I Dyed My Hair Grey and it Turned Purple, How Can I Fix it?

woman worried because her hair dyed grey turned purple

  • If you dyed your hair gray and it turned purple, it could be due to two factors.
  • First, you dyed your hair silver or light gray. This color contains violet pigments. So, when the dye starts to fade, the hair gets purple. To solve it, you should apply a darker gray hair dye such as silver gray or smoke gray.
  • Also, your gray-colored hair can turn purple because you’re using purple shampoo too often. In that case, you should cut down on the use of shampoo.


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Change that face, it’s not the end of the world. Quite the opposite.

It’s not the end of the world that your  gray hair has turned purple.  The solutions are very simple and you can put them into practice today.

Both problems can be solved. Whether you’ve chosen a light gray hair dye or you’ve overdone it with purple shampoo.


Also, you’ll learn that there are a lot of secrets behind hair color. Those secrets hide advantages and disadvantages.


What are the advantages?

Let’s focus on gray hair color.

  • It’s a unique and sophisticated color. It makes people look at you on the street as if you were a stunning queen from a fairy tale.
  • Gray looks good on all skin tones. If your skin is white, it highlights your features and your eyes. Alternatively, if your skin is dark, it’ll give it a special luminosity.
  • It’s suitable for all ages because gray hair is no longer associated with old age.
  • It is a hair color that suits both day and evening wear.

That’s the nicest part of gray dyed hair. Now, let’s move on to the less nice part.


What are the disadvantages of gray dyed hair?

  • You should touch up the color every two to three weeks.
  • You’ll need to maintain the color by using a toning shampoo.


And so, here you are, in the company of your gray hair that turned purple. And of course, what you want at this point in your life is to get your gray hair back.

Every gray-haired queen needs a fairy. And that’s why I’m here to help you.

Let’s go in search of your lost gray hair!


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If your gray hair turned purple because you applied light gray, you should choose a darker gray hair dye

woman showing her gray hair


 Silver gray hair dye or light gray hair dye contain a high amount of violet pigments.  Therefore, when the gray hair dye starts to fade, your hair will be purple.


I can imagine your surprise. How do you get to violet if you applied gray dye?


This has to do with the pigmentation of the dyes.

How do the manufacturers create the gray dye?  I’ll give you two options:

A – By mixing black and white.

B – By mixing green, violet, and blue.


If you chose answer A, you failed the hair colorimetry test.

We aren’t talking about watercolors. In that case, if you mixed black with white watercolor, you would get a gray color.

We’re talking about dyes. Therefore, dye manufacturers mix different pigments according to the shade of gray they want to achieve.

For example:

  •  If they want to obtain a silver gray,  they mix green and violet pigments.
  •  If they want to create a light gray,  they’ll mix blue and violet pigments.
  •  And if they want to achieve a dark gray, they’ll mix a greater amount of blue pigments than violet pigments.

Why do they use this mixture of colors?


Because the dyes neutralize any color that may emerge after bleaching.

Do you remember that before applying the gray dye, you had bleached your hair to a very pale blonde, almost white level?

  • When a gray dye contains more violet pigments, it neutralizes the yellow.
  • If a gray dye contains more blue pigments, it neutralizes orange.
  • And, if it contains more green pigments, it neutralizes red.
 As you applied a silver-gray or light gray hair dye, your hair is purple. 


How do you remove the purple?

 By applying a silver-gray, steel gray, or smoke gray hair dye because they contain more blue pigments. Therefore, you’ll make the purple disappear in one application.


There’s another explanation as to why your gray hair turned purple.

What is it?  You overdid it with the purple shampoo. 


In that case, there’s only one solution, which is also very easy.


If your gray hair has turned purple, decrease the frequency of purple shampoo use

woman washing her gray hair with purple shampoo

Apparently, you were too strict with the maintenance of your gray hair. But let me tell you that excess is also bad.

I’m sure your hairdresser recommended that you use purple shampoo to keep your gray hair flawless for longer. 

How many times a week do you use purple shampoo?


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Most purple shampoos should be used once or twice a week.

If you wash your hair three or four times a week with purple shampoo, your hair will definitely turn purple because you’re depositing a lot of purple pigments.

What should you do?


 To keep your hair gray, you should use the purple shampoo once a week. 

That way, you prevent your gray hair from turning purple.


How do you get rid of the purple in your hair?

You have two options:

  •  Wait for the purple to fade gradually with washing. The excess pigments deposited by the purple shampoo are in the outer layer of your hair. Therefore, they disappear with each wash.
  •  Use a regular conditioner  that contains sulfates because they’re detergents that fade the purple pigments.


If you go for the second option, you’ll need to use the regular conditioner as a mask:

  • Apply the conditioner to your wet hair from roots to ends and leave it on for five minutes.
  • Massage your hair and wait two more minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty of cool, dry water and style as usual.


This way, you’ll remove the excess purple and your hair will be gray again.

Once you fade the purple, use the purple shampoo only once a week. Remember that your hair products shouldn’t contain sulfates.



If you used a light gray hair dye and your hair turned purple, all you have to do is apply a dark gray hair dye.

And if you used the purple shampoo too much, simply wash your gray hair once a week with toning shampoo. This frequency of use will be enough to keep your gray hair flawless for longer.

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