Can I put black box dye over bleached hair? Yes, but do this before

woman thinking about dyeing her bleached hair

  • To put black box dye over your bleached hair, you should first apply a color filler. It’ll prevent unwanted colors such as red or yellow from appearing. It’ll also extend the duration of the black dye.
  • Your color filler should be four shades darker than your current color. For example, if you bleached your hair to light blonde 8, you should dye your hair brown 4.
  • Finally, fifteen days after using the color filler, you can apply the black box dye.


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Stop! Stop! Stop right there right now.

 Have you bleached your hair? Do you think you can apply a black box dye right away? 


Good thing you started with some research work before dyeing your bleached hair black!

You’ll avoid several unpleasant surprises. Black dye has advantages and disadvantages.

You should also consider whether it’s better to dye your hair black or dark brown.


I know people usually believe that black dye covers everything. And it’s true. Black pigments are so persistent and dark that they cover any other hair color.


The thing is, when you apply black dye to bleached hair, the maintenance will turn into a nightmare if you don’t keep one very important thing in mind.

Do you want to know what it is?

Read on to find out.

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You must use a color filler before applying black box dye on your bleached hair

hair color filler to apply black dye to bleached hair

Although black dye gives you a unique, special, and mysterious look,  it’s not easy to maintain when it covers a light base color. 

If you bleached your hair, you now have a light base color. It doesn’t matter if it’s dark blonde 7 or very light blonde 9. Your base color is light.


So,  if you apply black box dye directly on your bleached hair, the color intensity will last less and you’ll have to touch it up more often. 



After a few washes, your black hair won’t be so black anymore. You’ll notice that some golden or red unwanted undertones appear.


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 To prevent this, before applying the black box dye to your bleached hair, you should first apply an intermediate dye. 

It’s called a color filler.


 When you use a color filler before applying the black box dye on your bleached hair, you prevent the black dye from fading. Then, you’ll need to touch it up around every six to seven weeks.


So, to prevent the black dye from fading, or changing to gold or red after applying it to your bleached hair, you should use a darker base.

This is what I do in the salon when clients want to go from extra light blonde 10 to dark brown 3 or black 1.


How do you know what the best shade for a color fill in is before applying black dye to your bleached hair?

You must subtract four shades from your current color.

For example:

  • If your hair is extra light blond 10, and you subtract four numbers, you’ll get dark blonde 6.

So, the color filler for your bleached hair should be dark blonde 6. Then, you can apply the black dye.

  •  If your hair is very light blonde 9,  you should apply a light brown 5 to fill in the color.
  •  If your hair is light blonde 8,  to you should apply a brown hair color 4 fill in the color.


You need to use a color filler if you want to dye your bleached hair with a black box dye. That way, you’ll darken your hair and deposit pigments that were lost during the bleaching process.

Then, when you apply the black dye, the pigments will be fixed to your hair, and you’ll make them last longer.


How long should you wait after using a color filler before applying the black dye

time between color filler and black hair dye

I knew you had that question!

After all, you want to show off your black hair.


One thing at a time.

Unfortunately,  you can’t apply the black dye right after using the color filler. 


Instead, you’ll have to wait at least fifteen days.


  • First,  because the color filler will take a fortnight to settle in your hair. 
  • Also, most important, you need to consider your hair health.


Your hair health is critical.

Don’t forget that you bleached your hair. And during the process, it lost moisture and nutrients. Then, you applied a color filler with permanent hair color. And permanent hair color also contains chemicals that take away moisture and nutrients.


 Can you imagine what would happen to your hair if you applied black dye after the color filler? 


Most likely, it would break. Even your hair would break at the roots.

That’s why you should wait a fortnight to dye it black after you’ve used the color filler.

From my experience, people usually like the shade of the color filler and, eventually, prefer to keep that color. That’s an advantage.


If you dye your hair black, and you don’t get used to it, you’ll have to bleach it again.  And you won’t be able to do it immediately.



You should use a color filler before applying the black box dye on your bleached hair. This way, you’ll prevent unwanted gold or red colors.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use a color filler, you can apply a semi-permanent black dye to your bleached hair. Keep in mind, however, that this type of dye fades with washes.

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