Will dying over the same color of hair enhance the color?

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  • Yes, dyeing over the same color of hair will enhance the color.
  • What you’ll achieve is to enhance the color of a faded dye or enhance the color of stubborn gray hair.
  • In this case, you can enhance the color by dyeing over the same color or by choosing the same dye code with a different undertone. I’ll tell you more about this.
  • However, if you want to lighten your hair to enhance the color, applying the same color won’t work.


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 If you’re planning to dye over the same color of hair to enhance the color,  let’s first define what color enhancement means to you.


Colorists understand that color enhancement means enhancing the hair color without altering the tone.

This means that if you dyed your hair brown 4 and dye it again with brown 4, the color will be enhanced, but it’ll be the same.


Alternatively, if you want to dye over the same color because you notice your colored hair is too dark, things won’t go as expected. You won’t be able to lighten the color. In that case, the only option is to dye your hair with a lighter dye or bleach it. We’ll talk about that later.


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Enhancing color isn’t the same as lightening color. Let’s focus on enhancing the color by dyeing over the same color.


To enhance the color of your hair by dyeing over the same color, you should choose the same code or the same color with a different shade

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If you choose the same dye color,  I suggest you use the same brand. 

Each dye brand uses different pigments. Coloring formulas may differ because many contain moisturizing ingredients, such as oils or natural active ingredients.

If you dyed your hair with a Revlon, hair color, enhance your hair color with the same Revlon hair color number.


 You can also enhance your color by applying the same color but choosing a different shade.  Shades can give you a completely new look.


That is, let’s say your hair is light brown 5. If you want to enhance the color, you can apply a light brown 5.1 over the light brown 5, revitalizing the color.

In other words, you should always choose the same hair color number, but you have different options regarding highlights or undertones. They’re the first number after the dot.

For example: Hair color 7 corresponds to blonde. Shade 7.1 corresponds to ash blonde.


Let’s see which shades you can choose to dye over the same color to enhance the color.


Ash 1

light ash brown hair

It has blue pigments that neutralize orange pigments. It’s ideal for sophisticated, elegant, and sober styles.


Iridescent/ pearlescent 2

It contains violet pigments to neutralize yellowish pigments. It’s ideal for fresh styles, pale blondes, and cool colors.

  • Light blonde iridescent/ pearlescent 8.2
  • Very light blonde iridescent/ pearlescent 9.2
  • Extra light blonde iridescent/ pearlescent 10.2


Golden 3

It contains yellow pigments. It’s ideal for enhancing dull blondes that have become too dark.

  • Golden dark blonde 6.3
  • Light golden brown 5.3
  • Golden blonde 7.3


Copper 4

It contains orange pigments. It’s ideal for changing to eye-catching look.

  • Copper brown 4.4
  • Light copper brown 5.4
  • Copper light blonde 8.4


If you apply the same color but a different shade, you’ll enhance your hair color without exposing your hair to aggressive chemical processes.

However, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news for some readers.


If you dye over the same color to lighten your hair, you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for

Enhancing the color isn’t the same as lightening the tone.  If you apply the same dye, you’ll only enhance it, and your hair will remain the same tone as before you colored it. 


In this case, you’ll have to apply another color. You may also have to bleach your hair. For example, if your hair is light brown 5 and you want a light blonde 8, you’ll need to bleach your hair.

hairdresser combs lock of hair during bleaching

If you don’t want a complete change of your hair color but to lighten it, you can opt for other coloring techniques, such as ombré or baby lights, which are very subtle small strands bleached in sections of your hair.

You only need a soft bleach and the difference in numbers isn’t more than 2 or 3 compared to a regular bleaching session.

In this way, your colorist will be able to maintain your color but will enhance the color in areas of your hair such as the ends, the framing or the contour of your face.



Applying the same color enhances the color of a faded dye, and it also adds more color to stubborn gray hair. But if you want to lighten your hair color, you should bleach or lighten it with the highlighting technique.

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