How Long Does it Take to Dye Hair at Salon? And at home?

  • To be clear, dyeing your hair in a salon can take between two and four hours. That will always depend on the color you have in your hair and what color you want to go to.
  • If you dye your hair at home, it may take you less time, but there are more risks because of your inexperience and lack of knowledge.


dyeing takes up to four hours

Do you want to know how long it will take you to dye your hair in a salon?


These types of questions make me smile. And I love them.

I love them because I can talk about what I like most.

Time, the time we invest in reaching any goal that we propose to ourselves.


Why do you think that time is a more philosophical background than a practical one?

Because time isn’t valuable, what you gain from time is what counts.


I remember a quote from the book “The Little Prince,” where the little boy with golden hair told about the time he had dedicated to his rose. It was what made the difference from all the other roses in the world. That’s why his rose was the most beautiful and most desired.

With hair, the same thing happens.


You need to invest time to get the results you want with the color without losing health.

 Tell me the truth, would you rather take an hour to dye your hair and get burned hair or invest three hours and have your new color look brilliant?  

Invest time or don’t invest time.

That is the question.


That’s why today I will tell you:

  • How much time it will take for the different color services at the salon
  • How many hours you will need if you want to color your hair at home healthily
  • Conclusions: Is it worth it to spend four hours at the salon to dye your hair?


At the end of this post, you should say how much time you will invest into your hair to be unique as the rose from “The Little Prince.”


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How many hours does it take to color your hair in a salon?

highlights or balayage time

Dyeing your hair is a technique that has different objectives.

You can want to color your hair for a whole color change, add lightness, or hide your grays.

Each one of these objectives implies different processing times.

To make it easier, I will give you an example that I give my clients.


Sabrina is twenty years old.

My goodness, twenty years old is nothing, but it’s a magnificent age to experience everything the world offers.

In this case, Sabrina spent her twenty years experimenting with her hair with different colors every six or seven months.


The first time she came to the hair salon, she brought Kim Kardashian’s photo with her platinum blonde look.

I knew what was coming, hours and hours of work, but Sabrina thought that changing her dark brown look for platinum blonde was as easy as painting a rainbow on a piece of paper.

And that is the mistake that many people make.


  • To completely change your color, if you are going from a very dark color to a lighter one, you will need to bleach it.
  • Bleaching takes at least an hour and a half between the preparation of the materials and the process itself.
  • In the middle, I use Olaplex, a product with special technology that protects the hair’s internal structure during bleaching.
  • They are two products in two steps. The first, you mix with the bleaching mixture, and the second product with the dye.
  • After drying and seeing how the bleaching ended up, you start with the second phase of the process: applying the new color.
  • And with preparing the materials and applying the color, plus the processing time, another hour and a half.


So, to sum it up, if you want a complete color change, you should bleach your hair before applying the color.

So, from the time you sit in the chair until your hairstylist asks you if you like the results, three or four hours will have passed.

Does that seem like a long time?

after bleaching

Don’t change your hair color, don’t go from dark brown to ashy blonde because I can assure you that you will lose a lot more time.

Now, if you want to cover your gray hair, you will need about an hour and a half in the salon, from the time you sit in the chair until the service is finished.

Because, generally, the hairstylist will dry your hair and brush it, even if it’s something simple.


If you light your hair, call it highlights or Californian Wicks, you should allow yourself about two and a half hours if you have long hair.

As you can see, the time in a salon to change your color is a relative matter because it all depends on the type of color service you want.


So, you may be asking if it would take you less time to do the same color service yourself at home.

Yes, it takes less time, but the results, in most cases, will be very different when it comes to quality, no matter who you are, whether you call yourself a YouTuber or an influencer.


How much time do you need to dye your hair at home?

dyes her hair at home

If I’ve learned anything from life, it’s that you can’t judge everyone on the same scale.

I mean that you will have very careful and punctual people when it comes to dyeing your hair at home.

But unfortunately, others will do it as if they are racing in Formula 1.


They mix the products, push down on the accelerator, and hope God will help them get to where they want to go.

But, believe me, take your time with things because you only have one head of hair unless you are willing to shave your hair and wait for it to grow back.


If you want to color your dark hair to a lighter color, that means lightening your hair more than three tones; you will have to bleach it.

And bleaching your hair is a very delicate chemical process. You may not even get there in one day, like in many cases.

But let’s suppose that you want to color your light brown hair to a light blonde.


  • For this, you Will need forty minutes just to process the hair. To that, you should add twenty minutes to protect your hair with coconut oil so that you don’t burn it and another fifteen minutes to prepare the bleaching mixture.
  • Once you have breached the hair, you should prepare the color, taking another ten minutes.
  • Finally, apply the dye, and you should wait between forty and fifty minutes.



So, if you decide to bleach your hair to dye it afterward, you will need about two hours of your time to do it at home.

Now, if you only want to dye your gray hairs or refresh your color, you will need about an hour.


Of course, as opposed to what happens at a salon, you can do other activities while the color is processing during this time.

You can correct your children’s homework, start preparing a few things for dinner or organize the mess around the house.

But careful, because many times, people forget to watch the coloring time, and the hair suffers the consequences.


If you want to do some highlights on the hair, you will need about an hour and a half.

Highlights take time and some practice, more so if you use aluminum foil to lock in the color.


As you can see, you can’t talk about the coloring time when it comes to changing your color because it all will depend on what we want to get from our color change.

Because each one of those changes will use a different technique and processing time.

This brings us to the final question.


Is it worth it to spend four or five hours in the salon for a color change?

I don’t know if you have ever seen that in many of the YouTube videos; most of the stars make it clear that they aren’t hairstylists nor people with studies when it comes to hair techniques.

And that says something.


The time that you spend in a hair salon will determine the health of your hair.

 Because the coloring techniques involve an infinite amount of factors: the health of your hair, porosity, the type of hair, the quality of the products, and of course, the stylist. 

When you go to a salon, the professional will take their time to study your hair and know the best products for coloring.


In your house, nobody is going to do that. Most people don’t even do a chunk test.

And afterwards come the tears and the desperate run to the salon to fix the disaster.

Your time is worth gold, but your hair is too.

That’s why, and after all of this, you can decide who you want to be.


Will you be the Little Prince that dedicates extra time to their hair to turn it into something unique when you want to change the color?

Or will you be Meteoro, risking the health of your hair at every turn?

Tell me your decisión.

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