My Hairdresser Ruined My Hair With Bleach, What should I do?

Surprised young woman inspects her bleached hair with a magnifying glass

Do you think your hairdresser ruined your hair with bleach?


First of all, calm down.

Everything has a solution. Next, to help you, we first need to differentiate between the following 2 situations:

  • My hair is ruined: your hair is dry, straw-like, and difficult to detangle and comb.
  • My image is ruined: your hair is in good condition, but the bleaching gave it a color you don’t like.

In this article, we’ll look at each situation in depth. I want you to leave here with a solution, so read on to the end!


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Have you been to the salon and the hairdresser ruined your hair with bleach?


I’m so sorry.

As I was saying, this is a very delicate subject. And  we need to work out if your hairdresser did indeed ruin your hair or if, on the other hand, he ruined your image  (but your hair is fine).

These two ways of “ruining” your hair with bleaching are similar in appearance. But they’re very different when it comes to fixing them.

For your peace of mind, I can assure you that both have a solution. So cheer up!

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My hair is ruined: dry, straw-like hair, difficult to detangle and style

Girl with ruined bleached hair

First of all let’s be clear that, in hairdressing, like all professions,  there are conscientious people and unscrupulous people. 

There are people who work responsibly and people who only see clients as a way to make money. Has it happened to you?


On the other side of the coin, in my experience of more than twenty years as a hairdresser, I’ve also had all kinds of clients.

On the one hand, there are the clients who listen and accept the recommendations that  certain types of work are not feasible . They may give up their ideas because of the possibility of damaging their hair.


But there are also  other clients who go for a goal regardless of the professional’s opinion,  even if the work might leave their hair in a deplorable condition.

Now, let’s look at 2 possible reasons why your hairdresser ruined your hair with bleaching.

Reason 1: You wanted to go from a dark color to a very light color with a single bleach

If this was true in your case, the hairdresser should have explained to you that  it’s not possible to go from dark to light hair in just one step. 


As you see, communication is key. It’s essential. You are not a hairdresser and  you go to a salon because you don’t know about bleaching techniques. 


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Then, the hairdresser’s obligation is to  explain to you what can be done and in what period  of time. What if what you want can’t be done?


In that case, they must explain to you precisely why it’s not possible to bleach your dark hair right now and what you must do to make it possible in the future. And that’s not all.


For your part, if the professional explains to you that such work is not advisable right now,  it would be wise to accept their opinion. 

If the explanation doesn’t convince you, you can always  seek other professional opinions  before going ahead with your idea of bleaching your hair.

Remember that if you bleach your hair, you will need to maintain it afterward.


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Reason 2: The hairdresser made mistakes: did they leave the bleach in your hair too long?

Your trusted hairdresser may have failed.

And yes, we are human beings too.  We’re not perfect people who never make mistakes. 

On the contrary, we fail more than you might imagine.


Maybe your hairdresser had a bad day, made a miscalculation, and left the bleach in your hair too long (overexposure).

In one fateful minute, because of a distraction, despite all their professionalism, they ruined your hair.


Don’t be sad.  A true professional will take responsibility for their mistake  and will take charge of fixing it. They would never blame you for a job that went wrong.

A true professional will never intend to mess up anyone’s hair. So what should you do?


 You should talk to them so they can offer you the most suitable solution  to get your hair back.

Pay attention at this moment. Now you’ll see what kind of professional you’re dealing with.

This gesture will make all the difference. So how can you solve the problem?


When you’re faced with hair ruined by bleaching, the best course is to  try to repair the hair fiber. 

For that, you’ll need:

  • Lots of nutrition and hydration.
  • A good haircut to avoid tangles and tugging when styling.
  •  Avoiding blow dryers and straighteners  until your hair has recovered.
  • Apply a heat protectant before using heat on your hair.


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My image is ruined: your hair is in good condition, but the bleach has given it a color you don’t like

Woman bleaching her hair at the hairdresser

A very different situation is if you leave the salon  completely dissatisfied with the result of the bleaching. 

In this case, you could also say: the hairdresser ruined my hair with bleach. But the problem was different. How so?


 Maybe you weren’t clear enough  in explaining what you wanted to achieve. Maybe the hairdresser didn’t interpret your wishes correctly.

But don’t be sad.  Solving this problem is a lot easier than you think.  Why do I say that?


Of course! Since your hair is in optimal health, there are a thousand possibilities to achieve what you want!

  • Try to explain as clearly as possible and come to an agreement with your hairdresser.
  • Take with you photos that have inspired you! Check the trends.

This is the guarantee  you’ll now get the job you wanted. 

What if this communication doesn’t happen?


 If the hairdresser blames you or looks for excuses to justify what went wrong with their work,  you have the last word: say goodbye and go find someone who will guarantee you the results you want.



Hairdressers are not omnipotent beings, we’re as human as everyone else.

The hairdresser who says they have never made a mistake is lying.  The most valuable thing a professional must do is listen to his clients.  Also, on the other hand, they should take responsibility for their mistakes.


If you still haven’t found a hairdresser you like, look for one that  talks with you about the changes you want to achieve before they lay a single finger on your hair .

I hope you find the look you’ve been dreaming of. I’m sure you will. GO FOR IT!!

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