what the manufacturer states.
  •   If your hair sinks to the middle,   your porosity is medium. Therefore, the semi-permanent dye will last as long as the manufacturer states.
  •   If the hair sinks,   your porosity is high. Unfortunately, your hair is damaged, and the semi-permanent dye will fade faster.


Now, if your hair has high porosity, don’t get scared.

It’s very common for hair to have high porosity after bleaching.


So, what I recommend is that you start a deep moisturizing treatment with natural oils like coconut or argan.

You can also use moisturizing masks with keratin to repair the cuticles of your hair.


After two weeks of intensive repair treatments, perform the porosity test again.

You’ll notice an improvement in your hair health. Therefore, the semi-permanent hair color you apply will last longer.

So far, we’ve seen how long semi-permanent hair dyes last according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and the porosity of the hair.

But what happens after applying the dye?

Like everything else in life, you’ll need to take care of it, and that’s what I’ll talk about next.


How to care for the semi-permanent dye to make it last longer on bleached hair

You should check the products you use on your hair and the frequency of washes because bleached hair is fragile.


Wash your hair every three days

wash hair before dyeing

This is a very important recommendation, especially if you bleach your hair.

  Washing your bleached hair every day will dry it out and weaken it.   Also, you lose some of the pigmentations from the dye after each wash.


Try to   wash your hair three times a week at most.  

In addition to the frequency of washing, you should also use sulfate and paraben-free shampoos.


Don’t abuse of heat tools

seal the treatment

The heat from the flat iron, hairdryer, or curling iron also fade the semi-permanent color and dry the hair, which generates more porosity.

Don’t overuse flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers if you want the color to last longer.


When using any of these tools, select low temperatures, and apply heat protectant to protect your color and your hair.


Moisturize your hair

hydrate colored hair

Apply natural oils to restore moisture to your hair. It can be argan, coconut, almond, or jojoba oil.

If you prefer to use masks, remember that they shouldn’t contain sulfates.


Those products will improve the porosity of your hair. Therefore, the semi-permanent hair color will last longer.



If you want your semi-permanent color to last longer, choose dyes with long-lasting pigmentation and intense colors.

Remember that you should wash your hair less frequently with sulfate-free products.

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